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Chapter 164: Theme Song

“Im here to see you, Shengge.” Xu Xiangjie looked at her nervously.

“Ill arrange a scene for you and Mu Xiaoya in the afternoon.

You cant provoke her this time.

Let her finish the scene.

Ying Xue can only be hers.

Theres no way we can change her.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“What happened Did Mu Xiaoya invest in the production But T.S.

Corporation solely invested in the show.”

“Not investments.” Xu Xiangjie scratched his head.

“Youll know in two days.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

She then looked to Mu Xiaoya, and their eyes met.

Mu Xiaoya smiled at her contemptuously before shifting her gaze.

Ye Shengge felt that something was wrong.

What could have made Mu Xiaoya so arrogant

Mu Xiaoyas performance in Ye Shengges and Mu Xiaoyas scenes in the afternoon wasnt satisfactory, but it was much better than it had been a few days ago, so Xu Xiangjie called her “good” immediately.

Xu Xiangjie wouldnt have been satisfied with such a quality performance before, but he had to agree to it to improve Mu Xiaoyas confidence.

Ye Shengge knew it was difficult to get rid of Mu Xiaoya.

She wasnt particularly disappointed, but she didnt know what had happened that made Xu Xiangjie change his mind about Mu Xiaoya.

She finally understood the reason on the third day.

BecauseXue Ning had released the theme song for the show.

The first person to read the post was Lin Qi.

At that time, Ye Shengge was filming, and Lin Qi was scrolling through her phone when she read the news about the theme song.

She immediately called everyone to listen, and she even magnified the volume.

The staff around them all came to listen to the song, and their expressions changed.

“This song sounds so good!” Someone mumbled.

“Ill play it a hundred times in a loop when I get back!”

“Who sang it Who sang it”

“Thats right.

The lyrics are beautiful! I love it!”

Lin Qi immediately clicked on the post, and she was stunned.

“Vocals: Mu Xiaoya, Composition: Mu Xiaoya, Songwriter: Mu Xiaoya,” said Lin Qi as she looked up.

“How is that possible”

However, the official Weibo clearly claimed it was the truth.

The theme song was calledLove, and both the lyrics and tune were beautiful.

Coupled with Mu Xiaoyas obviously edited voice, it was forwarded more than a hundred thousand times after two hours, and it was praised by countless netizens.

“This song is so beautiful! The last time I felt that way was when I heard Summer Woods song.”

“I also thought of Summer Wood! Shes disappeared for more than three years, and its even rumored that shes no longer alive.

I almost thought my beloved Summer Wood was back after hearingLove!”

“Wait a second.

The lyricist of the song is Mu Xiaoya.

Could Mu Xiaoya be the original singer of the account Summer Wood”

“It doesnt sound like her voice, but Summer Wood said she uses different tones for different songs.

Maybe thats her real voice”

The wordsSummer Wood filled every single comment and repost of the song.

Many people in the crew had heard Summer Woodss songs before, and some of them were Summer Wood fans.

They all looked at Mu Xiaoya after hearing the song.

After shooting, Ye Shengge understood the whole story.

She held her phone, although her expression was unnervingly calm.


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