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Chapter 160: Pushing Her Out Of Set

Mu Xiaoya was so pissed that her entire face was twisted.

She pulled a long face and went to touch up her makeup.

She didnt know why, but she really wanted to claw at Ye Shengges calm face.

Soon, the third retake started but it was still bad.

As they did reshoots, it was one NG after another.

The worse it was, the more pissed Mu Xiaoya got and she became more emotional as she acted.

Compared to Ye Shengge, who had performed stably, Mu Xiaoya was like a clown.

No one believed that Ying Xue could tussle with Xue Ning for decades.

“Cut!” Xu Xiangjie yelled for the umpteenth time.

“Rest for ten minutes! Mu Xiaoya, come here!”

Mu Xiaoya was certain that Xu Xiangjie was trying to embarrass her on purpose.

Thus, she acted aloof when Xu Xiangjie talked to her and did not listen.

Ye Shengge walked to Mu Xiaoyas side and said, “Xue Ning is just a concubine.

Shes nothing compared to the princess whos been doted on by the emperor.

Ying Xue didnt think much of Xue Ning in the first place, so when she asked Xue Ning to move out, shes supposed to be arrogant and nonchalant, not furious.”

Mu Xiaoya stood up abruptly and said, “I know how to act.

I dont need you to speak needlessly.”

“Speak needlessly” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Mu Xiaoya, have you forgotten how youve gotten all your roles I have been coaching you for all your roles.”

“Shut up!” Mu Xiaoya was shaking with anger.

“I can do it without your teaching!”

“I hope so.

If you dont act well, Im afraid Director Xu will have to replace you.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Its only the start of the show, and it wont be a big loss.”

Mu Xiaoyas face changed completely.

Mu Xiaoya couldnt perform suitably for this scene, so Director Xu had to put a X on his list and arrange for a reshoot another time.

“I dont think Mu Xiaoyas acting skills when I normally watch TV.”

“Thats right! What happened to her today Its like she no longer knows how to act.”

“If shes like this in the future, when would we be able to finish shooting”

Mu Xiaoya almost went crazy when she heard the crew talking.

Was she going to fail a shoot without Ye Shengge

No, Xu Xiangjie mustve embarrassed her on purpose.

He had an affair with Ye Shengge, so of course he would help her.

Mu Xiaoya couldnt help gulp.

Lin Qi also handed the cup to Ye Shengge.

“What happened to Mu Xiaoya today Has she always been so terrible”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Shes not that bad, but I was the one in the scene with her today.

She wanted to overwhelm me so much, but it turned out to be bad.”

In the end, Mu Xiaoya lacked confidence in front of her.

She knew very well that she had relied on Ye Shengge to get to where she was today, so in front of Ye Shengge, she couldnt be as calm as Ying Xue was toward Xue Ning.

“Then what should we do She wont even be able to finish a scene!” Lin Qi frowned.

“And she even dragged you into so many additional scenes.”

“Then well have to change people,” Ye Shengge said with a smile.

“I dont mind pushing her out of the cast at all.”

Back then, she had asked Xu Xiangjie to sign Mu Xiaoya because she hadnt fallen out with Mu Yanhuai yet.

Now that she had broken up with Mu Yanhuai, she was more than happy to kick Mu Xiaoya out.


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