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Chapter 158: Genius Actor

As a favored concubine, she had always looked down on everyone, but today, she saw a palace maid with a pretty face on the side of the path.

Her gaze stiffened.

Xue Ning was wearing a palace costume and a simple flower.

She was kneeling there with her head lowered, and hadnt noticed anything unusual.

She thought that was just the same routine every time she knelt down, and she would stand up and continue to sweep the path after the concubine passed by.

She only realized something was wrong when she saw a pair of exquisite shoes in front of her.

Then, a dignified woman said nonchalantly, “Lift your head and let me have a look.”

Xue Ning was a tad surprised.

She looked around and ascertained that she was being talked to.

She raised her head carefully but kept her gaze on to the ground.

“Whats your name”

“Your Highness.

Im Xue Ning.”

“How old are you”


“You are rather pretty.” Cheng Wan surveyed her, but there was no warmth in her eyes.

It was as if she wasnt a person, just a piece of beautiful jewelry.

“What a good looking face.

Its so unfair that you have to sweep the floor here.”

Xue Ning shivered.

She had a clear understanding of her appearance, and she had realized something after hearing only two simple sentences from Cheng Wan.

Those who could survive in the palace were no fools.

She looked terrified.

“No… Its no pity, its my duty.”

“Not bad.” Cheng Wan smiled and gave her a sidelong glance.

“I wanted to reward you, but do you agree”

“I dont want to let you down, Your Highness.” She tensed up and tried to keep her voice calm, but her hands on the ground were already in the mud.

At that moment, all the crew members held their breaths, including the male lead, Qin Youhui.

Performing was an art that depended on talent.

An outstanding actress could perform multiple emotions required by the director, but a talented actress needed something more.

This could be understood as an aura, and also as performance strength.

You might not think any of her details were extraordinary, but would find yourself unable to look away from her.

You would think she was Xue Ning herself, from her tense body, her hands movements, every single movement of her voice, and even the shaking of the beads.

You could tell how terrified and hesitant she was, as well as that unnoticeable ambition.

She was terrified.

It was a trap, and she would die if she didnt think about it, but she was also asking herself whether she should reject this chance.

As the lowest rung of the biological chain in the palace, she knew how despicable human lives were.

She had seen too many of her friends being crushed like ants, and this opportunity gave her a chance to get out of this situation where anyone could easily crush her to death.

The struggling sense of survival was Xue Nings charm.

And this sort of charm was enough to prod everyones heart.

Compared to that, Su Hans performance wasnt bad, but compared to Ye Shengges amazing performance, she seemed inferior.

There was still silence when Xu Xiangjie yelled to cut.


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