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Chapter 140: I Knew That You Would Catch Me

“Dont move!” He yelled, but his deep voice sounded awkward.

Ji Shiting clenched his teeth as he couldnt believe she had triggered his desire so easily.

He was so furious that he wanted to throw her out.

“Oh,” Ye Shengge answered and finally stopped squirming.

She didnt know why, but even though her ankle hurt, and she might not be able to join the cast for filming tomorrow, she still felt happy.

She was exhilarated especially when she noticed the man clenching his jaw.

Perhaps it was because he had finally shed that nonchalant attitude.

Perhaps it was because she realized that the man cared about her.

If this was the case, she would have ways of being able to appease him.

Ji Shiting carried her to the car, closed the door and instructed the driver to send them to the hospital.

That mans face was calm once again.

Ye Shengge sneaked a glance at him, then moved closer to him and hugged his arm.

Ji Shiting : “…”

He eyed her coldly and said, “Doesnt your ankle hurt anymore”

“I didnt move my ankle,” she said softly.

“Im just happy that youre willing to accompany me to the hospital.”

Ji Shiting exhaled, his handsome face seemingly appeared to be in thought.


She was acting pitiful and saying sweet nothings to him.

She was getting better and better at making him go soft-hearted.

What ticked off Ji Shiting was that even if he knew it was all this womans doing, he would still suffer.

“Sit tight,” he chided.

However, Ye Shengge would win as long as he didnt push her away, so she didnt take his cold words to heart.

She leaned against his arm and stayed still until the car arrived at the hospital.

Ji Shiting carried her out of the car and sent her to the ward.

An experienced doctor immediately corrected her bones.

During the process, Ye Shengges face was twisted from the pain, and Ji Shiting watched her with his cold eyes.

That man even curled his lips and smiled mockingly.

“Rest well for the next few days.

Just dont do any strenuous exercise,” said the old doctor with a smile.

“Ill head out now, Mr.


“Thank you.” Ji Shiting nodded.

The doctor left very quickly, leaving only the two of them in the ward.

Ye Shengge was still in pain.

She looked at him and said, “You were laughing at me.”

She had seen the sneer when she screamed.

“So” Ji Shiting shot her a glance, walked over and put her exposed feet under the blanket.

However, before he could get up, Ye Shengge threw herself at him.

“You…” Ji Shiting was forced to catch her.

“Are you out of your mind, Ye Shengge”

“I knew you would catch me.” Ye Shengge hugged his waist and smiled.

“Thats why Im not afraid.”

Ji Shiting pinched her neck.

He really felt like strangling her.

He put her back on the bed and ordered, “Let go.”

“Dont be mad, Shiting, okay” Ye Shengge couldnt ignore his command.

With a now serious tone, she replied, “Sorry, I wont try to seduce you again.”

Ji Shitings face went stiff and he looked into her eyes.


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