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Qinger was a little excited at first, especially when she was put on the bed.

Ah Zhen quickly tore off his shirt, revealing his well-defined chest.

She licked her lips subconsciously.

However, when he caught her hands and pressed her under his body, Qingers excited mind finally started to panic.

Qinger could not help but say,”

The next second, her hands suddenly loosened.

The young man held her face and a warm kiss landed on the tip of her nose.

He laughed in a low and hoarse voice.”Dont be afraid.”

Qingers heart warmed.

She pulled his wrist off and said, ” “Whos afraid, Yingluo lie down obediently, I want to be on top!”

Ah Yaos eyebrows twisted,”are you sure, Yingluo”

“Im sure!” Qinger said without hesitation.

She tried to make the decision, but she failed the first time.

She could not help but glare at ah Zhen.

He smiled helplessly and affectionately, then turned over and lay down.

Qinger was very satisfied.

A-Qing snorted, and her Adams apple kept moving.

Her wet black eyes looked particularly lustful.

Her hot body was clearly transmitted to Qingers body along with the burst of strength, and her heart could not help but tremble.

She felt her cheeks heat up and coughed lightly.

“Im coming,”

The corners of a-Qings lips curled up.

Her already sexy face was lit up by this smile, making her look like a complete demon.

She should have kept it!

As she thought of this, Qinger leaned over and kissed him decisively.

Ah Zhens breathing became heavier, and he opened his lips cooperatively.

He quickly hooked the tip of her tongue and developed the kiss into a deep and lingering kiss.

Qing er almost fainted from his kiss, and her whole body fell on him.

She panted heavily, but she heard the young mans hoarse and ambiguous voice ring in her ear.

“Qinger, let me do the physical work, Yingluo.”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m “Yingluo cant!” She could not lose her backbone.

Qinger sat up straight and began to take off her clothes.

The young man pursed his lips and stared at her without blinking.

Qinger was a little embarrassed by his gaze.”Dont look!”

He laughed.

Qingers face was burning hot, and she simply covered his eyes.

However, she did not expect that the young man, who only revealed the lower half of his face, was even more terrible.

He made a licking action, and his lips, which were slightly red and swollen from the kiss, were even more moist and flushed.

Coupled with his sexy Adams apple that kept sliding, it simply made people want to ravage him a hundred times.

Qingers heart was hot, and she could not help but lower her head to kiss him.

Lips, chin, Adams apple, she did not miss any part of him.

Ah Zhen was also aroused by her, and his hands on her waist were moving up and down eagerly.

Qing er only felt a sense of accomplishment.

She smiled with satisfaction, moved close to his ear and said,”Dont be in such a hurry!”

After that, she finally undid the last piece of restraint on her upper body.

At the same time, ah Luo finally couldnt help but pull her hand down.

A beautiful womans body reflected in his eyes.

The young man couldnt help but hold his breath, and his pupils dilated to the extreme.


However, the first attempt still failed.

Although Qinger claimed that she had a lot of theoretical knowledge, she had zero practical experience.

Therefore, even though she had done all the necessary preparations, she was still a little afraid at the last step.

She dawdled for a long time but did not succeed.

In the end, ah Zhen had been excited for too long and could not hold back.

At that time, after being shocked for three seconds, Qinger couldnt help but laugh out loud.

She laughed so hard that a-Qings face turned pale.

However, a few minutes later, her laughter was replaced by a scream mixed with a bit of pain.

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