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Chapter 1823 Do Not Be Reluctant

The young mans smiling eyes fell on her immediately.

Then, he walked towards her, hugged her as usual, and asked for a kiss.

dinner is ready.

I smelled of oil and smoke after cooking, so I went to take a shower.

Yingying, come over.

Well pack up after dinner.

However, after she finished speaking, ah Luo realized that the woman in her arms had no reaction at all.

“Whats the matter” his eyes darkened.

Qinger finally suppressed the anger in her heart and smiled as if nothing had happened.

its nothing.

I ran into some trouble in the laboratory today.

I was just thinking about it.

Lets go and eat first.

No matter what, even if she was going to act up, she had to ask clearly.

“Ive made all your favorite dishes today,” ah Luos expression eased.

Not long after the two sat down, ah Luo suddenly said,”Oh right, theres something.

Yingluos mother suddenly called me today and told me that she already knows about our relationship.

She was going to call you, but I stopped her.

I guess shell let you squeeze me as much as you want.”

There was a hint of a smile in his voice when he said the last sentence.

Qinger could no longer suppress her anger.

She slammed her chopsticks on the table and said coldly, ” “You dont know how aunty Jing Tong found out”

A-Qings pupils dilated, probably surprised by her sudden burst of anger.

“Qinger, whats wrong” He pursed his lips before saying, ” I know you dont want our relationship to be exposed so early, but even if mom finds out, its nothing.

Shes afraid.

“Youre certain of this, arent you” Qinger sneered.

ah Zhen, youre so young.

Where did you get all these thoughts from “

Ah Luos expression finally changed.

His jaw was extremely tight, and after a long while, he said in a low voice, ” “You think I was the one who revealed it to mom”

“Isnt that so” Qinger was so angry that she almost laughed.

of course, I know youre not that stupid, but if youre willing to, you can accidentally leave behind a flaw thats enough for people to find out.

Before she could finish, she heard a muffled ” bang ” and her words were cut off.

Qinger took a closer look and realized that ah Luo had broken the chopsticks in his hand.

He seemed to be extremely angry.

His right hand was trembling slightly, and the blue veins were bulging.

It was frightening.

Qingers heart skipped a beat.

She could not help but look up and see the young mans face was almost pale, but his black eyes were full of coldness and ridicule.

in your heart, ” he said word by word.

am I such a person “

“Isnt that so” Qinger seemed to be hurt by the coldness in his eyes, and the regret that had just surged in her heart disappeared without a trace.

have you forgotten what youve done to force me to agree to your request “

The muscles on aLuos face twitched violently, and her breathing became rapid.

She seemed to be so angry that she couldnt speak at all.

However, at a certain moment, she seemed extremely fragile.

However, this fragility was quickly covered by his cold and mocking face.

force Yingluo.

ah Luo seemed to squeeze these two words out from between her teeth, and her voice was even more hoarse.

so, in the end, its because your love for me is only so-so.

So, you dont even want our family to know about our relationship.

What are you afraid of Are you really afraid that Ill regret it, or are you afraid that itll be harder to get rid of me”

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