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Chapter 1822 Pressure Again

Qinger felt her scalp go numb,”Aiya, theres no such thing, Zhenzhen.”

“Dont give me that.

Besides, its too late for you to deny it now.” Ji jinchen snorted.

think back to your first reaction.How did you know if it wasnt true, you wouldnt have asked that.

Qinger could not help but bite her lip in annoyance.

“Yingluo, this happened not long ago.

I havent had the chance to tell you yet.

Yingluo, you didnt tell anyone, right”

“Someone else” His tone was a little playful.

are you referring to mom and dad Dont worry, they knew about it earlier than I did.

In fact, it was my mother who told me.

She probably knew that you were embarrassed, so she didnt ask you directly.

Next week, she and dad will probably go over to see you, and of course, they will also visit ah Luo.”

mother ” Qingers eyes widened.

how is it possible “

“Why is it impossible If you dont want to say it, ah Zhen might want everyone to know.” Ji jinchen laughed lazily.

why else would my mother be the first to receive the news ” It was most likely aunt Jing Tong who told her.

You might not know this, but aunty Jing Tong has long treated you as her future daughter-in-law.

Ah Zhen travelling thousands of miles to chase you was aunty Jing Tongs idea.

If you two were together, how could ah Zhen hide it from aunty Jing Tong”

Qinger felt like her head was about to explode.

“Brother Yueyue, dont say anymore.” Her voice was a little tight.

Im going to start driving, Yingluo.

“Whats wrong” Ji jinchen could tell that something was wrong with her emotions and couldnt help but laugh.

everyones happy to see it.

Theres no need to hide it.

If it was someone else, Im afraid I wouldnt be at ease, but a-Qing, a-Qing, dad and I have nothing to worry about.

You should just enjoy your love life.”

Qinger tried her best to suppress the overwhelming emotions in her heart and smiled.

alright, Ill say this first.

I really have to drive now.


After hanging up the phone, Qinger bit her lip hard and took a long time to suppress the emotions in her heart.

Thats right, her brother was right.

So what if the two families knew that she was with ah Zhen maybe ah Zhen just accidentally revealed some emotions when she spoke, and aunt Jing Tong noticed it.

He probably didnt mean it.

However, this comfort did not work.

Qinger still felt very uncomfortable.

This emotion surged in her chest and did not disappear even when she drove home.

The moment she opened the door and saw the clean and tidy living room, she suddenly felt a strange feeling.

Qingers temples were throbbing, and she finally realized where she was feeling uncomfortable.

In her relationship with ah Luo, it seemed that ah Luo was always around her, but in fact, ah Luo was also the dominant person.

He was the one who tried to make her fall in love, and he was also the one who used various means to force her to soften her heart and let go.

Now, he was invading her life from all aspects, trying to make her rely on him and unable to leave him.

Then, with ah Zhens shrewdness, if he really didnt want anyone to find out about their relationship, how could aunty Jingtong find out and be so sure of it that she couldnt help but tell mother

In the end, this was nothing more than him putting pressure on her.

Qinger could no longer suppress her anger when she realized this.

At this moment, the bathroom door was pushed open, and ah Luo came out with a fresh body of water vapor.

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