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Chapter 1383: A sincere invitationTranslator: 549690339 

Jiang Yu was sitting beside her, so he naturally heard the phone call.

“Whats the matter” he asked calmly.

Jing Tong looked at him hesitantly.

I remember you saying that youve tampered with my file.

Thats why no one will know my true identity.

Is that right ”

“Thats right.” Jiang Yu nodded calmly.

but my boss and the HR manager know about Yingluo.

Theyre not 100% sure, but this suspicion is enough for them to make a decision.

Yingluo doesnt want to take any risks, and Im not an indispensable talent.


As Jing Tong spoke, his hands clutched his phone tightly, resisting the urge to cry.

She could handle this setback, so she couldnt cry! However, she could not help but feel aggrieved.

She did not do anything wrong and she had always been serious about her work.

However, her boss had abandoned her just because her surname was Jing and she was afraid of trouble.

Looking at her pale face and red eyes that were trying to hold back tears, Jiang Yus heart suddenly contracted.

He couldnt help but feel a little regretful, but this regret only lasted for a few seconds.

“Then lets go to another company.” He said calmly, ” in fact, Im just short of a talented translator by my side.

Yingluo, I like your work very much.

Its very delicate and beautiful.

Jing Tong was so scared that she even forgot to cry.

“What did you say” She stuttered,”youve seen Yingluo.”

“The latest set of marquexs works.

Thats right, Ive seen it.” Jiang Zhiwei nodded slightly.

this is a sincere invitation, not sympathy.

Do you want to consider it”

Jing Tongs heart beat wildly when he heard him mention his translated work so clearly.

It was hard for her to compare this man with a famous literary work.

Although she knew that Jiang Yu was highly educated and likely to be well-read, she still felt that it was not right.

Whats more, he was reading her translated work.

Yingying even had an absurd guess-he was reading it for her.

“I, Zhenzhen, am not a co-disciple.” She stuttered, ” forget it.

“Then go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Jiang Yu looked at her.

it doesnt matter which Department youre in.

You can choose whatever you want.

Jing Tong looked at the mans overly deep eyes and almost nodded.

Fortunately, his remaining rationality stopped him.

“I wont stay in the capital if I dont.” She took a deep breath.

there are too many people who know me here.

No matter which department I go to, I will be recognized.

but this is the environment you are familiar with.

Jing Tong, are you planning to avoid it for the rest of your life ” The mans eyes were cold and his tone was sharp.

Jing Tong flew into a rage out of humiliation,”so what if I run away for a lifetime” What does it have to do with you”

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her deeply without saying a word.

Jing Tong suddenly felt a little discouraged.

Im not trying to escape.

I was too domineering in the past.

Those who were bullied by me in the past will definitely try their best to get back at me.

After four years, those peoples dissatisfaction and flames of revenge would only grow stronger.

“I wont,” Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow and softened his tone.

no one will bully you as long as Im here.

Back then, you could be so arrogant as Jing zhinyuans daughter.

Now, you can be as arrogant as you were as my Qianqian.”

“As what to you” Jing Tong asked.

Jiang Yu swallowed the word ” woman ” in his throat and said, ” “Anything is fine.

You just need to know that Im your backer.”

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