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Li Yinian couldnt help chuckling.

“Was he so clingy before”

“Shang Tianyi must have had ulterior motives for supporting him,” Ye Shengge said.

Li Yinian smiled and shook her head.

“Tianyi said that the other investor of the show is withdrawing his investment, and you and Tianyi are going to make up for it.

Is that so”

“I think we can cooperate to make this show more foolproof.” Li Yinian smiled.

“You can write the theme song for this show and Ill sing it.”

Ye Shengges eyes lit up.

“Thats a good idea.

To be honest, I havent written a song in a long time, and my hands are itching.” She then said.

“However, Im afraid you didnt come to me just for this”

Li Yinian paused for a bit and said, “Thats right.

Theres something I need your help with.”

“You know Ive lost my fertility ability,” Li Yinian said calmly.

“But Ive never told you the reason.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and shook her head.

“I had a child once, although it was an accident.” She looked down.

“Just as I was wondering whether I should tell Yanze, his mother found out and sent him overseas.

You must be able to guess what happened next.”

Ye Shengges eyes widened.

“Madam Qiao erased all traces so that he wouldnt find out.” Li Yinian smiled.

“Even the place where I recuperated was arranged by Madam Qiao.

It was very well-hidden, and even my parents didnt notice it.”

“Why didnt you tell Qiao Yanze Its not your fault!” Ye Shengge couldnt help clenching her fist.

“Youre innocent! But he took it out on you for so long!”

“Even if I tell him that, it would still be impossible between us.

Why let him bear the guilt and self-reproach” Li Yinian was too calm, except for her pale face.

“I thought we were done, but I didnt expect him to be so stubborn.”

“You should tell him!” Ye Shengge gritted her teeth.

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“If thats the case, hell only be more stubborn.” Li Yinian looked at her and said.

“But we made a huge mistake from the start.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

It took her a long time to find her voice.

“You didnt resist Madam Qiaos arrangement because… it was a huge mistake between the two of you.”

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Thats right.

However, I didnt expect me to lose my fertility.

Perhaps this is… punishment.”

She was too calm, as if she didnt care about all the hurt.

Ye Shengge couldnt help grabbing her hand.

“Ill support you no matter what you want.”

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Its not that troublesome…”

Ye Shengge was still recalling what Li Yinian had said until Li Yinian left the set with the two kids.

She thought that if the same thing happened to her, she would definitely let him know no matter how much she loved Ji Shiting.

The more he blamed himself, the better.

Thus, she couldnt imagine how Li Yinian could be so calm and even bear everything as if nothing had happened.

She couldnt help gritting her teeth.

Even if Qiao Yanze didnt know, it didnt stop her from taking it out on him.

This guy was really harmful!

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