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The cheers around her seemed so close, yet also so far away.

She only saw Sun Yes nervous and expectant expression.

She had never been able to remember his face.

In order to make her remember him, that man always liked to have weird expressions whenever he appeared in front of her.

However, it was effective.

She remembered him well.

Although she always complained that he wasnt handsome, he was actually rather pleasing to the eye after a long time…

“Lin Ran, Lin Ran, Lin Ran…”

The rhythmic shouts got louder and louder, and the entire scene became a sea of joy.

Lin Ran finally came back to reality.

She blinked and saw the nervousness in Sun Yes eyes.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Lin Ran, dont feel pressured.

Just reject him if you dont want to.

Its alright.”

“Refuse, reject, reject…” The cheers suddenly changed, and the laughter became louder.

Lin Ran couldnt help bursting into laughter.

Sun Ye was about to cry.

He had worked beside Ji Shiting for so long, and this was the first time he had been so helpless, but… he had asked for it.

“Um, just agree…” He said pitifully.

“We can talk about other things slowly.”

Sun Ye was even more nervous.

“Ive arranged for your parents to stay in the Intercontinental Hotel.

Ill accompany you to see them tonight,” he said.

“They know Im proposing to you.

Do you have the cheek to disappoint them”

“Why” Lin Ran raised an eyebrow.

“My parents definitely dote on me the most.

If I dont agree, they wont force me.”

Sun Ye was sweating profusely.

Ye Shengge couldnt take it anymore.

“Dont you know how to take out the ring”

“Oh, thats right!” Sun Ye woke up from his dream and opened the box, revealing the exquisite diamond ring in front of her.

“Ive specially found a brand to customize it.

It should be the right size.

Dont you want to try it on”

The cheers around him disappeared, turning into gasps of admiration.

“Wow! This looks like the work ofHeart of Eternity! How generous!”

“Just agree, Lin Ran! This diamond is at least three carats.

Im about to go blind!”

“Thats right! Ill agree if you dont agree! Hey, handsome, do you want to consider proposing to me”

A few girls who were close to Lin Ran joked.

Lin Ran couldnt help glaring at them.

“Go away.

Just say it if youre jealous!”

“Were just jealous!” Their laughter got louder.

Lin Ran blushed and suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Just agree,” Sun Ye said to her.

“Even Madam doesnt have a proposal ring.”

Ye Shengge didnt hear him beccause he was very soft.

However, Lin Ran felt guilty.

“Dont say that! Sister Shengge has plenty of rings!”

“Of course, of course!” Sun Ye chuckled.

“Just agree.

Ive even hired a wedding planner…”

Lin Ran couldnt take it anymore.

She coughed and said, “Okay then… But if you dont perform well, I can go back on my word anytime!”

“No problem!” Sun Ye breathed a sigh of relief, took out the ring and put it on her while trembling.

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