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Chapter 1059: One More Time Doesnt Matter

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Seeing the desire in her eyes, the man smiled and lifted her nightgown.

Ye Shengges breathing was a mess.

She reached out her hand to block it, but then realized something.

“Ji Shiting, are you trying to seduce me”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows.

“No, I just want to prove something.”


“Didnt you say that Im not young anymore” The man grabbed her wrist and placed it on his chest, his dark eyes deep.

“Feel if Im really not young anymore.”

Ye Shengge blushed and gritted her teeth.

“No need.

Ive felt it many times!”

“It doesnt matter even if you feel it once more.” His voice was hoarse as his warm hands roamed around her body.

Ye Shengge was soon unable to withstand his attacks and her breathing became increasingly erratic.


“Tknew you were going to get up early.

Just once,” the man said huskily, leaning down to take her lips in his.

This man said it once, but he deliberately controlled his speed and tortured her for a long time before ending it.

Even if it was just once, it was enough to make her waist ache and her legs weak.

Ye Shengge could not help but glare at him.

Ji Shiting, on the other hand, looked much less depressed than before.

He had a satisfied smile on his face as he caressed her waist.

Ye Shengge rested her chin on his shoulder.

After her breathing calmed down, she could not help but open her eyes to look at him.

The fact that this man would mention Su Yao was out of her expectations.

Hence, she purposely said nice things about Su Yao to provoke him.

He did mind, that much was obvious, but that was all.

If it was in the past, he would have warned all the actors working with her to keep their distance.

Ye Shengge did not know what to feel.

She just wanted to see more of his reaction from his face.

However, after he had sex once and his desires were satisfied, he had completely forgotten about his potential love rival.

Ye Shengge sighed silently in her heart and kept reminding herself not to go down a dead end.

It was rare for them to get along like this.

She should be satisfied.

Seeing her in a daze, Ji Shiting asked hoarsely, “What are you thinking about”

“Nothing…” Ye Shengge blinked and looked at him.

“Come back earlier to accompany the two children in the future.

Il try to come back once every half a month.”

Ji Shiting was startled.

“Half a month”

“Yes, today is the first day of filming, so the mission is not heavy.

But Im afraid I wont have the time to travel back and forth in the future.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“So, you have to take good care of Jinchen and Jinging.”

Ji Shiting paused.

“Then promise me that you will stay away from that Su Yao.

I will call you every day to make you happy.”

Ye Shengge smiled.

After a while, she finally nodded.


The next day, Ye Shengge arrived at the film studio early.

The production team was already busy.

Other than her, all the other artistes were putting on makeup.

Ye Shengge did not dare to delay and rushed into her own dressing room.

Just like last time, she occupied a dressing room alone.

This was also Xu Xiangjies arrangement.

While she was doing her makeup, Lin Ran rushed in.

“Sister Shengge, Im back!”

This girl stayed at her hometown for half a month.

Actually, she had planned to come back a long time ago, but she could not resist her parents coercion.

She did not manage to leave until Ye Shengge called her and urged her to come back.

Ye Shengge sized her up and commented objectively, “Youve gained weight..”

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