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Ye Shengges eyes bulged out.

She appeared to be dazed as if suffering from a great shock.

Ji Shiting smiled and kissed her on the lips, “Dont forget you promised me that wed have two more kids.”

He then let her go and started the car again.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

She hadnt realized it until she arrived at her destination, and Ji Shiting had dragged her out of the car.

Sun Ye had just arrived at the bureau, and he immediately took out a file when he saw Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge walking toward him.

“Sir, your ID is here.”

“Okay.” Ji Shiting took it and walked in with a woman who now seemed like a wandering ghost.

There was no one else in the Civil Affairs Bureau except for the staff, and it was obvious that Sun Ye had cleared the scene.

His papers were signed quickly.

However, the woman beside him held a pen but was not moving at all.

Ji Shiting grabbed her from behind and held her right hand, saying to her ear, “Cant you write your name”

The mans warm breath on her ears made Ye Shengge tremble.

“No, I havent.” Ye Shengge closed her eyes and signed her name.

Soon, the marriage certificate was released.

Ji Shiting didnt even look at it.

He took the marriage certificate, walked out of the bureau, and threw all the documents to Sun Ye, asking him to take them back to Qianfan Villa.

He then carried the woman to the front passenger seat.

Ji Shiting sneered when he saw how shocked she was.

He buckled her seat belt and pinched her face.

“Can you be more promising, Ye Shengge”

Ye Shengge blinked and looked at him.

“I understand.

You did it on purpose…”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “On purpose”

“You told Grandpa that you didnt want to marry me, so you put pressure on me…” Ye Shengge recalled everything that had happened last night and this morning.

“Also, you werent drugged last night.”

She had long suspected that, and based on his performance this morning, she felt that she might have fallen into a trap!

Ji Shiting didnt get angry after being exposed.

Instead, he looked at her and said, “Tell me what my motive would be for doing it.

Is it because I had to marry you no matter what”

Ye Shengge was stumped.

Indeed, if he wanted to sleep with her, or if he really wanted to marry her, there was no need for it to be so complicated.

As long as he brought it up, she would basically agree after some thought.

After all, she needed him in every way.

“You must be sick from imagining too much,” Ji Shiting said with a half-smile.

Ye Shengge blushed and lowered her head.

Forget it.

There was no point regretting now.

After all… she wouldnt suffer any loss marrying that man.

As for whether she wanted a divorce or gave birth to a child, there was still a lot to change in the future.

She didnt believe that the man would really want to spend the rest of his life with her, so she just had to wait.

Ji Shiting closed the front door, walked to the other side of the car and started the car.

“Take your things to Qianfan Villa this afternoon,” Ji Shiting said.

“Ill ask Uncle Jin to help you.”

“Huh Is that necessary” Ye Shengge forced a smile.

“Im going to be with the cast for a closed-door shoot in a couple of days, so…”

“Please remember who you are, Mrs.

Ji,” Ji Shiting interrupted her.

“We have to live together as a couple.”


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