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Chapter 1038: The Number of times he looked at her

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Ji Shiting appreciated his subordinates thoughtfulness, but he did not like it when his subordinate acted presumptuously.

If he hadnt come out just now, was this woman planning to stay outside for the entire night

Tang Ranran panicked a little, but she reacted quickly and apologized, “Im sorry, Mr.


I shouldnt have acted on my own.

Ill be right back.”

She was smart enough to realize the reason for Ji Shitings anger.

Ji Shiting did not scold her too harshly, but said coldly, “Dont do it again.”

Tang Ranrans tone became even more humble.

“Ill remember… Mr.

Ji, do you have any instructions for me”

“No,” Ji Shiting said as he put on his coat and walked towards the elevator.

“Turn off the lights and follow me.”

Only then did she realize that Ji Shiting had changed his mind and was planning to go home.

She quickly turned off the lights in the office, leaving only one light in the corridor.

Then, she walked towards the elevator.

After she entered the elevator, Ji Shiting pressed the button to close the door.

Tang Ranran consciously stood in a corner and kept a distance from Ji Shiting, occasionally looking up at the man beside her.

The man looked at the number of floors in the elevator with a cold expression, but he had no intention of speaking.

Although Ji Shiting was usually so calm and indifferent, his spirits were obviously lower than ever.

Tang Ranran thought about it and decided to take the risk.


Ji, did you… quarrel with Madam” she asked carefully.

What greeted her was Ji Shitings dark and sharp eyes.

“This is not something you should ask about!”

“Im sorry, I… I heard Assistant Sun mention Madam today, so I had this guess…” She lowered her head in panic, looking very remorseful.

“My previous boss often asked me to help him pick gifts for his wife… so I thought I might be able to help you… Im sorry!”

This word triggered a certain nerve in Ji Shiting.

He had been back for so long but had never bought a present for Shengge.

Previously, when Ye Shengge was pregnant, he would give her a small surprise every day after work.

Ji Shiting relaxed his tightly knitted eyebrows and assented faintly to thank his assistant.

Tang Ranran smiled.

It seemed like she had made the right bet.

She though that he would definitely ask her to help pick out a present for his wife next.

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However, her hopes were dashed.

Ji Shiting had no intention of doing so at all.

When the elevator stopped on the first floor, the man simply said, “Go back early and rest.” Then, he strode out of the elevator.

Tang Ranran looked at his back in disbelief.

She bit down hard on her lower lip, almost biting it.

She had clearly felt how cold this man was during her time in the company.

The number of times he looked at her could be counted on one hand, and each time, it was because of her outstanding work.

Moreover, his gaze was never the way a man looked at a woman.

This man was harder to conquer than she had imagined…

While Tang Ranran was thinking about this, Ji Shiting had already left the building and gotten into the car.

The road was very empty at this time of night.

Ji Shiting felt a little hot as he took off his tie and rolled down the window to let the night breeze in.

He saw Tang Ranran standing by the roadside.

She looked like she was waiting for a taxi.

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Chen, drive the car over.”

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