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“Thanks for all the efforts, my journalist friends.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“I want to tell you that I spend time with Boss Mu and Ms.

Mu all the time.

Theres no way I wouldnt know if there was actually something going on between them.

Boss Mu would never betray me.”

She repeated what Mu Yanhuai had said.

Mu Yanhuai was relieved after hearing what Ye Shengge said, but then, she said, “I believe that man isnt Boss Mu.

I couldnt be more familiar with him.”


The journalists understood what she was implying.

Someone yelled, “Does that mean you think the woman is Ms.


“Im not sure.” Ye Shengge blinked.

“It isnt a very clear video, so its entirely possible that the woman is just someone who looks like Xiaoya.”

Which meant it was also possible that the woman in the tape was Mu Xiaoya herself.

The press all understood what Ye Shengge was implying, then they all started to question Mu Xiaoya and Mu Yanhuai.

“What do you think of that, Ms.


“Whos the guy in the tape”

“Will you leave the entertainment world”

“No! Its not me!” Mu Xiaoya had a breakdown and yelled.

She pointed at Ye Shengge and shouted, “Ye Shengge, you…”

“Xiaoya!” Mu Yanhuai groaned, grabbing her arms to prevent her from doing something more reckless.

He then grabbed the microphone and said, “It isnt Ms.

Mu whos in the tape.

We dont know whos trying to frame her and destroy her reputation.

Well find out who it is and make him pay for it.”

Mu Yanhuai then dragged Mu Xiaoya backstage.

“The press conference has ended.

Thank you, journalists, for coming, and thanks to the audience who is paying attention to this issue.” Ye Shengge smiled and left.

She saw Mu Xiaoyas ferocious face when she opened the door.

“Ye Shengge, youre behind all this, arent you Youre jealous of me, and youre trying to destroy me!” Mu Xiaoya dashed toward Ye Shengge, trying to charge at her.

Ye Shengge stepped aside a bit, and Mu Xiaoya almost fell down.

“Xiaoya!” Mu Yanhuai screamed and held her in his arms.

Mu Yanhuai started to cry, lying against his shoulders.


“Dont be scared, Xiaoya.

Im by your side no matter what.” Mu Yanhuai comforted her with a smooth voice, then he looked to Ye Shengge and said, “What did you mean, Shengge Why did you say that”

Ye Shengge looked at him, dazed.

She recalled when she had met Mu Yanhuai the first time.

That was when she had just entered college, and she joined the drama club because she loved acting, however, she could only do stage prop work because of her birthmark.

Sometimes, she would rehearse secretly in the corner, for which she would have been laughed at if anyone had seen.

Until she met Mu Yanhuai.

He had told her she was the most talented person hed ever met and that he didnt mind the birthmark on her face.

He also said he would help her fulfil her dream.

Ye Shengge had believed him and said yes to his proposal.

She had even taken a part of his parents inheritance from her uncle to establish Star Brilliance.

She quit college to help the man and devoted all her energy to the company, and because she thought Mu Xiaoya was Mu Yanhuais sister, she had helped Mu Xiaoya with all her heart.


However, she had been living in a lie for three years!

She thought she wouldnt feel heartbroken over that man, but seeing Mu Yanhuais unconditional protection of Mu Xiaoya, she still felt pained.

Mu Yanhuai didnt get a response, so he looked to Mu Yanhuai who was standing there, nonchalant, in sharp contrast to the blossoming peony.

Mu Yanhuai felt warmth spreading in his heart just as he caught his eyes on her in the press conference.

He suddenly forgot what he was going to say.

Mu Xiaoya whimpered again, which made him come to his senses.

“Speak!” He yelled at Ye Shengge, as if that could cover his absent-mindedness.

Ye Shengge smiled.

“The real scandal behind that sex tape is that Xiaoya interfered with her brothers relationship as a sister and became a mistress of her brother.

As long as we can clarify that, nothing else is important.”

“Youre the mistress!” Mu Xiaoya said, glaring at Ye Shengge.

“Stop talking, Xiaoya.” Mu Xiaoya scolded at her and still looked at Ye Shengge.

“The woman in the tape is in no way Xiaoya.

Thats very important as well.” Ye Shengge said like a professional and calm agent.


Ye Shengge still looked calm, “Havent you and Xiaoya denied that already Its up to the audience to decide whether you guys have spoken the truth or not.

Im just Xiaoyas agent, and my clarification doesnt matter when it comes to which guy shes slept with.”

Mu Yanhuai gazed at her as he felt that Ye Shengge was a bit different today.

He tapped on Mu Xiaoyas shoulders, signaling her to step back.

Mu Xiaoya did it reluctantly.

“Are you suspecting me, Shengge” Mu Yanhuai walked to Ye Shengge and held her hands.

“Xiaoya and I are siblings.

No matter how close we are, theres nothing more than sibling love.

You dont have creepy assumptions like the others, do you”



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