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Perhaps because Si Wenxuans forte was close-combat fighting, she immediately got excited when Yun Xi agreed.

It seemed like she had forgotten about the humiliation she had suffered just now and couldnt wait to get back at Yun Xi.

Looking at how enthusiastic Si Wenxuan was, Yun Xi stood up while holding back her smile.

Then, after kicking her shoes aside, she stepped onto the carpet with her bare feet.

As soon as Si Wenxuan came over, she spotted Old Master Xiaos walking cane by the side.

She grabbed the walking cane and charged at Yun Xi without any warning.

Shocked, Xiao Weijun bounced up from her seat and nervously looked at the vicious Si Wenxuan.

She then turned to Xiao Jinglin and Mu Feichi, who were watching the fight calmly.

Even Old Master Xiao was calmly drinking tea, and it seemed like he wasnt worried that Yun Xi would suffer.

Looking at her moves, Yun Xi could tell that Si Wenxuan was being serious.

Yun Xi took a step back with her right foot and swung herself sideways to avoid being hit by the walking stick.

Just as the walking stick was about to touch her neck, Yun Xi grabbed it with her hands.

Before Si Wenxuan could react, she pulled the walking stick aggressively toward her.

Yun Xi knew that Si Wenxuan wouldnt let go of the stick, so she was quick and forceful when she pulled on the walking stick.

So, together with the walking stick, Si Wenxuan was dragged toward Yun Xi.

As Si Wenxuan couldnt control her movements from the pull, Yun Xi took the opportunity to kick her in the knees!

Si Wenxuan felt her legs weaken, and she knelt on the carpet.

Yun Xi took the chance to grab the walking stick from her.

As Si Wenxuan was caught off guard, she collapsed onto the carpet.

She was in a somewhat awkward position, looking just like a turtle.

Standing over her, Yun Xi looked down at Si Wenxuan from above.

Yun Xis foot was on her buttocks, and her hand was leaning on Old Master Xiaos walking stick.

There was no doubt she had just won Si Wenxuan.

“You…” Si Wenxuan struggled to get up, but to no avail.

“Wretched girl! Let go of me!” Si Wenxuan did not expect Yun Xis speed and reaction to be faster than hers!

It didnt even take more than three moves to take her down!

Yun Xi rested most of her weight on the foot that was on Si Wenxuans buttock.

She then used the walking stick to poke at her bottom.

“Are you ready to accept defeat”

“No! You are simply taking advantage of me when I am helpless!”


“Since when did I take advantage of you Your skills are not as good as mine, and you want to be a sore loser now”

Standing up straight, Yun Xi glanced at the anxious-looking Xiao Weijun.

She had no intention of letting Si Wenxuan go.

“Si Wenxuan, you have been saying that I am from a lowly background and that Im not worthy of being with Mu Feichi.

You also said you have a great background and can go through life and death with Mu Feichi.

But when I fired the gun just now, who was the one screaming like it was the end of the world With such courage, you might even need his protection on a battlefield.

And you still dared to talk about going through life and death with him.

You will only hold him back! Putting marksmanship and warfare tactics aside, you cant even stay calm, let alone go on a battlefield! Do you think that the battlefield is just a game show Ask yourself, if someone were to shoot at him, would you dare take the bullet for him”

“I…” Si Wenxuan was reluctant to give in and wanted to argue with Yun Xi.

But when she looked up and saw the sharp look on Yun Xis face, she felt a prick in her heart.

After being kidnapped, she had been well-protected by her parents, and there would always be bodyguards following her around.

People would block bullets for her instead, so she had never thought about taking a bullet for others.

And she was really scared when Yun Xi fired the gun at her just now!

Si Wenxuan doesnt know if she would have the courage to do it if it ever happened.

Seeing how spineless Si Wenxuan was, Yun Xi couldnt take it anymore and caned her where it was cushioned with many layers of clothes.

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