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I received a strange call from Lilia-san.

She said she had a visitor and asked me to come if possible…… which was quite a strange thing.

I mean, if they had come to visit me, then shouldn’t they just come directly to my house For them to come to Lilia-san’s house and ask her to call for me, was she an acquaintance of Lilia-san that isn’t acquainted with me

There are probably plenty of people like that among the nobles, but there has never been a case where Lilia-san introduced me to someone.

However, I’m a little concerned about the complicated expression on Luna-san’s face when she went to my house to call me over.



[……Why do you have that subtle apologetic expression on your face, Luna-san]

[Miyama-sama, if it’s not convenient for you, you can refuse.]

[……Errr, who exactly came to visit]

[She’s someone Miyama-sama isn’t acquainted with.

She isn’t a bad person, but her temperament is a little impulsive…… or perhaps, she’s just being intuitive…….]

[You know, you do realize that the things you have been telling me have been making me uneasy, right]



Coming here to call for me, suddenly saying it’s okay to refuse, and then, for some reason, she started supporting the other side by bringing up their personality…… What she’s saying is that she’s not a bad person, but she’s got some sort of problem, right

With how uneasy I feel from the way she phrased it, I feel like I want to refuse, but I think doing that would cause trouble for Lilia-san…… In fact, I unfortunately had no plans at the moment, so I decided to accept.



[So, in the end, who is it]

[It’s Symphonia Kingdom’s Head Maid, Beatrice-sama.]

[……She really is someone I’m clueless about huh.]

[She’s also one of his Majesty, the King’s wives.]

[Ahh, is that so Come to think of it, I feel like something like that was mentioned before……]



I remember hearing in a previous conversation with Orchid that one of Ryze-san’s wives was a maid whom Ryze-san had loved like a big sister for a long time.

Could it be that Ryze-san fell in love with Beatrice-san, who had been taking care of his everyday necessities That sounds like the synopsis of a drama…… but I’m completely unacquainted with her.



I’ve been to the royal castle several times, but I’ve never met anyone who introduced themselves as the one in the position of Head Maid.

No, I may have seen her before, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t been introduced to each other.

Furthermore, I have no idea why would that Head Maid come to visit me.



[Beatrice-sama is one of the respected four within the Maid World.

She’s one of the Super Maids, known as the Super Maid of Heart.]

[……Whoa there, I suddenly kinda wanna go home now……]

[She’s clad with a fierce Maidric Aura, and due to her nature, she’s a maid so domineering that she sometimes scolds and guides her master severely.

I heard that even his Majesty, the King himself couldn’t raise his head against her……]



And the conversation devolves to that Maid World again.

An abnormal world that I really don’t wanna know about…… I was rather seriously tempted to say that I just remembered some important business.

I’m begging you, I don’t want those strange knowledge invading my memory anymore.

That I had actually come to relatively understand their terminologies recently is something I really hate.



[In any case, she’s a person with a strong passion for Maids, and her devotion is second only to that of the President.]

[……I remembered I had some business I needed to attend to, so I really want to go back…… but why is that person visiting me It’s not like I’m a Maid, nor do I want anything to do with this Maid World……]

[Surely, you jest.

Miyama-sama, who is acknowledged by the Pinnacle of the Maid World, President Ein, is an important existence for the Maid World as well.]

[Please stop that.

Seriously, can you please stop that]



How terrifying it is, the Maid World.

Making me an important existence in it without even me knowing, seriously, please excuse me from that.

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I want to keep my distance from that Maid World……

Well, Luna-san herself should know I don’t like it and is teasing me about it……



[Going back to the subject, Beatrice-sama incredibly respects Illness-san.

Well, in fact, she used to be the best maid in the royal castle after all.]

[That’s, well, that makes sense…….

but how does that relate to me]

[No, it’s just…… She seems to have taken an interest in the friend Illness-sama has been close with recently, Nebula-sama.]




Well, now, I really want to scram out of here even more.

I don’t want our lovely Nebula to get involved in the Maid World or any strange place close to that……



[Since Illness-sama admired her skills, she would like to meet her, but she wanted to ask Miyama-sama’s permission first.]

[ I see…… Well, Nebula is amazing after all.

I can understand why she would want to meet her.]

[……I- I suppose so.]



Now this is quite a difficult question.

Knowing how great Nebula is and coming to visit her, that raises my opinion of her quite a bit.

It does make me proud knowing that Nebula’s greatness is known even to the royal castle’s Head Maid.

However, putting aside how proud I am of Nebula, I also feel that I don’t want her to get involved anywhere near that strange neighborhood…… Hmmm, how troubling.


















Serious-senpai : [For the time being, if you want to increase Kaito’s favorability of you, it seems like a quick way for that would be to talk about his pets or Nebula huh.

I mean, you could clearly see the moment his attitude around her turned a 180……]


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