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It happened one morning.

I went out into the yard to brush Bell’s fur, but as I looked up at the sky, I saw a black line in the sky.

It was a sight so familiar that once you saw it, you would never forget it, so when I saw the circular black trail it left behind it, I could guess who had come.



[My sworn friend! The time has come! The time to fulfill the pact we made eons ago has finally arrived.

In the land of Archlesia, the light of hope shot up and became a shining star in the dark night.

The curtain rises to a celebration.

The time to mark the calendar is soon…… so you best be prepared.]

[……Hello, Amel-san.]

[Hello, my sworn friend! Sorry for bothering so ear——— Hrnn! My apologies for the early morning discourtesy.

However, I thought I should bring this delightful news to my sworn ally as soon as possible.]

[I see.]



Nodding my head at her words, I recalled Amel-san’s words earlier.

The pact we made eons ago…… This is just one of her exaggerations again, so I guess she was talking about what we had promised before.

As for that land of Arclesia and all that…… In other words, there will be a festival in Archlesia Empire, so she had come to consult with me about the stall that we promised to set up together…… I see.



[I understand.

We did promise to set up a stall, and I myself have no problem with this…… but I suppose there’s a festival in Archelsia]

[When seven revolutions of the moon pass, the great feast shall begin.]

[Seven months from now, right I understand.]



……Isn’t that still a long way off from now! When you say 7 months, that’s already more than half a year.

But well, since it was Amel-san we’re talking about here, she must have inquired about the schedule of festivals and excitedly popped out of her office when she found out.


In fact, she seems to be quite happy even now, so I guess that’s why she wants to have a meeting about the contents of the festival so early.



[……We promised that we would set up Amel-san’s favorite stall, right Did you have an idea in mind]

[Fuuu, my sworn friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I have set up a stage befitting for us.

Our existence isn’t being fitted within such a small framework…… Are we not]

[Eh We aren’t just going to open a regular stall]

[Yeah, the steering wheel of the ship we would be steering is a gorgeous ark known as the festival.

The course itself is ours! Now, let’s scatter about our beautiful colors!]




I thought there was no way this would be the case, but it really was an invitation for the management of the festival itself.

Or rather, it feels like it has already been decided that this festival will be held, isn’t it In that case, that 7 months might be lacking instead.

I mean, we’re organizing a festival! How the heck did our conversation lead to that…… No, Amel-san is the Head of the Wingeds and probably has a lot of power, so it’s not that surprising that she can hold such a festival……



[Ehehe, I wanted to hold a festival with my sworn friend, so I’ve been talking with various people.

I got permission.

I’m looking forward to it, a festival I created with my sworn friend——— Haahh! Erhem.

Oops, it seems like my impatience made me lose composure.

I guess I’m still too young……]

[……However, I’ve never experienced organizing festivals before though.]

[Don’t worry, my sworn friend, for we aren’t creating a new festival.

The festival we would be setting up is originally a festival where three different species gathered together, but we were allowed to manage it this time.

Our foundation already exists, what we need is to paint the ship with our colors, and we already have the helmsman and the crew in place.

In other words, we will just be painting our ship.]



In other words, there are already people who plan and manage the original festival, so there’s no need for us to do all the preparations.


And so, it would just be a matter of thinking up a plan or something like that……



[In short, we’re going to be in charge of thinking of events that would be held at the festival.]

[As expected of my sworn friend, our thoughts were indeed as one.

Yes, let me and my sworn friend be the flowers that provide color to this festival!]

[I understand what you’re saying.

Let’s discuss about this…… but well, we can’t just talk about it while standing around here, so please come in.]

[Unnn, excuse my intrusion.]



Amell-san seemed very happy as she followed me into the house with a smile.

Well, planning an event seems like it would be quite difficult, but Amel-san said that we should be able to solidify it in about 4 months in advance, so we have a grace period of 3 months.

Would we be thinking about various things in this discussion…… Or it would just be me skillfully reprimanding Amel-san, who would likely propose events brimming with chuuniness, and guiding this event to something that could welcome everyone…… Either way, it’s going to be rough.



It’s just, well, looking at the happy expression on Amel-san’s face, I didn’t even feel like refusing her.


















: [Fumu, the title doesn’t have that ① on it, so I guess this discussion won’t end right away…… Ahh, by the way, Serious-senpai is currently sleeping.

Well, there’s no sweetness in the current chapter, so I guess it should be fine not to smack her awake……]


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