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Within the clean morning air, I put a small pot on the small magic tool to boil water.

It isn’t that the morning air was that cold, but somehow, I was in the mood for a hot drink in the morning.

With that in mind, I took out a few items from my magic box and called out to Isis-san.



[Isis-san, which would you prefer, tea or coffee]

[……I often drink tea…… but if we’re drinking from a mug…… I think drinking coffee on it…… would suit it better.]

[I guess you’re right.

We’ll have coffee then.]



Tea is basically what I drink most often in this world, but I also drink coffee to a certain extent.

I mean, the coffee I drank was often matched with Kuro’s baby castellas.

In any case, I prepared coffee mugs for both of us.



[Isis-san, what are you making]

[……Scrambled eggs…… It’s easy to eat…… by putting it between two pieces of bread.]

[Ahh, that sounds good.

I think I also have some ham here……]



Dividing our roles and making preparations, we had a croissant sandwich, with ham and scrambled eggs as filling, and coffee for breakfast.

This is a simple but quite wonderful breakfast.

A good cup of coffee in the morning is always great, and the croissant sandwich is very nice.



[……Isis-san, now that we’ve finished our meal, why don’t we look for a souvenir like we usually do This place does resemble that place mentioned in the novel, so let’s look for something we can take home with us.]

[……Unnn! ……I wonder what we could take back though…… Kaito…… What do you think]

[Hmmm, I’d like something that isn’t too big.

Speaking of which, that novel mentioned how the couple found a small flower by the water.]

[……Unnn…… It’s not a rare flower…… but because the place is special for them…… they see it as special…… or so it was written.]



It’s not supposed to be a special flower, but because the place was special for them, they see it as special.

Those were pretty good words, and designating something as special is something I can relate to.

In fact, the impact of a situation as one sees it is huge, so I can understand how the characters felt.



[Well then, shall we look for the flowers blooming near the lake]

[……Unnn…… Let’s look for them…… together.]



Seeing Isis-san nodding happily, I also ate my breakfast with a smile on my face.



After that, we finished eating our breakfast, cleaned up, packed up our tent and then went to the lake with Isis-san to search for the flower.

This place isn’t a tourist spot, so the things around weren’t just neatly arranged, but as this place was brimming with nature, we easily found a couple of the flowers after looking around for it, and we were able to find some that looked great.



[These ones look nice.]

[……2 flowers snuggling up to each other…… Just like us…… They’re beautiful.]

[Yes, they aren’t that big, but it has this natural beauty to them.]

[……Unnn…… Just as written in that novel…… Even though it isn’t a rare flower…… Even though it’s a flower that blooms anywhere…… Because it’s a flower that I searched for together with Kaito…… It looked…… really special.]



Saying this, Isis-san lightly imbued magic power into her hand, and the flower floated up together with the surrounding soil and settled in a potted plant that Isis-san brought out of nowhere.

Just like that, she applied a powerful State Preservation Magic to keep the flowers from withering, preserving their current state.

Incidentally, before she imbued it with magic power, she checked to make sure that there are no Spirits dwelling within it.

Well, since the magic power of such a small flower is so weak, it’s basically impossible for a Spirit to dwell in it.

As for when magic power has been gathered in it though, it seems that there’s a possibility that a Fairy would be born instead of a Spirit.



[……You’re right.

I probably wouldn’t have found this flower today if I hadn’t been here with Isis-san.

Since it blooms everywhere, I wouldn’t have thought a flower I could come across anywhere as special.]

[……Unnn…… Fufu…… But since I’m here…… together with Kaito…… Something usual…… becomes special…… and brings us so much happiness.]

[Isis-san…… Yes, when I’m with Isis-san, even the most trivial things feel fun, making me happy.]



Those are words that came from the bottom of our hearts.

The two of us making breakfast together, looking for small flowers that can be found anywhere, none of those were anything special.

However, just thinking of doing something together with my beloved lover, a lovely smile visible on her lips, it’s strange how it feels very special and worthwhile.



Perhaps, having such thoughts in mind, smiling together with someone by my side, as if such a thing is the most obvious thing in the world…… may have been the greatest happiness one could ever wish for.


















Serious-senpai : […………………]

: [I’m not sure if it’s because she had received too much damage, but I kinda feel like that’s her spirit flying over there.

What cruelty could have possibly happened to her……]

Makina : [For someone to have cornered Serious-senpai this much……]

Serious-senpai : [……It’s because you two won’t let me go……]


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