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Lin Yi arrived at the meeting room under Bi Songjiangs lead.

The people from both companies were surprised to see Lin Yi.

No one expected that the hidden boss in charge of Wangjiang Dock would be so young!

And so handsome!

“I… its You!”Qianqians eyes widened.

“Oh Qianqian, do you know President Lin”

Ren Yongjuns face lit up.

He already had the advantage.

If Qianqian had a personal relationship with Director Lin of Wangjiang Dock, the deal would be done and dusted!

Some people were happy while others were angry.

The people on Guan Yas side all had ugly expressions on their faces.

If Qianqian really knew the boss of the Wangjiang Dock, then their side would have no chance at all.

“This woman.

Is she an employee of your company”Lin Yi asked.

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“Yes, yes, yes.” Ren Yongjun stood up and said, “Qianqian is a senior designer of Ryder design.

She has received a lot of international bonuses and is very famous in the circle.”

Guan Yas face was ashen as she held her forehead in pain.

She had been rushing for the plan day and night.

She never thought that she would lose in such a way.

“If thats the case, you guys can leave first.

We dont need you here anymore,” Lin Yi said lightly.


Everyone was stunned.

What was that Didnt they have a personal relationship Why was he chasing them away

Ren Yongjuns expression froze as he tried to probe.

“Lin, I dont quite understand what you mean.

Our Ryden design has a lot of experience and is famous in the industry.

Weve even hired the famous Larry Keller as our chief consultant.

Well definitely be able to complete this mission.”

“I believe that you guys have the ability, but this senior designer of yours is already driving an Audi A8.

Im afraid someone like me who only owns a Shari cant afford to hire you guys.” Lin Yi spread his hands, “I can only say that Im sorry.”

Ren Yongjun turned around abruptly, his eyes filled with anger.

“Qianqian, whats going on!”

Xu Qianqian was restless.

She quickly got up and stood in front of Lin Yi.

“Director Lin, its my fault.

I apologize to tou and beg you to give us another chance.”

Everyone understood what was going on.

When Qianqian came, she mentioned that she had a conflict with a person.

Combined with Director Lins words, the person was probably Director Lin!

Guan Ya and her team of designers looked at each other in dismay.

They felt that this was a little unbelievable.

How could he drive a car like the Shari when he was already in charge of such a huge business at such a young age

“Opportunity” Lin Yis expression was cold.

“People like you guys… I really doubt your professional ethics, so lets stop here.

Lets not waste each others time.”

“Hmph, isnt it just one project” Xu Qianqian said.

“If you dont use our Ryden design, youll regret it!”

“You wont regret it Do you have diamonds on you”


Xu Qianqians face was livid, she looked at Ren Yongjun and said, “President Ren, I dont think theres a need to take on this piece of business anymore.

Hes only driving a Shari and he probably wont be able to pay much for the design.

Lets go.

Whats the point of serving a party like this”

“Get lost!”

Ren Yongjun cursed, “From now on, Ryden doesnt want you around!”

Xu Qianqian was stunned.

“President Ren, you…”

“You said that President Lin wont be able to pay much for the design”

“President Lin drives a Shari because hes low-key! Do you think that everyone is as pretentious as you”

“President Lins Pagani is enough to buy 20 A8s.

Other than being pretentious, what else do you know Get lost!”

Ren Yongjun was so angry that he was out of breath.

In the entire company, he was the only one who knew how big this project was.

The design cost for the first phase alone was as high as 30 million dollar.

There were still expansion projects for the second and third phases, in which the design cost was at least 100 million dollars!

If he did not fire Xu Qianqian, his company would have no chance at all!

“He… he has a Pagani…”

Qianqians head was buzzing.

She finally understood that there were really people who kept a low profile in this world!

“Alright, you guys can leave too.

I have nothing to talk to you about, Ryder,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Boss Lin, calm down and let me explain.”

“I dont want to hear it anymore.

Just go.”

Seeing that Lin Yi had made up his mind, the people from Ryder design sighed and left.

The piece of meat that was in their mouths was gone just like that.

Ryder Design gave Guan Ya and the others a chance.

They were the only ones bidding now, so there should not be any accidents.

“Alright, its just you guys now.

Lets cut to the chase and get straight to the point,” Lin Yi said.

“Got it, Boss Lin.”

Guan Ya stood up and put the plan shed prepared up on the big screen.

“If we want to turn Wangjiang Dock into the worlds largest cruise ship pier, we need to do it in two steps.”

“The first is to upgrade the existing facilities, and the second is to expand.”

“The first phase of the project is mainly to upgrade and transform Wangjiang ock into the best cruise ship pier and turn it into a new revenue stream for the city.

This will affect Boss Lins reputation as well.”

Then, Guan Ya presented her design plan to Lin Yi in a very comprehensive manner.

After that, Guan Ya looked at Lin Yi and asked tentatively, “What do you think, Director Lin”

“Its a good idea,” Lin Yi said.

“Although I really want to turn Wangjiang Dock into the largest cruise terminal in the world, its not something that can be done in a day.

Lets start with the upgrading first.”

“Thank you for your affirmation, Director Lin,” Guan Ya said.

“According to our initial budget, the upgrade cost is around 200 million.”

Guan Ya did not beat around the bush and directly stated her price.

“If I give you 200 million, how far can you go”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Guan Ya said, “If you dont consider the scale and start only on the quality, you will be among the top five docks in the world!”

“If we give you 400 million, how much can you achieve”

The people from Yaluo Design were secretly shocked!

This CEO Lin was too rich.

Not only did he not bargain, he even doubled the price.

This time, it was Guan Yas turn to be nervous.

Before this, she had never thought of such a possibility.

“Number one in the world!” Guan Ya answered confidently!

The infrastructure of Wangjiang Dock was very good.

If they had 400 million in funding, it would not be a big problem for them to become number one in the world!

However, Guan Ya never thought that the young man sitting in front of her would have such ambition!

Even so, Guan Ya was still underestimating Lin Yi.

His ambition was not just to become the best in the industry.

“If I give you 800 million yuan, do you have the confidence to put Wangjiang Dock more than ten years ahead of the rest of the industry”


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