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“What mission”

Lin Yi did not have many thoughts about this.

He had come all the way here, so he naturally had to complete the mission.

There was not much to say.

“This is a list of 32 senior graduates from the hotel management major.

The school needs to contact the internship unit because they are in a hurry.

They have to secure a company to intern in within three days,” Sugar said.


Lin Yi studied marketing when he was in university.

Back then, the school also provided him with an internship position when he was about to graduate.

It was precisely because of his outstanding performance during the internship that he was able to work for Chaoyang Group.

“Although its an internship, the school still has its requirements,” Sugar said.

“The internship salary must not be less than 3,000 dollars, and it must also include food and accommodation.

This is the most basic requirement.”

Lin Yi paused.

This was very difficult.

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He remembered that when he was an intern, the internship salary was only 1,000 dollars, and it did not include food and accommodation.

Zhong Hai Normal School was just a small undergraduate university, and it had such a high internship requirement.

You must be f*cking kidding me.

Song Jia and Li Xingbang were shocked.

Wasnt Director Su being a little too difficult

According to the rules of the school, only outstanding graduates with distinctions in more than half of their classes were qualified to get an internship.

Now, Lin Yi had to get internships for all 32 students, which was like doubling the difficulty!

Most importantly, asking for an internship salary of no less than 3,000 dollars was a little too much.

“Ill try,” Lin Yi said casually.

“But this task is a little difficult.

Its my first day here, so Im not familiar with the business process yet.”

That was what he said, but this task was not difficult for Lin Yi at all.

He could complete it in under a minute.

However, at the end of the day, it was his first day at work, and he was already being handed had such a difficult task.

This woman had ulterior motives, did she not!

If it were anyone else, they definitely would not have been able to complete it.

“I know, but the male teachers in the office are all busy, so I can only arrange for you to go,” Sugar said calmly.

“All the male teachers are busy”

Lin Yi turned around and gave Li Xingbang a meaningful look.

Suge, “…”

Song Jia, “…”

“Cough cough cough.” Li Xingbang coughed a few times.

“Miss Lin, what Director Su means is that you should not think too much about the other young male teachers.”

“Oh, so thats whats going on.

I was overthinking it.”

“Little Lin, you just arrived and arent familiar with the business.

Ill come with you and show you the ropes,” Li Xingbang said with a smile.

“Theres no need to show him the ropes,” Sugar said.

“Li, Ill prepare some other tasks for you later.

Just let him go by himself.”

Li Xingbang shrugged and flashed a helpless expression.

He did not understand why director Su would have a problem with a new colleague.

“Oh right, theres something important I need to tell you,” Sugar said.

“Go ahead.”

“Its written in your contract.

This job has a one-month probation period.

This mission will be your entrance exam.”


Lin Yis face darkened.

‘Are you kidding me

“Director Su, will I be fired if I dont complete this mission” Lin Yi asked.

“Thats possible.

Its a school rule, after all.

Im just doing things by the book.

I hope you can understand.”

‘Understand my foot!

Lin Yi cursed in his heart.Do I really look like her ex-boyfriend

He could not be that unlucky, could he

“Alright, I dont have anything else to say.

Finish what youre supposed tofirst, and well talk about the rest when youre done.”

With that, Sugar returned to her office, not giving Lin Yi a chance to question her.

Song Jia pursed her lips.

Sister Su was too ruthless.

Lin Yi sat in his chair, bored.

He had to persevere for his mission reward.

[System mission completed.

Reward 200,000 experience points.]

The corners of Lin Yis mouth curled up when he heard the mission notification in his mind.

He could get whatever he wanted!

This mission could be completed in minutes.

All he had to do was call Wang Tianlong and ask him to settle it.

200,000 experience points was not a small amount.

Lin Yi had a feeling that the reward might explode again.

“Lin, I cant help you with this.

You have to rely on yourself,” Xingbang said.

“But I can give you some ideas.”

“Li Bro, go ahead.”

“With the size of our school, itll be impossible to find a large-scale hotel for an internship,” Xing Bang said.

“I suggest that you target a three-star hotel.

That might increase the odds of success.”

“Three-star” Lin Yi asked.

“Isnt that a little too low”

“Its not too low,” Li Xingbang said.

“After all, our school isnt 985, nor is it 211.

Its just an ordinary undergraduate school.

Many hotels wont be willing to accept it.

“But then again, if you encounter a suitable four-star hotel, you can try it, but the chances of that are slim.

In general, itll be useless to go there, so just focus on the three-star hotels.”

Song Jia sat on the chair in boredom.

It was useless to tell him more.

Even Sister Su could not solve the internship problem regarding the hotel management majors.

How could he have a solution

No matter how hard he tried, he would still be fired in the end.

Sigh, what a pity for such a handsome brother.

“Okay, I got it.

Thank you, Brother Li.”

“Dont thank me.

I didnt help you much.” Li Xingbang looked at his watch.

“Youll be okay, just go do your work now.”


Since he could finish the task any time he wanted, he might as well go out for a walk instead of staying here.

At this time, Sugar walked out of his office and handed a document to Song Jia, as if she had work to arrange for her.

“Director Su.” Lin Yi said before he left.

“Why, is there anything else”

“A friend of mine opened a new health product store.”

“And What does that have to do with me” Sugar said lightly.

“Theres a sale on Mrs.

Oral Liquid.

Buy one box and get one free.

Ill buy some for you when I get back.”

Lin Yi opened the door and left.

After Lin Yi left, the office was completely silent.

An awkward silence filled the room.

“I, I need to go to the toilet…”

Seeing that the atmosphere wasnt right, Li Xingbang used his bladder as an excuse to escape from the office so that he would not be implicated.

Sugar was so angry her face turned pale!

He actually wanted to buy Mrs.

Oral Liquid!

What did he mean by that

“Su… Sister Su, calm down.

He might just be concerned about you and sucking up to the leader.”

“What do you mean by concerned about me Im only 28! Why would I drink that thing!”

“Its better to plan ahead.

Drink early to start prevention early,” Song Jia said while holding back her laughter.

“I think you also dont want to work here anymore!”


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