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Lin Yi smiled and did not say anything else.

He simply drove and enjoyed the scenery of the mountains.

About thirty minutes later, Lin Yi drove to Kangjing Homestead.

Wang Ying put on her jacket again and said, “Ill call you.”

“Yi, Ill call you after my husband leaves for his business trip.”

“Okay, Ill wait for your call.”

Lin Yi received a five-star review not long after Wang Ying left, and his mission progress increased by another 21 kilometers.

Although there was still a big gap, it was still a step closer.

Lin Yis phone rang as he drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

It was Qin Han.

“Where are you Come out for a ride.”

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“Im at Jiuzhou Pavilion.

My car will be delivered in a while.

I cant go now.”

The cars he bought at the Yangcheng Auto Show would be delivered by the organizers at the agreed time today.

If he wanted to race, he had to wait for the car to arrive.

Even he floored his little Shari, it probably would not be able to outrun Qin Hans P1.

“Not bad, you actually got visitation rights to the Jiuzhou Pavilion.” Qin Han said with a laugh.

Qin Han did not think too much about it.

Lin Yi thought that he was a guest in Jiuzhou Pavilion, but he did not think that it was Lin Yis property.

After all, the cheapest house was more than 800 million dollars.

It was not something an ordinary person could afford.

At the very least, he himself did not have the strength to afford it.

“Alright, I have nothing to do anyway.

Ill go look for you first.”

“Alright, come on.”

Back at home, Lin Yi took a comfortable bath in his bathtub and opened up the system page.

“New class opened!”

-LSB- old class closed (completion 85%), new class unlocked.]

[Host, please receive the opening gift pack.]


[10 million USD has been transferred into the hosts account!]

[Please confirm the use of all attribute enhancing potions!]

[Please confirm the receipt of the Sages Wisdom! ]


Lin Yi noticed the changes in his body instantly.

It was as if countless memories were flooding into his mind.

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, and all other forms of knowledge and memories were all integrated into his mind.

Lin Yi was certain that the Sages Wisdom was at work.

Under the systems influence, Lin Yi discovered that his understanding and understanding of the world had changed.

He seemed to be able to see some things more clearly.

However, Lin Yi also discovered that the Sages Wisdom was not the peak of all human wisdom, but it was still more than enough to deal with his university-level tasks.

Apart from the Sages Wisdom, Lin Yi noticed that his body had also undergone obvious changes.

His muscles had become tighter, and his abdominal muscles were close to perfection.

Apart from that, Lin Yi also discovered that his strength, sensitivity, and other attributes had all increased!

If nothing went wrong, this should have affected all his attributes.

“How exciting!”

Lin Yi was overjoyed at the changes in his body.

Compared to the monetary reward, Lin Yi preferred the current feeling.

After all, some things could not be bought with money.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At this time, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello.” Lin Yi greeted after picking up the phone.

“Hello, is this Mr.

Lin Yi” A pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Its me.”

“Im the committee teacher of Zhonghai Normal University.

Youve passed all our interviews and can officially start your job tomorrow.”

It was Zhonghai Normal University!

Lin Yi was not surprised to receive the call.

It had all been arranged by the system, as expected.

“Okay, I got it.

Ill be there on time tomorrow.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi put his phone aside.

He had thought that the system would send him to a very impressive university, like Fudan or Zhonghai Jiaotong University.

He didnt expect it to be an ordinary Zhonghai Normal University, which was not even 985 or 211.

Was he supposed to lead this ordinary university to the top

This seemed to be a possibility.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Qin Han called.

“Where are you Why dont I see you”

“Im at home.

Where are you going to meet me”

“F*ck, why didnt you say so you went home I already ran to Jiuzhou Pavilion,” Qin Han scolded.

“My home is in Jiuzhou Pavilion, okay”


Qin Han almost vomited blood.

“What did you say Your home is in Jiuzhou Pavilion”

“Its just a house.

Is there a need for such a big reaction”

“These are the most luxurious villas in Zhong Hai.

The cheapest ones are at least 800 million dollars.

How can a normal villa compare to it”

“Enough, stop talking nonsense.

Come in and mention my name to the security checkpoint.

No one will dare to stop you.”

“No problem.” Qin Han said.

“Which Villa are you in”

“Number one.”

“Wait for me.”

After learning where Lin Yi lived, Qin Han and a few of his friends walked in together.

Although he was also a second-generation billionaire, this was Qin Hans first time here.

The other villas were all filled with potted green plants.

As for Jiuzhou Pavilion, it was more like a tropical rainforest with a few houses built inside it.

Not to mention the other aspects, just the scenery alone was enough to show the sheer difference in lifestyle.

“Young Master Qin, what exactly does your friend do He can actually buy a house in Jiuzhou Pavilion.

This is too much.”

A girl wearing a mini skirt said.

“I dont know his background, but his spending habits are different from ours, so its not surprising that he can buy a house in Jiuzhou Pavilion.”

“Young Master Qin, I dont quite understand.”

“Let me tell you this.

The number one villa in Jiuzhou Pavilion is worth 1.2 billion dollars.

Many rich people in Zhong Hai can afford it, but they feel that its not worth spending 1.2 billion dollars on a house, so they choose not to.

However, my friend is completely hedonistic, unlike us normal folkwho have to consider other factors.

You should understand what I mean, right”

“I get it.” The miniskirt girl said.

“He should be the type to spend money without blinking, regardless of the consequences.”

“Youre right.”

The miniskirt girl originally had some expectations for Lin Yi.

However, to put it bluntly, he was a rich second generation who focused on extravagance and debauchery.

He did not seem to be as rational as Young Master Qin.

With his spending habits, no matter how many assets his family owned, he would squander it all in a few years.

After passing through the garden, Qin Han and the others arrived at Villa Number One.

They found Lin Yi standing at the door.

“You guys are too slow,” Lin Yi said.

“Oh my God, his abs are too beautiful!”

Lin Yis lower body was wrapped in a towel and his abs and atlas belt were exposed.

The two girls in the group were stunned.

“The problem is that this place is too big.

It was not easy to find Villa Number One.”

“Actually, you could just go to any villa.”

“Shut up, bro.

If I went into any other villa, I would be breaking and entering.”

“Its okay.

All nine villas are mine.

Its not considered breaking and entering.”


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