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Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi in a daze.

She did not expect him to be so cognitive.

Indeed, this was too much of a coincidence.

They did not come early or late, but instead came right at this time.

It was a bit suspicious.

“Kid, your imagination is really rich.” The man in the lead said.

“Im telling you, Im just here to collect the debt.

In short, if you dont give me the money today, I wont leave.”

“I dont know how much money Ding Guanjie gave you to come here and cause trouble, but I can tell you that Ding Guanjie lost 30 million in public funds.” Lin Yi said.

“And when you came, you should have seen the sports car downstairs.

Thats my car.

The floor price is 43 million.

To put it bluntly, the money he lost isnt even enough for me to buy a car.

“So, I dont care about the money at all.

Its a matter of pride.

“You can stay here and cause trouble.

Even if I cant get the money back, I will at most lose some pride.

But none of you will be able to escape when that happens.

“If I take out 10 million dollars and look for someone to talk to you about my ideals, what do you think will be the result

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“I dont think it will be just you.

Your wife and children, both old and young, wont be able to live in peace.

Im not trying to scare you.

You can decide what to do on your own.”


The dozen or so people who rushed in were all dumbfounded!

They only took Ding Guanjies 10,000 dollars before bringing people here to cause trouble.

However, if their families were destroyed because of this small amount of money, they would lose more than they gained.

These second-generation rich people who drove sports cars were all extremely bold.

They were definitely not people that they could provoke!

“Brother, we know that were wrong.

Lets leave now and pretend we never met.

Please give us a chance.”

“Then get lost!”

“Yes, yes, yes, well get lost right now!”

More than a dozen hooligans ran out one by one, and the office calmed down again.

Just then, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a call from Tian Yan.

“Lin, theres a driver with the surname Liu.

He saw the BMW 7 series that you mentioned, and hes currently running out of the city.”

“Okay, tell all Didi drivers to keep an eye on that car.

Participants will be rewarded with 5,000 cash, and everyone who sees it will get a share!”

“Well make the arrangements right away!”

Lin Yi did not stay idle after hearing from Ding Guanjie.

He grabbed Ji Qingyans hand and quickly walked out of the office.

“Where are we going now” Ji Qingyan asked anxiously.

“To buy time for himself, Ding Guanjie might do something extreme.

Im taking you to a safe place now, so you wont be in danger!”

“What about the rest of the company”

“I dont care, as long as youre okay.”

Lin Yi pulled her all the way out of the office.

Ji Qingyans heart was beating a little fast.

With Lin Yi by her side, she seemed to have someone to rely on, and she was not afraid of anything anymore.

The two got into the Bugatti, and Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator and rushed away.

A few minutes later, Lin Yi drove to the entrance of the police station.

“Go call the police and have them seal off the toll station outside the city,” Lin Yi said.

“Secondly, we cant make a public announcement about this.

If its included in the financial report, the market value of Chaoyang Group will plunge the next day.”

“Then what are you going to do”

“Im going after them!”

“No, its too dangerous.

I cant let you go!”

“Cut the crap, do whatever I tell you to.

Go now.”

“Got it, but why are you yelling at me”

After giving his orders, the gullwing door closed automatically, and Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator and left.

At the same time, Lin Yi sorted out the current situation in his mind.

What he was doing now was the last resort.

If Ding Guanjie had not yet left the city, as long as he blocked the highway, there was a chance of catching him in a short time.

On the other hand, if he had already left the city, it would be very difficult to catch him.

Secondly, in financial fraud, 30 million was too small, and it would also involve many other relevant departments.

Chaoyang Group was not large, and their network in Yangcheng was not strong.

Therefore, it was hard to say how much resources the police would deploy.

Most importantly, if Ding Guanjie did not take the main road and avoided the toll booths, it would be even harder to catch him.

As for Wang Zhengyi, he did not have to worry about anything.

He had not been on the run for long, so he might still be stuck at a traffic light right now.

With the cooperation of Tian Yan and the others, it would not be difficult to catch him.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi stepped on the gas and chased after Ding Guanjie at full speed according to the real-time information that Tian Yan provided him.

“F*ck, isnt that the Bugatti Chiron 1 from the car show Its even got a temporary number plate, so it must have just been bought.”

“A 43-million-dollar sports car is so different.

The sound is so good.”

“So what if its a 43-million-dollar car Wouldnt it still have to stop at a red light”

Boom! Boom! Boom

The Bugatti Chiron 1 roared like a beast.

It didnt seem like it was slowing down at all as it ran past the red light!

“What the f*ck, whos the driver Isnt he too powerful He even dared to run the red light.

Isnt he afraid of being caught by the police”

“Hell be crippled if hes caught by the police.”

“The thing is, can the police even catch up to him”

Thirty minutes later, Lin Yi had driven the car to the outskirts of Yangcheng.

At this time, Tian Yan called again.

“Director Lin, the car youre looking for went around the toll booth and went out of the city by a small road.

Its on County Road 362, and a Didi driver is following them.”

“Tell that Didi driver to follow closely.

You guys stay behind and provide me with real-time information.

Dont let him lose them.”

“Got it, Director Lin!”

Lin Yis eyes narrowed as he looked at the road ahead.

Now that he knew where Ding Guanjie was, the next thing he needed to do was to chase after him!

The master level driving skill that the system had given him could finally be put to use!

He stepped on the accelerator and the tachometer was blasted to 5,000 rpm, increasing the speed up to 180!

The Bugatti Chiron 1 was like a ferocious beast as it charged forward!

On 362 County Road, Ding Guanjie drove his BMW 7 series and leisurely lit a cigarette.

“Why are you still smoking Focus on driving,” Deng Shuang urged.

“Whats there to be afraid of We have already left the city.

Moreover, this is the county road.

There are no cameras here.

No one knows that we are here,” Ding Guanjie said with a smile.

“You mean that we are absolutely safe now”

“Of course,” Ding Guanjie said.

“Lets find a place to hide for a few days first, then Ill take you overseas to hide from the limelight, and then change your nationality.

Once the incident passes, youll come back a hero again.

With Ji Qingyans ability, she cant do anything to me.”

“Phew, Im relieved to hear you say that.” Deng Shuang patted her chest.

“Finally, I dont have to be afraid anymore.”

“Of course.”

Flicking the cigarette butt in his hand, Ding Guanjie untied his belt.

“Come, get it out for me.

Im full of anger.

Help me relax.”

“Were in the car,” Deng Shuang said.

“Whats wrong with being in the car Dont you often sit in the car” Ding Guanjie said, “And it was you who took the initiative to say it was so exciting.”

“Youre so bad.”

After spitting, Deng Shuang combed her hair to the side and then lowered her head.

“Right, I just saw a white car following us,” Deng Shuang said vaguely.

“I saw him a long time ago,” Ding Guanjie said indifferently, “Didnt you see that his car has the wordsDidi Special Caron it Its just a Didi car.

Dont be afraid, just focus on your work.”

Boom Boom Boom!

Just as the two were in high spirits, they suddenly heard a burst of ear-piercing sounds coming from behind.

Deng Shuang got up in fright.

She looked at the rearview mirror and saw a sports car chasing after them.

“President Ding, look, theres a sports car behind!”

“You women cant close your legs when you see a sports car, right” Ding Guanjie said, “When Im rich in the future, Ill buy you a sports car for you to drive .”

Deng Shuangs hair was disheveled, and she looked a little flustered.

“Thats not what I meant.

That sports car seems to be Bugatti, the one that CEO Jis boyfriend drives!”


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