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“Hm Look at it myself”

Lin Yi said, “Isnt that what you guys do Isnt it your job to introduce cars to us”

“But Im busy right now, I dont have time to introduce it to you,” the salesman said.

“If you want to buy it, you can look at it yourself.”

“If you want me to look at it myself, why do we need you around”

“People who want to buy it wouldnt ask these boring questions, so dont waste my time, okay”

“What kind of attitude is that”

Lin Yi threw away the booklet in his hand and turned around to leave with Ji Qingyan.

“Bro, calm down.

These salespeople are just like that.

There have been a few waves of people leaving today,” the passerby said.

“Thats normal.

No one would buy a car like this.

The ones who really need it are the people behind the scenes who reserve it beforehand.

There wouldnt be any random customers buying it.”

“This young man is too much.

He obviously wouldnt buy it, so why did he ask Hes obviously just looking for trouble.”

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“Why are you leaving”

Ji Qingyan was unhappy.

“Were here to spend money.

Why are they still acting so high and mighty”

“If a dog bites me, can I bite it back There are so many cars here, so lets just look at the others,” Lin Yi said.

“Bro, your realm is still higher.”

The person who spoke was next to the Mercedes-Benz exhibition area and was wearing a PetroChina uniform.

“These f*cking people have been fighting for so long.”

“What ended up happening” Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“What else could they do They started discussing but ended up leaving because they really couldnt afford it.

I was just asking for the price”

Lin Yi smiled without saying anything.

He took a gas card from the table and asked.

“How much are your gas cards How much are they worth”

“Theres a total of three types, 10,000, 5,000, and 1,000.

Theres an event during the auto show, where you get 98% off.”

Lin Yi fiddled with the gas cards, feeling that it was necessary to buy some.

He would send them all to mother Wang, saving them money on gas.

“How many are there in total”

“Didnt I tell you already There are only three types, 10,000, 5,000, and 1,000.”

“I mean, how many gas cards have you sold this time”

“Dont be ridiculous, bro.

We brought ten million cards with us, and we still have eight million left.”

“Alright then, Ill take them all.”


The man from PetroChina almost vomited blood.

“What did you say, bro You want to buy out our remaining eight million cards”

“Yeah, take it back and try them slowly.” Lin Yi took out his bank card.

“Make sure they can be swiped.”


“Yes, yes…”

With a beep, he swiped the card successfully and saw the receipt.

The male salesperson was dumbfounded.

He was just bored, yet he sold all the gas card

“F*ck! He bought more than eight million gas cards in one go!”

The people around the exhibition area were dumbfounded.

Where did this rich guy come from!

He bought so many gas cards in one go!

The sales team of the Mercedes-benz exhibition area were all dumbfounded, especially the man who had just insulted Lin Yi.

His jaw almost dropped to the ground.

He bought more than eight million fuel cards in one go.

It would not have been a problem for him to buy a four million S351DT.

“F*ck, Zhang Detian, look at what youve done!”

An older man walked over and scolded the man.

“Do you know how much commission I get from selling an S351DT You ruined it!”

“Director, I didnt know he was this rich.”

“F*ck, there are so many rich people in China.

How can you tell” The male director scolded.

“Apologize to him now!”

“I know, I know.”

After buying the gas card, Lin Yi left the address of the orphanage, planning to have the staff deliver it there.

Just as the two were about to leave, Zhang Detian and the sales manager of the Mercedes-benz exhibition jogged over.

“Sir, let me introduce myself first.

Im the sales manager of the Mercedes-benz exhibition, Qiang Liu.

What happened just now was an oversight on my part.

Please forgive me.”

“So What does that have to do with me”

Liu Qiang smiled respectfully and asked, “Didnt you want to buy the S351DT just now Let me explain the specific details to you.”

“Forget it.

There are so many brands for me to choose from.

Why should I choose you”

“Sir, please calm down.

I know you are still angry, but dont worry.

I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

Liu Qiang said angrily, “Zhang Tiande, take off your badge.

Pack your things and get lost!”

“Manager, no!”

Zhang Tiande was dumbfounded and quickly bowed to apologize to Lin Yi.

“Sir, I know Im wrong.

I was looking down on you.

Please dont do the same thing as me and treat me like a fart.”

“Im not the one who fired you.

Theres no point in begging me,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Zhang Detian, cut the crap.

Even if you didnt do this, you cant stay in the company.

If you dont leave now, Ill call security.”

Zhang Detian took off his badge with a pale face and left under everyones watchful eyes.

“You really deserve it.

You think youre so awesome just because you sell Mercedes”

“Yeah, even people selling supercars arent that cool.”

“This is what happens when you look down on people.

You have to teach them a lesson.”

“Alright, since youre so sincere, just use your card.

Ill take this S351DT,” Lin Yi said.

“So cool.

You bought a car worth more than four million without even batting an eyelid.”

“He already bought an eight-million-plus gas card, and he also needs a four-million-plus car What a joke.”

“No wonder he got such a pretty girl.

Hes really something.”

After paying, Lin Yi left the address of the orphanage for them to send it over to.

Then, Lin Yi bought another pickup truck, preparing to use it as a shopping cart for the orphanage.

“Lets go, were done here.

Lets go take a walk around Area A.”

Lin Yi stretched his back.

He only had a single Pagani on hand, so he had to get a few spare cars.

He was getting tired of driving it for so many days.

He also wanted to experience what other Supercars were like.

The two of them arrived at Area A, which was also the most popular area of the car exhibition.

There was no lack of second-generation billionaires here.

There was also a group of nouveau riche, but most of them were sports car enthusiasts.

None of them would miss this annual event without good reason.

“Lin Yi, you guys are here again.”

They had just arrived at Area A when they saw Xu Yan and Zhou Ning walking towards them.

“Im here to take a look at the cars,” Lin Yi said casually.

“Thats true.

The car show only happens once a year.

Itd be a waste of an opportunity if we dont take a look.”

“Yan Yan, lets go and take a look too.

We were too busy buying cars and havent gone into Area A yet.

Lin Yi and the others just happened to be here, so lets take a look together.

After were done shopping, lets have a meal together and experience the feeling of driving an imported land rover,” Zhou Ning said.


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