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Lin Yi turned around when he heard the voice behind him.

He saw a woman in a short white dress and heavy makeup, as well as a man in a suit and glasses standing beside her.

Lin Yi knew the woman who had spoken.

Her name was Xu Yan, Lin Yis college classmate.

After graduation, Lin Yi chose to develop in Zhong Hai while Xu Yan returned to her hometown, Yangcheng.

“What a coincidence that were meeting here.” Lin Yi greeted.

“It is indeed quite a coincidence.” Xu Yan said with a smile.

“Yanyan, is this your university classmate Shouldnt you introduce him to me” The man beside Xu Yan said.

“He is my university classmate, Lin Yi.

This should be his girlfriend.”

The man nodded and took out a business card from his pocket.

“Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Zhou Ning.

Im the general manager of Yangcheng Chuangxing import and Export Trading Co.

, Ltd.

This is my business card.”

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As he spoke, Zhou Ning handed the name card to Ji Qingyan.

Zhou Nings thoughts were devious.

On the business card, he had included his own contact information.

Once Ji Qingyan accepted the business card, she would have a way of contacting him.

Out of courtesy, she took Zhou Nings card and handed it to Lin Yi.

She had no intention of accepting it herself.

“Lin Yi, didnt you stay in Zhong Jai after graduation What are you doing now”


“Didi” Xu Yan was surprised.

“You were the campus belle back then.

Why did you go to Didi after graduation I remember you said you were going to Zhong Hai to do something big.”

“Isnt it good to drive for Didi Ive always treated it like a career.”


Xu Yan couldnt help but laugh.

“Lin Yi, you havent changed at all.

Youre still so humorous.

What kind of career do you have at Didi”


“Yan Yan, Zhong Hai isnt an easy to make it in.

Your university is just an ordinary 211 institution.

In a city like Zhonghai, its naturally not very popular.

Its the most expensive place in China.

If you dont have some real skills, its not easy to survive there.”

“You have a point, but I dont think theres a need to stay in Zhong Hai if you are driving for Didi.

It doesnt matter where you drive it after all.”

Xu Yan rejoiced in her heart.

Back in school, because of Lin Yis good looks, she had pursued him relentlessly.

Fortunately, he did not agree back then.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to give her the happiness she wanted.

The woman beside her probably only wanted to play with him because of his good looks.

Marriage was a big deal.

If it were not for his good looks, she would never have considered getting together with a guy who drove for Didi.

“That makes sense, but everyone has their own aspirations.

You cant be too impulsive when choosing where to develop.” Zhou Ning said.

“I also stayed in Zhong Hai in the past, but I hit a wall everywhere I went.

Now that Ive returned to Yangcheng, my business is thriving.

The annual sales of the company I founded have already exceeded 100 million.

If I hadstubbornly stayed in Zhonghai, I definitely wouldnt have achieved as much as I have today.”

“Thats why I said that youre a potential diamond.”

Xu Yan hugged Zhou Nings arm and said shyly.

“Lin Bro, youre Xu Yans friend.

Weve already gotten to know each other.

Do you have any plans to come back to Yangcheng I can arrange jobs for the two of you.

You can come to my company where you will receive an annual salary of 100,000 dollars.

The work wont be tiring.

Ill definitely make more money than you driving Didi.”

“Im fine driving didi.

Thank you for your kindness.”

Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Well be leaving first.”

“Hey, hey, Lin Yi, dont be in such a hurry to leave.

I remember when we were in school, you were a famous car fan in class.

Why dont we go around together You can give us some ideas,” Xu Yan said.

“Yeah, its fate that we met today,” Zhou Ning said:

“I used to drive an Audi A8.

Its okay to drive it in the city, but once we get to a place with bad road conditions, my A8 will be a bit of a strain.

Dont look at it as a million-dollar car, its not even as good as a hundred-thousand-dollar SUV when Im driving it off-road.”

“Thats fine too.” Lin Yi casually agreed as he led Ji Qingyan into the car exhibition.

“But Ive been thinking about it.

I think the Range Rover is pretty good, but the Lexus LX570 is pretty good too.

I dont know which one to choose.” Zhou Ning said with a smile.

“Honey, didnt you say that you wanted to buy a BMW X5 or a Toyota Roadster Why did you change your mind now” Xu Yan asked curiously.

“I thought about it just now.

The X5 and d*ck are only worth about a million.

My business is getting bigger, so its better to change to a higher class car.

Otherwise, itll be a joke when we go out to discuss business while driving it around.”

“That makes sense.

People nowadays are quite materialistic.

Itll be more convenient to drive a good car when we discuss business in the future.”

“Thats what I was thinking.”

Zhou Ning smiled at Lin Yi.

“Brother Lin, youre an expert in this field.

Give me some ideas.”

“If you have the money, buy them both.

Theres nothing to worry about.”


Zhou Ning looked embarrassed.

“I already have one.

Theres no need to buy so many, and theres not enough space in the garage.”

“Then theres nothing to worry about.

Just choose the cheaper one.”

Ji Qingyan could not help but laugh.

He really did not give this man a chance at all.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Zhou coughed lightly.

“Ive already said it just now.

Im not short of money.

My companys sales have already exceeded 100 million.

Naturally, I wont be short of profits, but people at our level care about quality and enjoyment.”

“Didnt I just say that if youre not short of money, just buy two”

“Actually, its not a big problem to buy two, but the villa I just bought only has two garages.

The economic conditions are fine, but the reality of the situation does not allow me to do this.”

Zhou Ning felt good.

He initially did not want to show off the new villa.

However, Lin Yi had led the conversation in that direction.

Was this not an opportunity for him to show off

“Then build another garage.

Wont that perfectly solve the problem”

Zhou Ning did not know how to respond.

“Hehe, Brother Lin, there are many things that you cant touch on at this level.

You cant just build a garage.”Zhou Ning said with a smile.

“Im not afraid of spending money, but what I want is quality and enjoyment.

Otherwise, people will laugh at me.”

“Lets not talk about quality and enjoyment for a car that only costs one million.

Its honestly better to just ride a scooter.”

Zhou Nings face darkened.

He had the urge to curse.

What the f*ck You drive for Didi, and you actually look down on a car worth more than a million

Was this the legendary keyboard warrior who hated the rich

This was really interesting.

He actually dared to talk trash in reality

It looks like Im gonna have to teach him a lesson today.


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