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Lin Yi was stunned.

When did I say I was going to bring you here

You were the one who asked to come, alright!

You little brat, how dare you ruin my reputation

“Its nice to meet you, its nice to meet you.” Cuiping smiled from ear to ear.

“Well be a family from now on.

Wed have to meet each other sooner or later.”

“Yeah, thats what he said to me.” Qingyan said with a straight face.

Lin Yi, “…”

She was playing me!

“You guys are too much.

You should have just come, why did you also buy stuff Its too expensive,” Cuiping said gratefully.

“Its nothing valuable.

I didnt know what the orphanage lacked, so I just bought some stuff.”

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Cuiping looked at Ji Qingyan, feeling like she was liking her more and more.

She did not mind Lin Yis background, and she was also so caring.

It was rare to find such a good girl.

“Hey, Old Zhao, go get the goods from the car.

Ill bring them in first.”

“Okay, go in.

Ill be up in a while.”

A few minutes later, Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan were brought to the third floor.

However, as soon as they went up, they heard the sound of crying.

“Mom, why is someone crying Is it a child from the orphanage” Lin Yi asked.

“I dont know who it was.

After giving birth, the child was left at the entrance of the orphanage.

I didnt even see the person before they ran away.

Thus, I had no choice but to bring the baby in.”

“It was abandoned right after it was born”

“Yeah, its probably not even a year old yet.”

Ji Qingyans heart was moved when she heard the two of them talking.

She liked children very much and could not accept such things.

When she heard such news, her heart ached.

“Aunt Wang, why dont we go and take a look I feel uncomfortable when I hear children crying.”

“Then lets go and take a look first.” Wang Cuiping said helplessly, “If I cry like this every day.

Im afraid that my throat will be damaged from crying.”

When they walked to the third floor, they found a middle-aged woman who looked a few years younger than Wang Cuiping.

The womans name was Liu Juan, and she was a nurse in the orphanage.

Although she wasnt doing it for free, her monthly salary was only 1,000 dollars, which was completely out of proportion to the heavy workload.


“Yo, Yi is back.”

Liu Juan, who was originally anxious, beamed when she saw Lin Yi.

“Youre really something.

You even brought your girlfriend back.”

“Ive not been busy recently, so I came back to visit.”

“Take care of yourself when you work outside.

Dont tire yourself out.”

“Got it, Auntie Liu.”

“Old Wang, come and help me for a while.

Im exhausted from cradling the baby.

Ive already warmed up the milk several times, but its not drinking,” Liu Juan said.

“Okay, Ill give it a try.”

Cuiping carried the child on the small bed.

The baby looked especially pretty, especially her big eyes, which were like the stars in the sky.

“Sure, let me take a look.

Maybe Ill be able to help.”

However, reality was often harsh.

The child was still crying in Cuipings hands.

It did not seem like it wanted to drink milk at all.

In the end, it made Cuipings arms sore, but there was still no effect.

“Auntie Wang, do you want me to give it a try” Ji Qingyan asked tentatively.

“No way, can you do such a thing” Lin Yi asked doubtfully.

“Havent you ever seen a pig run before” Ji Qingyan said.

“Ive seen other people take care of the child before, so its a good opportunity for Aunty Wang to rest.”

Seeing that Ji Qingyan was willing to help, Cuiping did not treat her as an outsider and handed the child to her.

Surprisingly, when Ji Qingyan held the child in her arms, she miraculously stopped crying!

Even Ji Qingyan had never thought that she would have such great magic powers.

“See She stopped crying when she is in my arms,” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“Not crying is not the main point.

The main point is to have her drink the milk.”

“The child has already stopped crying.

Do you think this is difficult for me”

Ji Qingyan was full of confidence.

Since the child liked her so much, it was naturally not a problem to also feed her the milk.

Taking the bottle from Wang Cuipings hand, Ji Qingyan got ready to feed her.

When she brought the bottle to her mouth, the child started crying again, even louder than before.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Ji Qingyan put the bottle aside and prepared to pacify the child first.

Miraculously, when the bottle was taken away, the child stopped crying.

Ji Qingyan was devastated.

“Then lets hold her for a while.

Shell probably be able to eat when shes hungry later,” Wang Cuiping said.

Ji Qingyans motherly love was overflowing.

“Okay, Aunt Wang, you guys go and rest first.

Ill hold her for a while.”

“Thats fine.

Ill go get some water for you guys.

You rushed over earlier didnt even have a sip of water in the between.”

“Thank you, Aunt Wang.”

Wang Cuiping left, leaving Ji Qingyan patting the child in her arms, looking like a mother.

“Grandma, Grandma…”

The child was almost one year old and could already speak simple words.


Hearing the childs words, Ji Qingyan immediately went to get the bottle.

This little girl finally knew how to eat.

Otherwise, she would not know what to do.

However, just as Ji Qingyan took the bottle and was about to feed her, she suddenly saw the child in her arms, using her tender little hand to grab her.


Ji Qingyan was stunned.

She didnt expect the child to want to eat her…

“No, sis doesnt have that…”

Ji Qingyan wanted to stop her, but she was afraid of hurting the child.

She was at a loss for what to do.

Lin Yi watched the show calmly.

It was quite exciting.

“Turn around, dont look!”

“Alright, I know youre easily embarrassed, so Ill go out first.” Lin Yi said.

“The child is still young, she needs nutrition.

She needs to be fed.”

“How… How am I supposed to feed her I dont even have that!”

“Its okay, I believe in you.

Ill definitely do it.”

“It has nothing to do with whether you believe it or not.”

Ji Qingyan was both embarrassed and anxious.

She was a young girl, and it was embarrassing for her to be grabbed by a child that wanted to suckle, not to mention that Lin Yi had seen it!

She did not know where to hide now.

“Aunty Wang, Aunty Liu.”

Ji Qingyan was at her wits end, and she could only call for reinforcements.

The little guy looked harmless, but she was quite strong.

It was so painful.

Hearing Ji Qingyans cry, Cuiping and Liu Juan walked in.

Seeing Ji Qingyans clothes all crumpled up, they instantly understood what was going on.

They were all experienced people, so they all guessed what had happened just now.

Ji Qingyans face turned red, and she wished that she could find a hole to hide in.

This was too embarrassing.

“Alright, you guys go out first.

Ill deal with her.

You just came back, so dont waste your energy on this matter,” Liu Juan said.

The three of them then left helplessly.

When they reached Wang Cuipings office, they closed the door.

The room had a much quieter atmosphere.

“Little Ji, dont take it to heart,” Wang Cuiping comforted her.

“Youve never been a mother before.

There are some things that you dont understand.

This is the childs instinct.

Yous are so big that it could not help but grab it.”



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