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“F*ck, were all on the same side.

Stop bragging, okay” Qin Han said.

“Let me tell you, the people I found are all as good-looking as celebrities.

You cant find such good resources even if you tried.”

“Forget it.

No matter how good-looking they are, theyre still internet celebrities.

They cant compare to the people around me.”

“Dont just say that, just send me a photo if you can.”

“Just you wait.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and turned to Ji Qingyan, who was in the fitting room.

“President Ji, do you have a selfie picture”


“Yes, send me the selfie youre most satisfied with.”

Ji Qingyan paused as she changed her clothes.

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Why did Lin Yi want her picture

He wasnt going to make it his wallpaper, was he

“Wait a moment, Ill look for it for you.”

Ji Qingyan picked up her phone and sent Lin Yi a picture she was satisfied with.

“Can you see the picture”

It was a selfie under the Sun.

However, her smile was even brighter than the sun.

“Its too good.”

Lin Yi then sent the picture to Qin Han.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Youre cheating, you found the picture online, right” Qin Han replied.

“Ive been in and out of nightclubs for so many years.

How can your little prank fool me”

“You can choose not to believe it if you want.”

“If that isnt a photo that was posted online, I will f*king live stream myself eating ** while standing on my head.”

At this moment, Ji Qingyan walked out of the fitting room and asked curiously,

“Why do you want my selfie”

Ji Qingyans heart was filled with a trace of anticipation.

If he really used her photo as his wallpaper, it would be so embarrassing.

“Someone invited me out to play and said that he found a lot of A-list celebrities.

Im going to use your photo to take down those evil perverted people.”


Although she was not using her photo as a screensaver, Ji Qingyan was still very happy inside.

At the very least, it was an affirmation of her good looks.

“What did they say”

“That guy said that Im using online pictures to fool people and that if its true, hell livestream himself eating sh*t upside down.”

Ji Qingyan felt a chill run down her spine.

Boys like that were too funny.

“Then what should we do Should I send you another one”

“No.” Lin Yi said, “Come over here, lets take a selfie together and make him eat his sh*t upside down.”

“Do I need to touch up my makeup Do you think this dress will work”

“Whats wrong with it With your looks and figure, its more than enough to kill those female internet celebrities.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Come here quickly.”


Ji Qingyan went to Lin Yis side, a little nervous.

“Are you made of cement Act natural.”Lin Yi said.

“Besides, dont be so far away from me.

Dont worry, I wont faint.

Its okay to come closer.”

“What are you talking about”Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi.

“The main thing is that Ive never taken a selfie with a man before.

I dont know what pose to use.”

“You just need to be closer to me.”

Ji Qingyan obediently leaned against Lin Yis side.

She felt that her action was not too bad.

It looked quite intimate too.

She would be able to believe it if she was the other party.

The photo was taken, but Ji Qingyan noticed that Lin Yi didnt make another move.

“Gangster, what are you looking at”

Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi and changed her position.

She did not stick too close to him anymore.

“You only know how to talk nonsense.

Theres no door to your mouth.” Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yi.

The two of them got into position and took a photo together.

“Not bad, not bad.” Lin Yi said with satisfaction.

“In terms of temperament, you are unrivalled.

Those so-called female internet celebrities probably cant even hold a candle to you.”

Ji Qingyans face was a little red.

She pretended to be nonchalant and said, “Tsk, you guys are just vain.

Whats there to compare”

“A man lives on his face, but a tree lives on its skin.”

Lin Yi then sent the photo of the two of them to Qin Han.

“F*ck, its real!”

“Of course, we have different tastes.

If the people you find dont reach this level, dont call me.” Lin Yi said.

“Oh right, dont forget to tell me when you eat sh*t on your head.

Ill give you a rocket to support you.”

“Are you trying to trick me”

Lin Yi didnt reply when he saw that Ji Qingyan was ready.

The two went downstairs together.

It was getting late, so they had to send her back.

Ji Qingyan fiddled with her phone when they reached the garage, preparing to place the order.

“Theres no need to place the order.

Its just a ride.” Lin Yi said.

The mission progress was now at 17/20.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to complete the mission by tomorrow.

There was no need to sheer Ji Qingyans wool anymore.

It was as if he could not afford to feed himself anymore.

“You said it was a life experience, so of course I have to pay for it,” Ji Qingyan teased.

“What if one day, you cant afford a house and blame me for not paying for the car”

“You are a big fat sheep who even took the initiative to come to my house.

I have to sheer off this wool even if I dont want to.”

Hed be one step closer to completing his mission once he accepted Ji Qingyans order.

He would be able to return to Yang City after that.

“What kind of adjective is that Youre the big fat sheep.”

Lin Yi laughed as he brought Ji Qingyan back to the villa.


“Lets go in and have a drink of water,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Theres no problem going in, but your parents wont suddenly appear again, right” Lin Yi asked.

“Ive already given them psychological trauma.”

“Dont worry, I checked with them before I came back.

Theyre practicing their calligraphy at home, so they wont come over,” Ji Qingyan said.

“So you came prepared.

You want me to go in too, right”

“What are you talking about”Ji Qingyan looked shy.

“You just happened to be around.

I didnt ask on purpose.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Lin Yi unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Lets go.

I want to ask you some questions.”

“What questions” Qingyan asked curiously.

“Lets talk inside.”


Lin Yi sat down comfortably on the sofa after entering the house.

“You must be tired after driving all day.”

“A little,” Lin Yi said.

“Im also a Buddhist driver.

If I were a full-time driver, Id be even more tired.”


“Thats for sure.

Its not easy to live like this.”

Ji Qingyan walked to the fridge.

“What do you want to drink, coffee or alcohol”


Lin Yi hesitated for a second.

“Waters fine.”

“Ive already taken out my stockings.”Ji Qingyan said.

“Youre such a bad person.

Theyre all new stockings.

Whats there to be afraid of in the fridge Your suggestiveness is too strong.”

“I didnt mean that.

I just wanted to drink water.”

“Tsk, I think I know what youre thinking” Ji Qingyan said.

“Men like to touch the stockings on womens legs, but they dont like new stockings in the fridge.

Its weird.”

“If you wear them on your legs, I wont be touching stockings, Ill be touching your legs.”

Ji Qingyan brought a glass of water to Lin Yi.

“Thats a load of nonsense.

I just cant beat you.

Tell me, what did you want to ask me”

“Its not a big deal.” Lin Yi said.

“I want to set up a charity foundation for orphans, left-behind children, poor students, and other marginalized groups.

Do you have anyone who knows about this Are there any special requirements in terms of policies and procedures”


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