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Zhang Jingjing didnt say anything in response.

Her mother had a point.

A house in Zhong Hai was so expensive that it could easily cost tens of millions.

With Lin Yis salary, it would be difficult to ever buy a house in Zhong Hai.

Moreover, his shabby Shari was indeed a little cheap.

These were all real problems, and she had to face reality.


Knock, Knock, knock.

Jingjing put down her chopsticks and went to open the door.

“Lin Bro, youre here.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Wheres Your mom Im here to deliver the rent.”

Jinlan followed from behind.

“Its just rent.

You just need to transfer the money.

Theres no need to ask for leave to pass it to me.”

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She didnt think much of Lin Yi in private, but after meeting him, Jinlan found him polite and collected.

“I didnt ask for leave.

The company let me go, so Ill be a free man from now on,” Lin Yi said.

Jinlans heart skipped a beat.

Lin Yi was fired from the company.

If he continued to stay here, how was he going to pay the rent in the future

With a beep, Jinlans WeChat suddenly rang.

She saw that Lin Yi had transferred 4,000 yuan to her.

“The rent is 2,000 yuan.

Why did you transfer 4,000 yuan to me”

“I owe you 18 days worth of rent.

Ill pay for two months in advance.

However, I wont be staying here anymore.” Lin Yi said

“You wont be staying here anymore” Jinlan asked

When Wu Jinlan heard this, not only was she not reluctant to part with him, she was even a little happy.

This way, she would be able to find a richer tenant who would pay the rent on time.

“Yeah, Im not going to be staying here anymore, I just came back to pack my things.

Im leaving now.” Lin Yi said

“Im sorry, I overcharged you by almost a thousand dollars.” Wu Jinlan said

Lin Yi didnt want to hit the smiling face.

After all, he was so generous, and Jinlan was also being a lot more polite right now.

They had known each other for so long, and they still had a little bit of affection toward each other.

“Its fine.

Im sorry for always being late with your rent.” Lin Yi said

“Jingjing, dont be idle.

Help your brother Lin with his work.” Wu Jinlan quickly snapped.

Although she despised Lin Yi for being poor, she still thought highly of his character.


He didnt even live here anymore, yet he gave her an extra thousand dollars.

Thus, she had to do some superficial work and could not be too cold toward him.

“Alright, Ill go change.” Lin Yi said

Lin Yi did not have anything to pack.

The most precious thing was the quilt he had brought out from the orphanage.

It was not anything valuable, but it meant a lot to him.


He could buy a new version of everything else, but he had to take the quilt with him.

Lin Yi carried the two sets of quilt in his arms as Wu Jinlan and Zhang Jingjing helped him bring the other little things downstairs for him.

It was a good thing that the deal didnt work out.

Money aside, Wu Jinlan still had a bit of humanity left in her.

“Lin Yi, you got fired from the company.

What are you planning to do in the future” Jinlan asked as she walked downstairs.

“Im driving for Didi.

That way, I shouldnt starve to death.”

Jinlan and her mother looked at each other, instantly understanding each others thoughts.


Her mothers words made sense.

One had to be realistic in a relationship.

If one didnt have a stable income, how could one live in the future

“Mom, look, theres a supercar parked downstairs!”

Zhang Jingjing yelled when she saw the silver sports car parked downstairs.

Unfortunately, she was car-blind.

She didnt know anything other than Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi.


Still, judging from the shape of the car, she knew that it was a sports car.

It definitely wasnt cheap.

“Thats weird.

Who can afford to drive a sports car here in this old neighborhood” Wu Jinlan muttered.

Obviously, she knew that this car wasnt cheap.

“Lin Yi, Wheres your car I dont see it anywhere.”

Jinlan looked around for a while, but she didnt see Lin Yis shabby Shari.

“Im not driving the Shari anymore.

Ive swapped to this car.”

Lin Yi pressed the car key, and the Paganis gullwing door opened, giving Jinlan and Jingjing a fright.

“W-what did you say This is your car” Jingjing asked, her mouth agape.

“Huh I just changed it today,” Lin Yi said.

“This car isnt cheap, is it”

“Its not bad, it cost more than 20 million.”


Lin Yi put everything in the passenger seat as he spoke, clearly relaxed.

“L-Lin Yi, when did you get so rich Arent you just a salaried worker”

“Working was just to experience life,” Lin Yi joked, “Now, Im going to pretending, Im actually a rich second generation.”


After this, Lin Yi got into the drivers seat and left.

Seeing Lin Yis disappearing taillights, Zhang Jingjing was in a bad mood.

“Mom, isnt Lin Yi an orphan He said his parents died a long time ago.

How did he become a rich second generation”


“Maybe he robbed his parents graves.”


“You said Lin Yi was poor and didnt want us to be together.

Now that hes rich, can we…”

“Dont think about those useless things.” Wu Jinlan replied.


“He wasnt good enough for you in the past, but youre not good enough for him now.

It has nothing to do with you anymore.

Go home and study.”



Half an hour later, Lin Yi drove to the Peninsula Hotel and met Wang Tianlong in the lobby.

“President Lin, the presidential suite has been prepared.”

On the way back, Lin Yi had already told Tianlong about the matter.

He was going to stay in the hotel for a few days, and he would buy a house when he had time.

Lin Yi nodded.

“Help me carry the things in the car and bring some food over.

Ive been working all day, Im starving.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.

Ill make the arrangements right away.”

Tianlong was very efficient, and everything was arranged for in less than half an hour.

After dinner, Lin Yi took a bath and enjoyed the pleasures of being rich.

Ring, Ring, Ring..

The phone on the side rang.

It was Wang Ying, his ex-colleague.

Wang Ying was four years older than Lin Yi.

She was a beautiful young lady.


She took good care of Lin Yi at work, but no one knew if she had other motives.


“Sis Wang, did you want to speak to me” Lin Yi asked politely.

“Yi, your colleagues are reluctant to part with you after you left.

They want to have dinner together as a way to send you off.”

“Thank you, Sis Wang.

You can book the place.

Its my treat.” Lin Yi said generously.

“I said Im sending you off.

How can I let you spend your money” Wang Ying answered, “Ill see you at the usual place at 5:30 pm.”

The so-calledusual place was not the name of the restaurant, but rather, a restaurant called Yi Pin Ju.


It was where all the department dinners were held, and they always referred it asthe usual place.

“Okay, I got it.

Ill definitely be there on time.”

“Okay, thats all for now.

Ill see you there.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi looked at his watch.

He still had two more hours to enjoy himself.


At that moment, a WeChat message popped up on Lin Yis phone.

It was from Ji Qingyan.

“Were almost done.

Can you pick me up Im still staying at the construction bureau.”

“Of course,” Lin Yi replied.

“Ill be there in thirty minutes.”

The system reward was given to him by running orders.

Now that he had a job, he had to accept it.


Time to work!



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