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At first, Zhou Haitao thought that hed made a mistake.

He didnt think that the person in the stands was really Director Lin!

“Director Lin !”

Xia Xinyu, Sun Rui, and Ren Zixuan were all surprised by the way Zhou Haitao addressed Lin Yi.

They thought that they were hearing things.

“Old Lin, why are you here”

Qin Han paused for a moment before walking over to greet Lin Yi with a smile on his face.

“I was just taking my friends for a walk when I ran into you guys.”

Ren Zixuan widened her eyes.

“Young Master Qin, do you guys know each other”

“Of course we know each other.

Im the owner of the Zhong Hai Circuit, how could we not know each other”

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They were dumbfounded!

After learning of Lin Yis identity, Xia Xinyu and the other two were all dumbstruck!

Brother Yi was the owner of the Zhonghai Racetrack!

How much would it cost to buy such a huge racetrack

“Old Qin, that Ren Zixuan Is she a friend of yours” Lin Yi asked faintly.

“Shes not really a friend, shes just a toy.”

In Qin Hans eyes, a person like Ren Zixuan was like a disposable toy.

There was nothing special about her.

“Thats easy to say.

I dont want to see her anymore.

Tell her to get lost.”

“No biggie.”

Qin Han turned around and said to Ren Zixuan, “Lets go.

this is none of your business.”

Ren Zixuan and her team were all stunned.

Things had changed too quickly for them to react.

“Young Master Qin, didnt you say that I would be doing a live broadcast here Ive already agreed with the people in the live broadcast room that I would be doing an exclusive live broadcast here today.

If I cant do it today, my broadcasting career will be over.”

“Then its your own fault.”

Qin Han said, “I understand Old Lins character.

If you didnt act tough in front of him, he wouldnt have bothered with a small figure like you.

If you acted tough before this, now, even if you have tears in your eyes, you have to continue acting tough.

Hurry up and get lost.

Otherwise, Ill call security.”

“Got it, got it.”

Ren Zixuan said nervously.

Qin Han was a temperamental person.

No one could mess with him.

Seeing Ren Zixuan and the others leave, Lin Yi raised his eyes and looked at Zhou Haitao.

“Is this how you do things We agreed to call three people, so well do things according to the rules!”

“Chief Lin, I…”

Zhou Haitao had a bitter look on his face.

He looked like a mute who could not express his bitterness.

If it wasnt for Young Master Qins appearance, he would not have done this!

“Alright, dont say too much.

This is my fault,” Qin Han said.

“Who would have thought that female streamer was a friend”

“Why cant I have streamer friends”

“Thats not what I meant.

Her looks are okay, but her front isnt big, and her butt isnt perky.

She shouldnt be your type.” Qin Han winked and said.

“Do you need me to introduce you to a few foreign horses Itll be much more exciting.”

Xia Xinyu wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

She might be a little young, but she still had some assets.

They did not need to ridicule her like that.

“Im afraid that Ill come back sick.

You should do something that brings glory to the country,” Lin Yi replied.

“You, on the other hand, have to follow the rules in the future.

Youve ruined the good reputation of the racetrack.”

Sun Rui was shocked to see Lin Yi Teaching Qin Han a lesson.

Who was this friend of Xinyus

How dare he teach the famous Young Master Qin a lesson

How f*cking awesome!

“Fine, fine, fine.

Youre the boss here.

Whatever you say,” Qin Han said.

“Its good that youre here today.

Lets run a couple laps.

My hands are itching for it.”

“No matter how many times we race, youll always lose to me.

Theres no need to humiliate yourself.”

“Fuck, you only beat me once, dont be pretentious,” Qin Han laughed.

“I changed my starting habits after the last run, and Ive improved my entry skills by quite a lot.

It wont be that easy for you to beat me again.”

“Come on then, my hands are itchy too.”

He then threw the car keys to Zhou Haitao.

“Get someone to bring my car in.”

Qin Han threw the keys over as well.

“Mine too.”

“Ill get someone to do it right away.”

Sun Rui pulled Xia Xinyu along as Lin Yi and Qin Han warmed up.

“Dont just stand there, turn on the livestream first.

Well both lose out if we miss it.”

Lin Yis Pagani and Qin Hans Lamborghini were soon driven in.

The two of them got into the car one after the other, ready to fight!

“Old Lin, lets bet something, or else itll be boring,” Qin Han said.

“What do you want to bet” Lin Yi asked

“100,000 a second,”Qin Han said.

“A total of five laps.

What do you think Well give the other party a few hundred thousand for the few seconds between us.

What do you think”

“No problem.”

Sun Rui was not in a good mood when he saw the two of them casually making this bet.

He had only ever heard about how extravagant the lives of these rich kids were before this, but hed finally seen it for himself today.

As usual, Zhou Haitao was the starting point.

The countdown ended, and the two sports cars roared like wild beasts as they charged forward!

Under Lin Yis guidance, Qin Hans skills had indeed improved.

However, he was still lacking in front of the experienced driver, Lin Yi.

He had only gone a few dozen meters before the distance between them was pulled apart.

Xia Xinyu and Sun Ruis blood boiled as they watched.

It was too exciting.

In the end, after five laps, Qin Han was left 21 seconds behind.

Lin Yi was on a completely different level.

“How are you feeling” Lin Yi smiled as he got out of the car.

“Youre so f*cking sick.

I trained hard for days, and I still cant outrace you.”

Lin Yis level was already at the top of the professional level.

Meanwhile, Qin Han was only at the top of the amateur level, so he could not compare to Lin Yi.

Qin Han took out a check from his pocket and signed his name.

“I admit defeat.

Heres 2.1 million.”

Lin Yi took the check and handed it to Haitao.

“Theres a scratch on my car.

Get someone to fix it for me.”

“Fuck, whats going on Did someone scratch your car Did you find out who it was” Qin Han asked.

“Its nothing.

Dont make a fuss.”

Lin Yi wasnt going to let song Wenwu pay for the repairs because they could not afford it.

However, he had to teach them a lesson.

Haitao took out his phone and took a picture of the damaged area.

“Lin, Ill contact the factory afterwards and ask them to send an engineer from abroad so that they can fix it perfectly without leaving any marks behind.”

“Alright, do as you see fit.”

Lin Yi said to Xia Xinyu, “You guys stream here.

If theres anything you need help with, look for Zhou Haitao.

Hell do his best to cooperate with you.

Ill be leaving now.”

“Thank you, Bro Yi.”

“Youre welcome.”

Qin Han looked at Lin Yi.

“Youre not going to go to drive for Didi again, are you”

“Smart, you guessed it already.”


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