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Xia Xinyu was at a loss for words and did not know how to explain this.

Although both of them were rich second-generation kids, the rich second-generation were divided into different levels.

Young Master Qin was a top-class playboy in Zhong Hai.

There were very few people who could be compared to him.

Even if Brother Yi drove a car worth more than twenty million yuan, he should not be a match for Young Master Qin.

“Yi Bro, calm down.” Xia Xinyu held Lin Yis hand.

“Its just a small matter.

Theres no need to be angry with them.

Lets go.”

“This has nothing to do with you guys.

I just want to see how great Young Master Qins reputation is.”


Ren Zixuan snorted.

“There really are all kinds of birds in the forest.

Is It Young Master Qin who cant carry a knife, or are you rich kids too arrogant Do you think you can ignore Young Master Qin just because you have a few coins in your pocket”

“Then go ask him.

Is it because hes arrogant or because Im arrogant”

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Lin Yi turned around.

“You two, come with me.”

Xia Xinyu and Sun Rui exchanged glances.

“Xinyu, is your friend really capable of bringing us in”

“I… Im not too sure either, but Brother Yi is indeed not an ordinary person.”

“Then what do we do now Should we go in” Sun Rui did not know what to do.

With Young Master Qin backing Ren Zixuan, he could not afford to provoke her.

If he really went in, he would definitely make Young Master Qin unhappy.

It would be difficult for him to survive in the live broadcast circle in the future if this were to happen.

“Lets go!”

Xia Xinyu took a deep breath.

“Brother Yi has already said this.

Even if there is a mountain of knives and a sea of fire ahead, I will go with him!”

“Are you sure there is no problem”

“I dont know either, but Yi Bro said it, so Ill believe him!”

“Alright, Ill believe him too!”

Seeing the two of them walk in together with Lin Yi, Ren Zixuan gloated,

“Dont say I didnt warn you two.

Itll be embarrassing if you get beaten up later.”

“Xuan Sis, stop talking nonsense with these losers.

Lets go in too.

When they get kicked out, well record the whole process and show it to the netizens in the live broadcast room.

This scene will definitely be popular.”

“Youre right.

Lets go in too.”

After entering the racing track, the two groups separated.

“My God, the racing track is too cool.” After entering, Xia Xinyu couldnt help but be shocked.

“This is one of the best racing tracks in the world.

It at least ranked among the top three.

If theres a chance, I want to come here to watch a race just once, then die without any regrets,”Sun Rui said.

“I think that the popularity of todays live broadcast will definitely explode.

The only regret is that no one is competing here.

Otherwise, the effect would be even better.”

“Its already very good that we managed to get in.

You should be satisfied with that,” Sun Rui said.

“Hurry up and set up the live broadcast equipment.

Hurry up.”

Xia Xinyu was still a little nervous.

“Brother Yi, are you sure theres no problem with this”

“Just keep your heart steady.

Go according to your original plan.

With me here, no one can chase you guys away.”

“Thank you, Yi Bro.”

Lin Yi found a place to sit down in the stands and was about to call Zhou Haitao.

Zhou Haitao could still deal with people like Ren Zixuan.

However, the moment he picked up his phone, he saw people walking toward him from afar.

There were about twenty of them, and many of them were familiar faces.

Besides Ren Zixuan, Qin Han and Zhou Haitao were also among them, whispering to each other.

No one knew what they were talking about.

Seeing Qin Han and Zhou Haitao walking over, Lin Yi put away his phone with a smile.

Since they were already here, he did not need to make any calls.

“Xinyu, look, Young Master Qin and Ren Yuxuan are here!”Sun Rui said nervously.

Xia Xinyu, who was fiddling with the broadcast equipment, looked in the distance.

Indeed, she found a large group of people walking toward her.

“Brother Yi…”

Xia Xinyu rushed to the stands.

“Young Master Qin and Ren Zixuan are here.

What should we do now”

“Just come.

Dont panic.

Just continue with your work.”

“But Young Master Qin seems to have a good relationship with the leaders here.

Will they…”

“Qin Han is useless here.

Dont worry about anything.

Just do your own thing.”Lin Yi said.

“I… I understand…”

Even though he said that, Xia Xinyu was still very nervous.

She did not have the mood to tidy up the equipment anymore.

At the same time, Ren Zixuan, Qin Han, and the others were walking towards Lin Yi.

“Young Master Qin, Manager Zhou, I was supposed to be the exclusive streamer today, but those two people actually barged in.

You guys should take care of them.”

Qin Han raised his head and looked at Xia Xinyu and Sun Rui not far away.

“These two people should be the other two streamers, right” Qin Han asked.

“Yes, thats them.”

“Didnt you tell them that todays event had become an exclusive live broadcast”

“Ive already told them, but Xia Xinyu brought someone who directly brought them in.

Moreover, the man was quite unreasonable and didnt listen to my words at all,” Ren Zixuan said.

“He also said that he wanted to know what kind of reputation you had and what qualifications you had to let me come here alone to live broadcast.”

Qin Han laughed.

“This is interesting.

In the whole of Zhong Hai, its rare to find someone who wont give face me face.”

“Young Master Qin, calm down.

Ill handle this matter.” Zhou Haitao smiled and said.

“It saves you the trouble of wasting your breath.”

“Youre the manager here, so your words are naturally more powerful than mine.

But theres someone who wont give me face, so this matter cant be easily settled.

I have to go myself to see whos so bold.”

“I think so too.

These rich kids these days, I really should show them who is the grandchild and who is the master.

They seem to want to show off with just the few coins in their pockets.”

Qin Han stretched out his big hand and held Ren Zixuans waist as he walked toward Sun Rui and Xia Xinyu.


“You two, who let you in” Qin Han asked in a low voice, “Didnt I tell you that today is the exclusive live broadcast”

Seeing the cold-faced Qin Han, Sun Rui was so scared that he began trembling.

A rich second generation like Qin Han was not someone he could provoke.

Xia Xinyu was also a little scared.

She had long heard of Qin Hans great name, but this was the first time she was facing him directly.

She did not expect this persons aura to be so strong.

It was too scary.

“What are you shouting for I was the one who brought them in.”

Qin Han and the others looked up when they heard someone talking in the stands.

They happened to see Lin Yi.

“Young Master Qin, its him!”

Ren Zixuan pointed at Lin Yi and said, “He was so arrogant just now.

He didnt think about you at all!”


He thought that just because he was pretty, he could start acting all high and mighty.

He didnt even think about his own status,” Ren Zixuans assistant added.

Xia Xinyu and Sun Rui were both terrified.

Brother Yi had met the second-generation rich kid of Zhong Hai.

How was he going to end this

“Chief Lin! Youre here!”


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