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“Thank you, Brother Miao.

Lets add each other on WeChat and keep in touch in the future.”


After adding each other on WeChat, Miao Changyu patted the girls butt again.

“If you have any problems in the Wangjiang Dock area in the future, come to me.

Ill help you settle it.”

“Got it, Brother Miao.”

“They broke something in the dock but you just let her go” Lin Yi asked.

The two people who were about to leave had ugly expressions on their faces when they saw Lin Yi.

“What does that have to do with you” The tall woman said disdainfully as she wrapped herself in her towel.

“Im not talking to you.”

Miao Changyu was the one in charge of this.

“Bro, Im the operating manager of Wangjiang Dock.

Whether they pay or not has nothing to do with you, right”

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“So you still know your responsibilities” Lin Yi said.

“If she doesnt pay, then you should pay for it yourself.”

“F*ck, this is so f*cking interesting.” Miao Changyu cursed.

“This is our internal affair, what does it have to do with you Arent you meddling too much in own business”

Just then, another woman walked over.

It was the person who asked for Lin Yis WeChat.

“Jiajia, whats Wrong”

“I met a psychopath.

I already talked to Brother Miao, but he jumped out and asked me to pay for it.

Do you think hes crazy”

The bikini girls expression immediately turned to disgust.

Because they went out to sea together just now, she was also responsible for this.

“Are you crazy What, do you think you can meddle in other peoples business just because youre handsome”

Lin Yi shrugged and looked at Miao Changyu.

“Im too lazy to argue with them, but if wont cant handle this properly, then you have to think about the consequences.”

“F*ck, I wont make them f*cking pay! What kind of person are you Who do you think you are”

“Then just wait and see.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any more words and walked towards the office building of the Wangjiang Dock.

When Lin Yi arrived at the office building, he found that it was clean and tidy.

Even the tiles under his feet could be used as a mirror.

“Sir, do you have any business here”

“Im Lin Yi.

Im looking for your manager, Bi Songjiang.”

“Lin Yi”

The female receptionist was obviously stunned.

“Are you Boss Lin who just bought our Wangjiang Dock”

“Yes.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Hello, Boss Lin.”

The female receptionist bowed deeply to Lin Yi, feeling a little dizzy.

She thought that the new boss would be a fat middle-aged man, and was even afraid that he would have feelings for her, so she deliberately wore pants today.

If she knew that he was so handsome, she would have worn black silk and a short skirt!

“Lets go.

Take me to Bi Songjiang.”

“Okay, President Lin, please follow me.

Manager Bi is waiting for you in the conference room.”

Under the guidance of the female receptionist, the two of them went to the conference room on the third floor.

The two of them soon arrived at the conference room.

When they saw Lin Yi come in, Bi Songjiang immediately went up to greet him.

“Hello, President Lin.

We have been waiting for you for a long time.”

The system had sent a photo of Lin Yi to BI Songjiang when they purchased the Wangjiang Dock, so he recognized him at a glance.

“I was delayed by something.”

“Its okay, its okay,” Bi Songjiang said.

“We just rushed over.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Then lets cut the small talk and get down to business.”

“Okay, okay, okay, President Lin, this way please.”

Bi Songjiang ushered Lin Yi to the main seat.

Lin Yis gaze swept over the executives one by one as he said lightly.

“I dont think everyone is here yet.”

Lin Yi didnt know how many managers there were, but he did not see the person who had quarreled with him earlier.

“Boss Lin, please wait a moment.

We are only short of the operations manager.

There are too many people present today, and hes busy with work, so hes a little late.”

Lin Yi leaned against the back of the chair and held his head with one hand.

“Theres no rush.

We will have a meeting when everyone is here.”

“Ill ask someone to hurry him up again.”

After that, Bi Songjiang looked at the female secretary beside him.

“Little Liu, go and hurry him again.

Ask Manager Miao to come over quickly.”

“Got it.”

Upon seeing that Lin Yis expression was not very pleasant, everyone in the meeting room was silent.

This was the typical example of a newly appointed official burning the candle at both ends!

Within a few minutes, they heard footsteps and faint sounds of conversation coming from outside.

“Manager Miao, why are you so late Director Lin is already here.

Youre the only one left,” the female secretary said.

“Dont mention it.

I met a retard on the way and wasted a lot of time.

Otherwise, I would have come earlier.”

“Lets go over quickly.”


The conference room door was pushed open and Miao Changyu and the female secretary entered one after another.

“Manager Miao, youre so ostentatious!”

Miao Changyu looked up and instantly felt his legs go weak.

“You… youre director Lin!”

“Why, do you recognize me now”

Miao Changyus face was ashen, as if he had lost his bones.

If he had not been holding on to the wall, he would not have been able to stand properly.

“Director Lin, Im willing to pay a fine for what I did just now.

Please give me another chance!”

“Ive given you a chance, but you dont cherish it.

You cant blame anyone else.

Leave your work permit and leave.”

“Director Lin, please, if I lose my job…”

“I dont want to hear any other explanations,” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

“Manager Bi, tell security to kick him out.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.”

None of the executives present understood what was going on.

However, Boss Lin had fired Miao Changyu as soon as he took over the position, and he extend him any leeway.

This was not a good sign.

Miao Changyu was kicked out, and the meeting room quieted down.

The executives were all nervously waiting for Lin Yis next instructions.

“I just checked around the dock and found that some of the equipment is old.

Im going to modify the dock soon, and I hope you can come up with a plan as soon as possible in the near future.”

“Lin, among all the docks in Huaxia, our Wangjiang Dock is ranked second.

All the equipment is pretty good.

Theres no need to upgrade it.”

Bi Songjiang was very honest.

He meant that they had enough equipment and there was no need to spend any money right now.

“I understand what you mean, but you just said that our Wangjiang Dock is ranked second in Huaxia.”

Lin Yi paused.

“Are you willing to submit to others”

The executives were all excited at this.

Bi Songjiang replied.

“President Lin, are you going to turn Wangjiang Pier into the largest pier in Huaxia”

Lin Yi shook his head.


“Then what do you mean”

The executives were all confused.

What did President Lin Mean

They couldnt figure out his intention at all!

“I want to turn Wangjiang Pier into the largest yacht pier in the world, and it has to be of a unique grade, so that others wont even have the chance to catch up!”


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