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The shop became extremely quiet when everyone saw the shining card.

They all knew that the minimum net spend to become a diamond member in Times Square was at least 10 million!

It was said that there were only a few diamond members in the whole of Zhong Hai.

Who would have thought that they would run into one today!

“Lets take the dress,” Lin Yi said.

“Such good-looking clothes have to be worn by good-looking people.

Some people are too unattractive, and they give off the aura of a city-countryside mongrel.

It would be a waste of money for them to take these clothes.”

Ji Qingyan was a little embarrassed since there were so many people here at this moment.

The salesgirl looked at the middle-aged man.

“Sir, Im really sorry.

This gentleman has a diamond membership, so I cant sell this evening dress to you guys.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we wont buy it.”

The two of them were extremely embarrassed.

They thought that they would be able to do whatever they wanted here with a gold membership, but they didnt expect to meet a tough guy.

It was a slap to their face!

Soon, the salesgirl packed up Ji Qingyans evening dress.

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Because he was a diamond member, he even ended up getting a 30% discount.

It was a good deal.

“Lin Yi, its all thanks to you today,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Its nothing.

I didnt want to take it out at first, but he was a little too cocky.”


Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi with a smile and whispered, “Since you stood up for me, Ill fulfill my promise tonight and let you feast your eyes.”


“Then Ill have to trouble you to fulfill your promise.”

After buying the dress, the two of them went to a suit store.

While there, Ji Qingyan said,

“Lets go check out a suit.

Ill be paying today.”

“Youre buying clothes for me and also want to give me a visual feast later.

Im a little embarrassed.”

“Tsk, lets go check out the clothes first.” Ji Qingyan said, “Dont forget, you still have a mission at hand.

You have to act well in the play tomorrow.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

After a while, the two went to a niche mens clothing store called W& AMP;Y.

Not only did Ji Qingyan choose a suit for Lin Yi there, she also bought a pair of leather shoes, a shirt, and a tie.


When Lin Yi came out of the fitting room, Ji Qingyans eyes lit up, and she was stunned!

How did this guy grow up so much

He looked like a completely different person in a suit.

The female staff at the side was even more dazzled as she almost jumped onto Lin Yi.

“Hes practically a walking mannequin!”

“He can even make a debut like this!”

“Hes so handsome, the heavens wont tolerate him!”

Lin Yi looked at himself in the mirror.

From what he remembered, this was his first time wearing a suit and it felt pretty good.

However, at that moment, Lin Yi saw Ji Qingyan squatting by his feet, helping him tidy up his pants.

This scene made Lin Yi feel quite strange.

“How do you feel”

After tidying up her pants, Ji Qingyan asked, “I think its pretty good.”

“Since you said its pretty, then I cant go wrong with it.

Lets take it.”


Ji Qingyan handed her bank card over.

“Use my card.”

Lin Yi changed his clothes and carried his bags to the food court in Times Square.

He ate something and then prepared to go home.

In the parking lot, they found a large group of people taking photos of his car.

“This car is too cool.

There are probably only a few in all of Huaxia.”

“And its a local car from Zhong Hai.

Only Young Master Qin and Young Master Wang have the ability to buy it.”

“Hehe, stop taking photos.

I know the owner of this Pagani,” a man wearing shorts and a tattoo on his arm said.

His words immediately attracted the envious gazes of many young women.

Since he knew the person driving the Pagani, he had to be someone special too.

“Handsome, can we chat on WeChat” A long-haired girl said.

“No problem.”

At the same time, a few bold girls came up to ask for his WeChat.

The tattooed man didnt reject anyone.

He added all of them as his heart bloomed with joy.

This was so f*cking exciting.

He bragged about this, and so many girls wanted to add him on WeChat.

He had to eat more kidneys for the next month to make up for this scam.

“Cough cough cough.

Bro, I dont think I know you.”

The tattooed man looked at Lin Yi and asked, “Who are you Do I know you”

“Didnt you say you know the owner This Pagani is mine.”

The tattooed man was stunned.

“You… You are the owner”

Lin Yi pressed the key in his pocket, and the xenon headlights of the Pagani lit up.

The gull wing door opened, and the crowd cried out in surprise.

It really was the owner of the car!


A second later, the long-haired girl slapped the tattooed man in the face.


Slap! Slap! Slap!

Another series of slaps rang out.

The girls who had added the tattooed mans WeChat all slapped him across the face, making his face look like a pigs head.


“Serves you right!”

Ji Qingyan said quietly after getting into the car.

Lin Yi smiled.

They were all women, and Ji Qingyan hated scumbags to the core.

This time, Ji Qingyan did not place the order because she did not know where to set the destination to.

If she set the destination for her own home, the swimsuit she just bought would be useless.

If she set the destination for Lin Yis Jiuzhou Pavilion, it would make it seem like she really wanted to go.

Therefore, Ji Qingyan simply held her phone and decided not to place the order.

Lin Yi could just take her anywhere he wanted.

Lin Yi did not think too much about it either as he dragged Ji Qingyan back to the Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Inside the pavilion, all the lights were lit up, as if it was daytime.

Lin Yi changed into his swimming trunks when they reached the edge of the pool.

He was going to go swimming for a while.

However, Lin Yis swimming skills werent very good.

He learned it in physical education classes during his university days, and he only knew how to do the basics.

Seeing Lin Yi beside her, Ji Qingyan couldnt help but look at him.

This guys figure was too good, right

Abdominal muscles, mermaid lines, why were they all on his body

“If you want to look, you might as well do it openly.

Why are you sneaking around like that” Lin Yi said.

“I think youre the one enjoying the feast today, not me.”

“Whos looking at you” Ji Qingyan turned her head and snapped.

“Ill go down first.

Help yourself.”

As he said that, Lin Yi suddenly plunged down, splashing water all over Ji Qingyans body.

“Lin Yi, I think you did it on purpose.” Ji Qingyan stomped her feet angrily.

“How did I do it on purpose” Lin Yi was confused.

“You splashed water all over me.

Stop acting!”

“Didnt you already buy a swimsuit You can just change into it.

The clothes will be dry tomorrow and you can still wear it.”

Ji Qingyan did not say anything because this small incident gave her a way out.

Although she had promised Lin Yi that she would keep her promise, it was still a little embarrassing for her to change into a swimsuit right now.

Now that her clothes were wet, she had no choice but to change.

With that, Ji Qingyan carried her clothes back to Villa Number One.

During this time, Lin Yi was at the edge of the pool.

He took his phone and told the people at the property to send over fruits and other snacks to eat later.

When she changed into his swimsuit and walked out, Lin Yi could not take his eyes off her.

“Damn it, Im going to get a nosebleed!”



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