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“W-what did you say!”

Lin Hexiang almost jumped up in fright.

He couldnt imagine how much power Lin Yi had here.

“Thats impossible.

Youre just a white-collar worker, and you came to Metropolis in my sisters car.

How could you know so many people!” Liu Changning said.

Lin Yi rubbed his nose and smiled.

“I dont really know these people, but they all know me.”

“They… They all know you”

Everyone present, apart from Wang Ying, couldnt understand why Lin Yi was so powerful.

This was too impressive.

“Lulu, is uncle really a white-collar worker” Du Yuxuan asked in a low voice.

“Thats not possible.”

“I… I dont know either.”

“Alright, stop prying.

Your Uncles identity isnt as simple as you think,” Wang Ying said.

“A secret identity!”

The girls eyes were full of stars.

In her eyes, Lin Yi was the classic male lead in the novel.

He was an ordinary clerk in the day, not revealing himself, but at night, he would become another person, a person who could shake the whole world.

Furthermore, he was handsome.

He was too awesome.

“Liu Changning, you seem to have made a mistake.

The one who is really awesome isnt your cousin, its this Uncle,” Du Yuxuan said.


Liu Changning smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Sister, if my future brother-in-law has such a powerful identity, why didnt you tell me” Wang Lu said, “Does the Lykan near your house also belong to my future brother-in-law You have to tell me the truth.”

Her sister lived in a middle-class residential area.

There shouldnt be such an expensive luxury car parked there.

Therefore, her sister was probably lying to her.

“Stop fooling around.

That car is worth more than 60 million yuan.

Who can afford it” Liu Changning said sourly.

“It is indeed his.”Wang Ying said, “I was afraid that you would start acting vain, so I initially didnt tell you.”

Liu Changning and the other boys were dumbfounded.

It really was his

This was too heroic!

“Why arent you dancing even though it is the middle of the night What are you all gathered here for”

Everyone turned around when they heard someone talking.

“Young Master Qin is here!”

The people around Lin Yi made way for him when they saw that it was Qin Han.

“Hello, Young Master Qin.”

Lin Hexiang bowed and greeted Qin Han when he saw him enter.

“Let me introduce him to everyone.

This is the famous Emperor of Zhonghai, Qin Han.

I dont think youve seen him in person, but you should have heard of him online.”

Wang Lu, Du Yuxuan, and the other girls looked at him with shining eyes when they learned that this was Qin Han.

Qin Han was a super popular person on the internet.

They must have been living under a rock if they didnt know about him.

“Sister Ying, youre here too.”

Seeing Wang Ying, Lina walked over enthusiastically and held her arm, like a close sister.

Wang Ying still had some impression of Lina.

Previously, she was blackmailed by the BMW driver, and it was Lina who stood up to help her.

“Look, what did I say It was a good idea to come to a nightclub like this to have fun with Old Lin,” Qin Han laughed.

“Lin Bro is awesome.

The girls around you are much better than the ones we found,” Gao Zongyuan said.

“Not only are they better, theyre also younger,” Liang Jinming said.

“Lin Bro is the best.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.” Lin Yi pointed at Wang Lu.

“This is your Sister Yings sister.

The rest are her classmates, theyre not just random people.”

“So were all on the same side.

Thats even better.” Qin Han smiled.

“Lets have fun today.

Tonights drinks are all on Master Lin!”

“Oh yeah!”


Lin is awesome!”


Lin, I love you!”

“F*ck, youre prostituting me again,” Lin Yi scolded with a smile.

“Its mainly because you have too much money.

Ill help you spend it.

If you dont need it, you dont need it.

Why else are you going to do with so much money”

“Alright, you have a point.”

It was just a bill, and it didnt cost much.

Lin Yi really didnt care about such a small amount of money.

Meanwhile, Wang Lu and the other girls looked at Lin Yi with admiration.

This was the real life of the upper class.

They didnt know if they would be able to step into this circle in the future.


Just as everyone was cheering, the entrance toMetropolis was kicked open.

The people inside were shocked.

They turned around and saw dozens of people rushing in from outside.

They were all fierce-looking.

They didnt look like they were here to dance, but to fight.

“Get the f*ck out of my way!”The leader of the group, a short-haired man, shouted loudly with a baseball bat in his hand.

“Call Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang out!”

Lin Yi turned around and frowned.

He didnt know the others, but he remembered one of them clearly.

He had seen him on the day he had met Li Qingfeng.

On that day, Cao Jingqiu said that the guy wouldnt change his nature and wanted to get back at him.

Lin Yi didnt expect him to be here so soon.

“Whats this guy doing here”

Qin Han had a cigarette in his mouth, a serious look in his eyes.

“You know these people” Lin Yi asked.

“Standing at the door, that middle-aged man with the cigarette in his mouth.

You see him”


“His name is Zhang Ao.

He is one of Wang Mazis two subordinates,” Qin Han said.

“Dont judge him by his looks.

He looks like a girl, but he can really fight.

I heard that he is facing a manslaughter charge, but I dont know if its true or not.”

“How does he compare to Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang” Lin Yi asked.

“Hes a level higher than them,”Qin Han said.

“Although Baldy Qiang and Yao Donglai are not small figures in Zhonghai, there are still a fair few people in Zhonghai who are about the same level as them.”

“On the other hand, Wang Mazi and Zhang Ao are already established figures.

You should understand what I mean by this, right”

“I understand now that you put it that way,” Lin Yi said.

“In other words, people like Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang cannot compare.”

Lin Yi could see some clues from Qin Hans attitude.

When he had previously met Liu Qiang before this, he was spouting all kinds of vulgarity.

Now, as he was faced with Zhang Ao, even though he was still cursing, he was being much more controlled.

This was enough to show that these guys status in Zhonghai was much higher than Yao Donglai and Liu Qiangs.

That last sentence was enough to explain the problem.

“Looks like its not going to be a peaceful night.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Isnt that good Theres a show for us to watch.”

Liang Jinming and Gao Yuanzong leaned back in their seats and said with a smile, “I didnt expect to be able to catch a special show.

This is so exciting.”

“So, it turns out you three came here today to watch me in a show,” Lin Yi said with a smile.


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