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“What kind of description is that” Ji Qingyan complained.

“Be it functional departments or the bosses of listed companies, look at whos holed up in the office every day.

Theyre all the best in the world.

The ones who actually manage the day-to-day processes are the second-in-command of the companies.

With your current status, it would be a bit abnormal if you stayed in the office every day.”

“Youre right.

The clubs growth is also supported by these people.”

“The meaning changes when you phrase it that way.”

Lin Yi smiled and didnt say anything else.

The two laid on the chairs and looked out at the night sky before going back to rest.

The next morning, JI Qingyan woke up and made breakfast again.

Apart from the traditional three dishes, there was also a fruit salad.

After sending Ji Qingyan to the office, Lin Yi prepared to start working.

“Little Yi.”

Before he left, he heard someone calling his name and turned around to find that it was Wang Ying.

Wang Ying was wearing a beige dress and a pair of LV sandals.

She looked taller than before.

“Youre dressed so beautifully.

Youre not dating anyone, are you”

“Dont tell me you like your sister dating other men” Wang Ying said.

“I dont have a problem with that, but it depends on whether you dare to or not.” Lin Yi said

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“I wouldnt dare if you say that.”Wang Ying said with a smile.

“But today, I really have to meet a man.”


“Do you remember Qingfeng Project”

“Qingfeng Project” Lin Yi muttered, “Yes, I think I owe the company more than 10 million yuan.

That old witch Yu Lili made things difficult for the two of us.

She asked us to go over and check the accounts.

In the end, she didnt get the money back and even got kicked out.”

Lin Yi was only a small employee of the Chaoyang Group at that time.

Even if he and Wang Ying worked together, they wouldnt be able to handle something like that.

However, things were different now.

He didnt care about the small-time Qingfeng Project anymore.

“Yeah, that Qingfeng Project.

We havent received the money yet.

The vice president told me about it during the meeting.

He said that the company wants to get the money back, and needs me to think of a way to solve this problem.”

“No way.

Its been so long, and you still havent received the money” Lin Yi said.

“The real estate industry pays a lot of attention to reputation.

With this kind of behavior, theyre probably going to go bankrupt soon.

We really need to get the money back quickly.”

“Youre wrong about that.” Wang Ying said.

“Qingfeng Projectowes a lot of money to other companies besides our group, but their reputation hasnt been affected.

Theyre still alive and kicking, and their hands are soft from receiving the project.”

“So they found someone to clear their name”

“I heard that they found a very good PR company to clear their name.

If one doesnt dig deeper into it, their reputation on the surface looks even better than Chaoyang Groups.”

“Thats interesting,” Lin Yi said.

“I have nothing to do, so Ill go with you.”

“Thats what I was hoping to hear.” Wang Ying smiled.

“CEO Ji uses you up at night, so Ill need you during the day.”

“That sounds a little weird.”

“As long as you can understand what I mean.” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“Drive my car.

The materials are all in my car.”

“Thats fine too.”

The two got into Wang Yings car, but Lin Yi didnt drive.

He wanted her to practice more.

“Are you sure you want me to drive”

“Practice makes perfect.

I drive every day.

Itll be good for you to practice more.”

“Thats a pity.” Wang Ying said, “I wanted to serve you when you drove, but I wont get the chance.”

“If thats the case, I can drive.”

“Alright, set aside your bad intentions.

There are so many people on the road.

Dont you think its embarrassing”

“If youre not afraid, then what am I afraid of”

“How can it be the same Im a divorced woman.

Im not afraid of gossip, but the same cannot be said for you.

Reputation is very important to men.”

“Its distressing for a young married woman to think in this way.”

“Its good that you know that, since otherwise, I wouldnt be able to compete with Sister Ji at all.”

As she spoke, Wang Ying started the car and drove towards Qingfeng Engineering Company.

On the way, Lin Yi called Yao Donglai.

This kind of matter couldnt be handled with reason, and people like them had to be called in to help settle the issue.

Half an hour later, Lin Yi reached Qingfeng Project.

They were much smaller than Chaoyang Group because their projects were mostly based on connections.

Therefore, they didnt care too much about the overall design and image of the company.

After waiting for a few minutes, Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang drove two Wuling Hongguang cars and stopped at the door.


Lin, what can I do for you” Yao Donglai asked with a smile.

Right now, he and Liu Qiang couldnt wait to work for people like Lin Yi and Qin Han.

They would definitely benefit in the future by doing os.

“Were going in to collect a debt.

You guys wait here and listen to my orders.”

“Got it, Mr.


Lin Yi and Wang Ying walked in after giving a few instructions.

The receptionist looked at the two of them carefully.

They looked familiar, but she couldnt remember where she had seen them before.

“May I know who you are looking for Do you have an appointment” The receptionist in black high heels asked.

“Im Wang Ying, the sales manager of Chaoyang Group.

This is my colleague Lin Yi.

Four months ago, you were given an invoice of 11.2 million yuan for the project.

I want to talk to your DirectorLi about this.”

The female receptionist suddenly remembered that these two people had been here before, and that they had been here to collect the debt.

However, at that time, Director Li didnt pay them any attention at all, and ordered his men to kick them out.

“Im really sorry.

Our Director Li is currently receiving guests, and he doesnt have time to receive you.

You guys can go back and wait for an update.”

“Ive talked to him many times over the phone, but your Director Li has been stonewalling me.

Now that Im here, do you still want to try to hide Do you really think our Chaoyang Group is filled with vegetarians”

“Manager Wang, please calm down.

Our Director Li is meeting an important guest right now, and he really doesnt have time for you guys.

Please forgive him.”

“I dont want to…”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense,” Lin Yi said.

“Its a waste of time to talk.

Just walk up to him.”

“Sir, if you try to break into our Director Lis office, Ill have to call someone.”

Lin Yi looked up at the receptionist.

“Go ahead then.

Call them.”

“Bro Bing, someones here to cause trouble.

Come handle it.”

A shirtless man walked out from the other room under the receptionists greeting.

“F*ck, who the f*ck is tired of living and dares to cause trouble at our Qingfeng Project!”

“Its me!”

Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang walked in.

“Do you have a problem with that”

Two people were sitting on the sofa in the office on the third floor.

One of them was a middle-aged man with a big belly.

He wore a white shirt and tie.

He looked like a typical middle-aged boss.

However, the woman sitting next to him was unexpectedly beautiful.

She wore a black skirt wrapped around her buttocks, a Chanel chiffon gown, and a pair of black high heels.

Her face still had the clear and fierce look of a female elite in the workplace.

The mans name was Li Qingfeng.

He was the CEO of Qingfeng Project.

The womans name was Cao Jingqiu.

She was the boss of Fenglan Culture and also the founder of Cisco, Cao Jiadongs, second daughter.

“Director Cao, this is the final payment of 600,000 yuan.

Please keep it well.”

Cao Jingqiu did not hesitate and casually put the cheque into her checkbook folder.

“I hope that Director Li can be as proactive as today in the future.

Itll save me the trouble of coming here personally.

After all, the weather is quite hot.”


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