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Lin, if you say that, then I have to say a few words about you.”

Liu Yida rested his hands on the table, looking as if he was giving advice.

“If Qingyan said this, I wouldnt say anything.

After all, shes a woman.

Its fine if she doesnt have much ambition, but youre a man after all.

Isnt it ungentlemanly of you to say such unambitious words”

“I just have a minimalist mindset.

How is it ungentlemanly of me to lack ambition”

“In my opinion, men should aim to conquer the world.

Take my company for example.

It only took me two years to achieve a valuation of 800 million.

In the next ten years, I am also confident that my company will hold a significant position in the domestic internet industry.

But you are so unambitious.

A minimalist mindset will be eliminated sooner or later,” Liu Yida said.

“Now youre also looking to make Qingyan your girlfriend.

Youre planning to use her as an insurance card, arent you You plan to keep her as a bargaining chip when you go bankrupt in the future, right”

“Thats a bit too much,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“My company may not be big, but its not so small that I cant afford to support myself.”

“But your ambition is lacking.

Based on my understanding of the Internet industry, this is a step back.”

The more Liu Yida spoke, the more pleased he became.

He even lit a cigarette midway through the conversation.

“I know that you might be too embarrassed to accept my investment, but we are all businessmen.

Theres no need to turn down money.

Just like me, after learning that Yuanyuan is the CFO of Lingyun Group, didnt I also take the initiative to look for her to seek investment”

“Brother Liu, I was just about to ask, what is the background of this Lingyun Group How did it catch your attention I looked it up on the internet.

It seems to be an investment company with a bit of backing.

There is nothing outstanding about it.”

Zhang Shumin had the same question.

“I have heard about this company recently, but I havent found anything worth paying attention to.”

“Teacher Zhang, you dont know what you are talking about.

Lingyun Group is just the tip of the iceberg,” Liu Yida said in high spirits.

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“Although Im not sure about the details, I can tell you one thing.”

“The Lingyun Building that the Lingyun Group is using was not rented by them at a high price.

Rather, they bought the entire building.”

“Bought the entire building”

Everyone present, except for Ji Qingyan, was very surprised.

They did not expect the Lingyun Group to have such a large-scale operation.

“Indeed, the two buildings are the property of the Lingyun Group.

The Lingyun Building used to be called the Twin Towers, and it served as the new landmark of Zhonghai City.

I heard that their behind-the-scenes boss spent 18 billion yuan to buy the two buildings.

Such courage and boldness is not something that ordinary people possess.”

Zhang Shumin nodded.

“To have such boldness and means, the boss behind the Lingyun group is indeed not someone simple,” Zhang Shumin praised.

“Thats what I thought too.

Thats why I want to hear Yuanyuans thoughts on this subject.

After the investment goes through, I want to invite their behind-the-scenes boss for a meal so that we can build a closer relationship.”

“It would indeed be good if you could set up this appointment,” Zhang Shumin said with a smile.

“Now that you have such a good opportunity, you have to work hard.

Dont waste it.”

“Got it, Teacher Zhang.”

“Brother Liu, according to what you said, I have to contact Yuanyuan in the future.

When our company needs investment, she can also take care of me.”

“Thats for sure.

We are all Teacher Zhangs students.

How can we not help our family” Liu Yida said with a smile.

“But now, Lingyun Groups capital is growing at a rapid rate, and Yuanyuan is holding an important position.

I reckon that there will be countless people who want to see her in the future, so you have to hurry up.”

“Thats right,” Wang Zhihui said.

“She was always the most excited when she came to see Teacher Zhang, but now even as were almost done eating, she hasnt shown up yet.

It shows how busy she is at work.”

“Yuanyuan is different now.

We have to get on good terms with her in the future.

Itll just be a matter of how many investments she wants to make in the future.”

“Shes just a CFO.

Why are you guys making her sound like the boss behind the scenes” Lin Yi said.

“Thats something you dont know.

I can tell you something about this.” Liu Yida said.

“The boss behind Lingyun Group has a lot of businesses.

Lingyun Group is only a portion of it, so he handed all the power in his hands to Yuanyuan.

She can handle investments of less than 100 million yuan without even needing to report to her superiors.” Liu Yida said.

“Moreover, when it comes to my junior sister, her looks and figure are very outstanding, so Im afraid her relationship with the boss might be even closer.

I dont need to tell you the rest.”


Lin Yi almost spat out the drink he drank.

He wanted to give Liu Yida a kick.

What the f*ck are you saying

Ji Qingyan held her head with one hand and looked at Lin Yi with a half-smile on her face.

“I really dont like that skinny body of hers.

You have to have confidence in yourself,” Lin Yi whispered into her ear.

“Tsk, Im too lazy to talk to you.”

Ji Qingyan wouldnt take anything that Liu Yida said to heart.

Lin Yi and Yuanyuan were like birds of a feather.

The two of them could become close friends and talk about everything.

However, it was impossible for them to develop that kind of relationship.

The pairing was not right at all.

Dong dong dong…

Just as they were talking, there was a knock on the door.

Lu Tian got up and said, “I think Yuanyuans here.

Ill go open the door for her.”

As expected, the person standing outside the door was indeed Yuanyuan.

She was also holding a gift box in her hand, ready to give it to Zhang Shumin.

“Teacher Zhang, Im really sorry.

There were too many things to do in the company, and thats why Im late,” He Yuanyuan apologized.

“What do you mean by late Im very happy that you could even come.

Next time you come, dont buy anything, or else I wont let you in.”

“This is just a little token of my appreciation.

I dont mean anything by it.

If it werent for Teacher Zhangs training, I wouldnt have achieved the results I have today.

You should at least give me a chance to acknowledge you, right”

“You darn girl,you are still as eloquent as when you were in school.”

He Yuanyuan chuckled, changed into her slippers, and entered the house.

“Yuanyuan, come and sit beside me.” Liu Yida put out the cigarette butt and said enthusiastically,

“You are a busy person now.

It isnt easy to meet you.”

“Brother Liu, you are too polite.

Im not as amazing as you say,” He Yuanyuan replied very formally.

“Alright, stop standing at the door.

Ill get you a pair of bowls and chopsticks.

Come over and eat first.”

He Yuanyuan nodded, put down her things, and walked into the house.

She really wanted to sit beside Ji Qingyan, but she was invited to set with Liu Yida, so she had to give the latter face.

However, at that moment, He Yuanyuan stopped in her tracks.

She was surprised to see Lin Yi sitting beside her senior.

“Boss, what are you doing here”


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