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“Then should I have still come You didnt say you wanted anything else.”

“Uh… thats true.”

Ji Qingyan returned to normal.

“Quickly change your shoes and come in for breakfast.

It will get cold soon.”

Ji Qingyans breakfast was a combination of Huaxian and Western food.

It was not difficult to prepare, but the taste was not bad and the food was still very edible.

After the meal, Ji Qingyan went upstairs to change.

At the same time, she was filled with anticipation.

“A man like Lin Yi would never bring the flowers by himself.

Maybe he put them in the car.

That must be it.”

“Why are you all dressed up today”

Ji Qingyans style didnt change much, but her makeup was a little thicker today.

It wasnt as simple and elegant as usual.

“My doctoral classmate is back.

He is coming to the company today, so I have to dress up a little.”

Lin Yi could guess what Ji Qingyan was thinking.

“Youre trying to outshine others, arent you”

“Ah, dont be so direct.

Its a form of respect.

You wouldnt understand.”

“You beat them in terms of both looks and figure, and you still try to call it respect.

You capitalists are so full of benevolence and morality.”

“Arent you the same Yuanyuan and the others work overtime every day, and you call it a blessing.”


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“Alright, lets not discuss this anymore.

Send me to work,” Ji Qingyan said with anticipation.

However, she had already decided in her heart that when she saw the big bouquet of red roses, she couldnt get excited!

She had to be calm!

She had previously told Lin Yi that there were people sending flowers to her every day.

This small scene was nothing to her at all.

It was settled then!

Although that was what she thought to herself, she couldnt help but feel a little excited.

She even placed an order in advance, which was enough to show how happy she was.

She opened the door and got into the car, only to find that the car was empty.

There was nothing inside.

Her high mood instantly fell.

Even after she sat down, she looked around a few times.


Did he really not prepare anything

Her hope was matched only by her dissapointment.

As expected, Lin Yi had ignored her.

“Forget it, forget it.

Hes just like that.

Its not a big deal if he didnt prepare it,” Ji Qingyan comforted him in her heart.

Thirty minutes later, Lin Yi drove to Chaoyang Group.

“Im not going into the underground parking lot today.

Just stop at the gate.

My classmate is already there.

Shes waiting for me there.”


Lin Yi drove the car to the entrance and saw a girl in a long dress standing there.

Her hair was combed into a bun, and her looks and figure were only slightly worse than Ji Qingyans.

On the way, Ji Qingyan had talked a bit about her doctoral classmate, Lu Tian.

The two were very close, and He Yuanyuan knew her very well.

“Tiantian, you must been kept waiting.

There was a traffic jam,” Ji Qingyan said apologetically.

“I dont believe you.”Lu Tian said with a smile.

“You must have spent all your time on makeup.

You were like this when you were in school.

Whenever something happened, you put on the most makeup.”

“Oh, no, there was really a traffic jam,” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

Lin Yi was still here.

How could she reveal her background like that

“Alright, alright, Ill stop.” Lu Tian said with a smile.

“Your boyfriend is not bad.

Not only does he drive a Lykan, hes also very handsome.”

After that, Lu Tian reached out her hand.

“Hello, Im Lu Tian.

Qingyan has often told me about you.”

Lin Yi also reached out his hand.

“Lin Yi, she has also told me a lot about you.”

Ji Qingyan smiled embarrassedly.

“Alright, lets go in.

He still has work to do.

Lets not disturb him.”

“Alright, lets go.”

Ji Qingyan turned to look at Lin Yi.

“Well go in first.

Drive slowly and be careful.”

“Got it.”

Lin Yi drove away after seeing the two enter the office building.

Thinking back to the scene just now, Lin Yi realized that Ji Qingyan was no different from other young girls.

Tsundere disease, a girlish heart, love of beauty, and a little bit of vanity.

However, her vanity did not come from what kind of car she drove, but whether there were roses in the car.

When the two of them entered the office building, Lu Tian smiled at Ji Qingyan and said, “To be able to win the heart of the campus belle of Yan University, he must be quite extraordinary.

He was indeed very handsome.”

“Aiya, what are you talking about Good looks dont mean everything.”

“Im just curious how he managed to win you over.” Lu Tian teased, “He must have used a lot of sugar-coated bullets like roses and diamond rings.”

“No, he didnt.

He didnt waste any time on those at all.

Hes a straightforward guy.”

Ji Qingyan felt regretful.

If only Lin Yi had prepared a bouquet of roses for her in the car.

Now she could wish that Lin Yi was a romantic person.

However, this was not the case, so she could only cast aside such thoughts and hide her embarrassment.

“No way.

I thought you hated straightforward guys the most.” Lu Tian said.

“I used to watch Korean dramas when we were in school.

I couldnt control myself when I saw the male lead giving the female lead roses.

What happened now Did you compromise due to his looks”

“No way.

I still think about it.

I havent agreed to this arrangement yet,” Ji Qingyan said desperately.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.

In fact, I thinking about it in the same car earlier.”

“Aiya, lets not talk about this for now.

Lets just head back to my office to chat.”

After getting off the elevator, Ji Qingyan took out her keys and opened the office door.

The fragrance of the flowers instantly spread from the office.

The huge office was like a sea of roses.

Other than the office desk, there was no place to rest.

Ji Qingyan stood rooted to the ground, her heart beating fast.

The keys in her hand fell to the ground.

It was obvious that Lin Yi must have prepared it.

She wanted a bouquet of roses, but he… he got so many of them

Did he spend the whole night preparing them!

“Qingyan, I think youre just trying to be nice.

He prepared so many roses, yet you still call him straightforward Thats too much,” Lu Tian said sourly.

“This guy, whats the point of preparing so many Its such a waste,” Ji Qingyan said, pretending to be disgusted.

“Actually, I dont like these things.”


I hate people like you who say they dont want it, while your bodies are unable to hide the truth.” Lu Tian said.

“Im guessing you do the same when youre in bed.

You hug them tightly while loudly saying no.”

Ji Qingyans face instantly turned red.

“No, I dont.

Dont talk nonsense.”

Looking at the sea of roses in the office, Ji Qingyan still found it hard to calm her emotions.

She had only wanted a small bouquet of roses to satisfy her vanity in front of her good friend, but he had given her such a big surprise.

It was the same when they rode the Ferris wheel.

He had never let her down.

Such a man was worth trusting.


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