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“Uhm… .


“I think its a pretty nice night, so I thought Id go out for a walk.” Lin Yi said.

“Youre up to something, arent you” Ji Qingyan said suspiciously.

“I cant help it, her charm was too strong.

That French girl asked me out to admire the moon together, and I couldnt refuse her, so I could only reluctantly agree.” Lin Yi sighed.

“It was too hard for me.”

“Dont you dare!”

Ji Qingyan pinched her waist.

“Im telling you, dont go anywhere today.

Just stay in your room!”

Ji Qingyans chest heaved up and down in anger.

It had only been a short while, yet she was already trying to hook up with him!

This was outrageous!

“Eh, youre not jealous, are you”

Ji Qingyan blushed.

“Why would I be jealous Im just afraid that youll be in danger! Just stay in the hotel and dont go anywhere.”

“Alright, I wont go.

Ill stay here.”

“Thats more like it.”

Ji Qingyan returned to the room, but within a few minutes, she stomped out again.

“Why did you come out again instead of sleeping”

“I was afraid that youd sneak out and come to the room.”

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“I really didnt expect you to be such a person.

I think youre just craving for my body.”

“Bah, bah, bah, you stink.

Why would I want it”Ji Qingyan said unhappily.

“Come with me into the room.”

“Uh, okay.”

Inside the room, Ji Qingyan covered Lin Yi with two layers of blankets and pointed at him.

“You sleep here tonight.

Ill watch you from the bed.”

Lin Yi “…”

When a woman was ruthless, there really was nothing a man could do.

Lin Yi stretched lazily.

“Alright then, Ill sleep here today.”

“You cant sleep here either.”

Lin Yi slept on the ground while Ji Qingyan lay on the side of the bed.

Her eyes were glued to Lin Yi like she was watching a Korean drama.

Lin Yi didnt care too much.

Hed been shopping all day, and hed been wanting to sleep for a long time.


It was late at night, and a scream suddenly broke the silence in the room.

“Ah…” Ji Qingyan sat up abruptly, her forehead covered in a cold sweat.

“Were you dreaming again”Lin Yi asked, his eyes hazy.

“Did you dream that you jumped off a building, or did you dream that you fell off a cliff”

“Huh How did you know”

Ji Qingyans face turned pale, “I dreamt that there were a few tigers chasing me, and I had nowhere to run, so I jumped off a cliff.

The dream felt so real, and by butt even hurts after jumping… Huh How did you know that I dreamed of jumping off a cliff”

“Itd be weird if it didnt hurt.”

Lin Yi did not bother teasing her.

“Look at where you are.”

Ji Qingyan looked around, only to find that she wasnt on the bed, but on the ground.

“W-why am I here”

“Why do you think you are here” Lin Yi said, speechless.

“You fell asleep on your side, and then you fell off the bed.

You still have the nerve to ask for the reason”

Ji Qingyan, “…”

This… this was too embarrassing.

Fortunately, the lights in the room were off, so he couldnt see her face.

Otherwise, she would have to find a hole to hide in.

“Then Ill go back to sleep.

You go back to sleep too.”

“Go back to sleep for what” Lin Yi waved his hand and pulled Ji Qingyan into his arms.

“Save yourself the trouble of falling off again and just sleep here.”

“What are you doing Let me go!”

“Dont move!” Lin Yi threatened.

“Or Ill tickle you.”

Ji Qingyan didnt move anymore.

Her body tensed up as she felt Lin Yis warm breath.

She was extremely nervous.

It was just like what the PE teacher had said back then.

Her body was made of steel and she couldnt bend it.

“Sleep properly.

Why are you squirming around like a caterpillar”

“I, I…”

Ji Qingyan stuttered for a long time, not knowing what to say.

“Whats wrong Tell me if you have something to say.”

“I, I fell pretty hard just now, so my butt hurts,” Ji Qingyan said pitifully, her tears about to fall.


Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Isnt that simple Ill just massage it for you,” Lin Yi complained.

“Theres so much meat on it, so even though the bed is pretty high up, it shouldnt hurt too much, right”


Ji Qingyan sat up straight.

“Ill rub it myself.”

“Then you do that.

Im going back to sleep.”

Lin Yis drowsiness soon caught up to him.

He went to sleep in a few minutes.

Ji Qingyan was left alone, puffing her cheeks angrily as she rubbed her butt.

The next morning, JI Qingyan woke up with dark circles under her eyes.

It was obvious that she hadnt slept well the whole night.

“Does it still hurt” Lin Yi asked.

“Much better, but I didnt sleep well.

I want to sleep for a while more.” Ji Qingyan said, pouting.

“Go to sleep.

Well go out once you wake up.”

“Give me your phone.”

“What do you want my phone for”

“Give it to me first.”

Lin Yi didnt think too much about it and gave the phone to Ji Qingyan.

“Hmm Wheres the womans contact information”

“Which woman”

“The French woman we met last night.”

“I deleted it a long time ago.”

“You didnt talk to her”

“Shes French.

Why would I talk to her”

“Lin Yi, youre trying to trick me again.

Youre just trying to trick me into going with you…”

“Going with me to do what”

“Bah, bah, bah.

Im not speaking to you.”

Ji Qingyan closed the door angrily and prepared to go to sleep.

Maybe it was because she didnt sleep well last night, or maybe she was too tired, but she slept until that afternoon.

The two didnt have any plans to go out anymore.

Instead, they walked around the streets, ate some local delicacies, then returned to the hotel.

Over the next few days, Lin Yi took Ji Qingyan to the other theme parks in Orlando.

They went to all the places they could.

At first, Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry, but seeing that the Orlando trip was almost over and He Yuanyuan still hadnt found out anything about Shen Tianzhuo, Lin Yi couldnt help but feel anxious.

If she still couldnt find anything soon, they would have to go to Miami next door.

“Damn it, Ill give you one more day.

If you cant dig up anything, Ill deduct your salary!” Lin Yi thought to himself.

After the days journey, the two of them slowly walked around after dinner.

Ji Qingyan said,

“Lin Yi, our Orlando trip is almost over.

Lets go back, but if you have other places you want to visit, I can accompany you.

You dont have to worry about me.

I can take care of the companys business.”

“I originally planned to take you to Miami after Orlando.”

“Sure,” Ji Qingyan agreed readily.

“Miami is a famous seaside city, and the business at Wangjiang Dock is expanding.

You can learn from it.”

“Thats what I was thinking,” Lin Yi said with a smile, but he was thinking to himself.

“He Yuanyuan, if you dont find out more about Shen Tianzhuo, I wont be able to hold on much longer!”

“Its settled then.

Well leave for Miami tomorrow.”


Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

Lin Yis phone rang, and he found that it was a message from He Yuanyuan.

He Yuanyuan, “I tried my best with Tianzhuo.

Should I send the information to your email”

Lin Yi was excited.

He truly could get anything he wanted!

Lin Yi, “Sure, do it as soon as possible.”

He Yuanyuan, “Okay, by the way, his wifes name is Mu Shumin, and her period comes between the fourth and tenth of every month.”



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