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The jeers in the waiting hall stopped abruptly when they heard the announcement.

They were about to check in just now, and now there was a problem with the equipment.

What the hell was going on

Ji Qingyan widened her beautiful eyes.

She couldnt understand how Lin Yi could delay the planes departure .

This wasnt something that could be done with money.

Besides, he had been sitting there the whole time and didnt seem to have done anything.

How did he delay the flight

“Director Zhao, did your face hurt this time” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Zhao Zhengyang froze on the spot awkwardly.

His arrogant expression turned into restlessness.

Wasnt this too much of a coincidence

“Havent you ever been on a plane before Its normal to be delayed.

Dont use your ignorance to feel superior here.”

“If you dont believe me, just wait.

Im not in a hurry anyway.”

Lin Yi held his phone and said to Ji Qingyan, “Do you want to play a game I can help you get a chicken dinner.”

“I dont know how to play,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Why dont we find a Korean drama to watch Its just to pass the time.”

“So you like Japanese and Korean movies too.

Our tastes are compatible,” Lin Yi said.

“I used to like European and American movies, but after seeing a thousand of them, I still think that Japanese and Korean movies are more suitable for me.”

“Really” Ji Qingyan said happily.

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“Then lets find one.

I heard that theres a Korean drama calledTwo Worlds Apart thats pretty good.”

“Sure, lets do that.”

Lin Yi took out his phone.

The two of them got together and watched the Korean drama happily.

Ji Qingyan was happy with this idea.

It didnt matter whether they went to America or not, as long as they could be together with Lin Yi.

“Theyre just posturing.

Ill see what you have to say after twenty minutes!”

The other passengers were complaining about the delayed flight.

Even so, this was too strange.

They werent sure if it was because of Lin Yi that the flight was delayed.

They also agreed with what Zhao Zhengyang said.

It was normal for the plane to be delayed.

They had no choice but to wait.

Twenty minutes later, the two were so engrossed that they forgot about Zhao Zhengyang.

“I think this kissing method is quite novel.

I need to practice it when we have time.”

“If you keep spouting nonsense, Ill pinch you.” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“A gentleman speaks without fear.”

“But Im a woman.”

Zhao Zhengyang gritted his teeth in anger as he watched the two flirt.

“Lin Yi, twenty minutes have passed.

Were about to board the plane.

What else do you have to say”

“Oh, really I was so focused on the TV series that I forgot about that.”

Zhao Zhengyang waved the tickets in his hand.

“Its okay if you forget about it.

You guys keep watching.

Were about to board the plane.”

“Dont be in such a hurry to leave, or well have to get the staff to stop you.”

Lin Yi took out his phone and dialed Qin Hans number.

“Tell him to delay the plane for me.

“As for the exact take off time, thatll depend on my mood.”

Lin Yi hung up after giving a few simple instructions.

Everyone looked at Lin Yi in confusion.

Could it be that the delay really had something to do with him

Zhao Zhengyang obviously didnt believe him.

He snorted coldly,

“Wake up.

Who do you think he is A delay of twenty minutes is just a coincidence, and his phone call just now was just to show off.”

Everyone nodded.

If he really had the ability to delay the flight, then he should already be able to take a private jet.

Why would he need to wait here for a flight


Ding Dong…

At this moment, the airports PA was heard again.

“Dear passengers, Im very sorry to inform you that flight MU5305 to Orlando, United States, cannot be boarded on time due to equipment issues.

Please wait for further notice for the specific boarding time.”


Im confused!

It was actually late again!

And the boarding time was not specified.

In other words, it was still unknown when they would be able to board the plane.

Everyones eyes fell on Lin Yi.

They really believed him this time.

This handsome man in front of them really had the ability to delay the plane!

“Director Zhao, arent you going to America Why arent you leaving” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Do you want to try going by boat Youll arrive in a month.”


Zhao Zhengyangs body trembled, and he almost fainted from anger.

The plane had been delayed twice in a row.

This was definitely not a coincidence!

Zhao Zhengyangs face turned red at the thought, and he felt extremely awkward.

“Sir, Im going to Orlando on a business trip.

I hope that the grudge between the two of you wont implicate others.

Were innocent.”


Lin Yi looked at the middle-aged man.

“Dont say you are innocent when you hit her when she was down.

Didnt you tell your son to learn from this idiot Continue learning then.”


“Sir, were really in a hurry.

I hope you wont mess around anymore.”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Didnt President Zhao just say that it was just a coincidence I dont have the right to ground the plane.

If you really want to take the plane, go look for him.”

In an instant, everyones eyes fell on Zhao Zhengyang.

They glared at him with hostility.

“Sir, you started this whole thing.

We hope you can apologize to him and not delay our trip.”

“You want me to apologize” Zhao Zhengyang snorted.

“Do you know who I am How dare you ask me to apologize to him!”

“We dont care who you are, but we trying to take this flight.

I hope you can think about us.”

“F*ck you! How dare you talk to me like that Ill kill you!”

“Zhao, calm down.” Qu Nan stepped forward and said.

“I think todays matter isnt so simple.

Lets go.

Dont stay here.

Lets just change to another airline.”

Zhao Zhengyang clenched his fists tightly.

He couldnt take it anymore after being slapped in the face by Lin Yi over and over again!

Despite this, there was nothing he could do about the current situation.

“Make way, make way!”

Just as Zhao Zhengyang was about to leave, he heard a shout from outside the crowd.

The crowd automatically dispersed as Qin Han, Liang Jinming, Gao Zongyuan, and the others walked over.

“Old Qin, youre here.”

Glancing at Zhao Zhengyang, Qin Han didnt say anything.

He looked at Liang Jinming and said,

“Old Liang, you handle this matter.”

Liang Jinming nodded.

“Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Liang Jinming, and this is the general manager of our airline.

Xinhua Airlines belongs to our family.”

“Thats great,” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“Youre Old Qins friend, so I wont waste my breath.

Someone is causing trouble here.

You handle it.”

“Im really sorry.

Brother Lin is my friend, and I was the one who gave the order to delay the boarding of the plane.

What do you want me to handle Do you want me to handle myself”


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