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“I still had half a bottle of soda left.

If you hadnt rushed me, I wouldnt have wasted it,” another girl with red hair said.

“Li Fei, Meng Xin, Ive made a deal with the two of you.

This meal was my treat.

You have to treat me back next time,” the other short-haired girl said.

“Yu Jiaojiao, youre so stingy.

Isnt this just a hot and spicy meal Why do you even need compensation for this” Li Fei said.

“Let me tell you about the new young Master Liang that I met recently.

His family runs an airline company and has a lot of money.

And this time, its him who invited me to the racing track.

As long as I serve him well and I can catch some of the money that leaks out from in between his fingers, itll be enough for me to spend.

When the time comes, Ill invite you guys to a five-star hotel and let you see what true luxury is.”

“Lets not talk about the five-star hotel for now.

I cant wait to go to Zhonghai Internation Racetrack.

I heard that its the most luxurious motor racing arena in China.

Most people dont ever get the chance to go there,” said Meng Xin.

“Thats why I said that if you follow me, Li Fei, youll definitely get many more chances to eat meat in the future.”

“Weve been good sisters for many years.

If something good happens, dont forget about us,” said Yu Jiaojiao.

“No problem.

Im a loyal person.

Its not like you guys dont know that.”

Li Fei held her phone and looked around.

Her expression was growing impatient.

“Are you kidding me Its been almost ten minutes.

Why isnt the car here yet”

“This section of the road is quite congested.

It might take a few minutes,” Meng Xin said.

“Have you guys heard Some time ago, there was a rich kid who drives a sports car on Didi every day.

Do you think we will meet him”

“Nonsense,” Yu Jiaojiao said, “What kind of rich kid drives for Didi Its all a gimmick.”

“Its really not a gimmick,” Li FEI said, “Ive heard about it too.

Its true.”

“Even if its true, it will be such a rare occurrence.

Lets not think about it.

As long as we can get a better car, Ill be satisfied,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

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“Youre right,” said Meng Xin.

“The cars on Didi nowadays all cost around 100,000 dollars.

Really, once I get a drivers license, I will just buy a Porsche to drive around.”

“A Porsche is nothing.

I recently took a fancy to a Green Lamborghini.

Its especially good-looking.

Ive decided to buy that car when I earn money in the future.”

“You two are ignorant.” Li Fei held her head high and said proudly.

“I heard from Young Master Liang that brands like Porsche and Lamborghini are also average.

If you want to talk about sports cars, it has to be a Ferrari.

When I buy a car, Ill choose a Ferrari.

Itll stop those guys from asking me for my number every day.

Its so annoying.”

Meng Xin and Yu Jiaojiao looked at each other.

“Why dont the two of us set our dream car expectations to be at the same level as a Ferrari”

“Sure, Ill look up more cars when I get back.

Ill choose one then.”


Lin Yis car stopped in front of the Northbridge Hot Pot entrance.

The three of them subconsciously stepped aside when they saw Lin Yis Shari.

This car had been around for at least ten years, and there werent many of them left on the market.

If they stayed too close to it, it would lower their status.

Lin Yi looked at the three women with heavy makeup and asked, “Which one of you is Miss Li with the tail number 4229”

“You, how do you know my phones tail number” Li Fei asked in surprise.

“Didnt you call for a car just now Im a Didi driver.”

“Youre a Didi driver!”

Seeing Lin Yis lousy Shari, the three women simultaneously showed their disgust.

“Cant I be”

“What the hell! If it was a hundred thousand-something car, Id be fine with it.

Why is it a shabby Shari Why can any car be registered on Didi nowadays”

The three of them had been fantasizing about a two hundred thousand-something car that was slightly better picking them up.

If this wasnt possible, then even a hundred thousand-something car was acceptable.

However, they didnt expect a shabby Shari!

The difference between reality and imagination was too wide for them to accept,

“You dont have to get out to push it, and it isnt that slow either.

Is there a need to talk like this”

Lin Yi was speechless.

The Shari might be a little inferior, but they didnt have to be so disdainful.

“What do you mean you dont need us to get out and push it”

Li Fei wasnt willing to get in.

“We usually sit in cars that cost more than 100,000 dollars.

Your shabby Shari isnt even worthy of us sitting in it, and you want to talk about us pulling it Dream on.”

“Look, youre using Didis name to get your hands on beautiful single girls like us,” Meng Xin said.

Lin Yi was speechless.

Where did these idiots come from

“Im not going to accept this.

Lets get another one.

A car like this will lower my class.”

“Fei Fei, calm down.

Didnt you say that Young Master Liang was already on his way He already wasted a lot of time.

If we call for another car, who knows when theyll arrive Lets just go with this.

Our matter is more important.”

Li Fei frowned.

With Young Master Liangs level, he definitely would not like people being late.

Shed just left a good impression on him, and it wouldnt be worth it if she lost her position because she was late.

“Then Ill give you face and give him a chance.”

As they spoke, Li Fei and the other two opened the car doors and got into the car, but they all sat in the back.

No one got into the passenger seat.

Lin Yi was speechless as he looked at the three retards behind him.

The car reaked of perfume.

“The back of this car is really crowded.

I cant even breathe,” Li Fei complained.

“Lets just sit here for now.

Well just buy a Ferrari in the future.

Itll be more comfortable than this,” Yu Jiaojiao said.


Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh out loud.

These bimbos were too humorous.

A Ferrari

“What do you mean by this What are you laughing at”

Li Fei said with a cold face, “Are you looking down on us”

“We met by chance, so theres no need for me to look down on you guys,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I just want to remind you guys that I have a Ferrari too, and its a top-quality one, but the seats arent comfortable at all.

If you dont know anything, just look it up on the internet.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“You say you have a Ferrari” Li Fei said disdainfully,

“Can you stop bragging You drive a crappy Shari, yet you still claim to have atop-quality Ferrari Do you think were three-year-old children”

“Thats right, you really know how to brag!” Meng Xin said.

“Did you start having devious thoughts when you saw that we are skimpily dressed Hehe, let me tell you, a person like you who drives a Shari will never be able to touch a woman of our calibre in your lifetime.”

“He probably thinks that his looks are okay and is bragging in front of us.

He wants to show off his superiority.” Yu Jiao smiled with a playful expression.

“Little Brother, you should save your words for those female college students.

The older sisters have long passed the age of being swayed by romantic fantasies.

You should save your energy.”


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