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“Hey, why are you talking about this” Lin Yi asked.

“Didnt you confess to a woman before this With your conditions, Im sure youve already succeeded.


Zhao Zhengyang was furious at the mention of what had happened that night, but he held back his anger.

“Haha, its so late, yet you still have the mood to think about such things.

Cant you think more about yourself”

“Im doing pretty well now, so I wont trouble you to worry about me.”

“There are some things that you might not know.

This place is known as the Zhao familys backyard.

Weve never lost a case here.

Now that all the evidence on you is in my hands, what can you possibly fight me with”

“Ill use the 50,000 dollars that you gave me.”


Zhao Zhengyang cursed, but the staff members pulled him away.

This was not a place for a fight.

Zhao Zhengyang was still angry after being pulled back to his chair.

“Damn it, Im going to make him rot in jail!”

“Dont worry, President Zhao.

Ive already told you that I wont let him off so easily.”

After the court started, Lin Yi sat in the defendants seat, resting his chin on one hand.

He was bored to death.

Fu Yuqiang, who was sitting in the judges seat, saw Lin Yis relaxed expression and was furious.

How could he still be so carefree at this time He didnt even feel nervous at all.

Did he not care about his position at all

“Plaintiff, start your argument.”

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Zhao Zhengyang gave the lawyer a look and the latter stood up.

“In our investigation, we found that the Lingyun Foundation did not announce any distribution or receipt of aid during the fundraising process.

This is a serious violation of the relevant regulations surrounding fund management.”

“Secondly, we have solid evidence that the car the defendant drove here was bought by himself with money from the charity.

In other words, he used the aid from the society to enrich himself.

This is something that our society cannot tolerate!”

“I hereby implore the court to condemn this incident and give the defendant a just sentence.”

“You want a trial Do you think youre Jesus” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I know you dont want to admit it, but let me tell you, there are witnesses and solid evidence here.

You have no room to refute.” Zhao Zhengyangs lawyer said.

“I barely believed you when you said there was evidence, but what witness are you talking about Id like to know.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Dont you know what youve done”

Zhao Zhengyangs lawyer shrugged.

“But thats okay.

Ill call for the witness, and youll be convinced.”

Lin Yi made a beckoning gesture.

“Please begin your performance.”

The lawyer turned around and gestured to Fu Yuqiang.

The latter said,

“May the witnesses please come to the stand.”

Guo Yuntao and Li Sulan walked out, accompanied by the staff.

Lin Yi glanced at the two of them.

There didnt seem to be anything special about them.

Hed never seen them before.

“Its you guys!”

Lin Yi turned back when he heard He Yuanyuans voice.

“Do you guys know each other”

“The mans name is Guo Yuntao.

Hes the director of Zhonghai Hope Orphanage.

The womans name is Li Sulan.

Shes the director of the Yangcheng Honghua Orphanage in Yangcheng.

They received 800,000 and 1.1 million respectively from us.”

The foundation had just been set up, and He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao were personally in charge of the initial operations.

Naturally, they recognized the people who approached them.

“So thats what happened.” Lin Yi understood.

However, from the looks of it, they werent here to help him.

“Miss He, please dont talk nonsense.” Guo Yuntao said.

“You only gave $50,000 for charity, and you said that this $50,000 donation would be divided into eight instalments before being sent to our orphanage.

It wasnt $800,000 like you claim!”

“Us too!” Li Sulan said.

“She gave us 60,000 dollars in aid, but she wanted to send it to us in ten instalments.

She also threatened us by saying that we couldnt say we had only received 60,000 dollar s to the outside world, and that if we mention the 1.1 million dollars, we couldnt mention that it was provided in instalments.

We had to say that it came in the form of a lump sum, or else she wouldnt give us the aid.”

“We are a social welfare organization.

Forget 60,000 dollars, even 6 dollars is precious to us.

But her behavior made us despise her.

Thats why we came forward today to testify against them!”

“Bullsh*t! I gave you two a total of 1.9 million dollars, and it was a lump sum.

When have I ever cheated you”

He Yuanyuans chest was heaving up and down in anger.

If this wasnt a courtroom, she wouldve started cursing already.

Firstly, she didnt cheat them at all.

Their testimony was pure slander!

Second of all, even though she and Lin Yi treated each other as equals, this was all in private.

If he were to misunderstand and think that she was the one who pocketed the money, it would cause a rift between them, and she wouldnt be able to work at Lingyun anymore.

“Calm down, or else itll cause your menopause to come early.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Lin Yi trusted He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhaos character.

However, Zhao Zhengyang did not know this.

“Everyone, as you can see, my witness has revealed the truth, but the defendant couldnt sit still and threatened my witness.

I think this is enough proof to illustrate the problem.”

“Alright, Yuanyuan, lower your voice.

Its not our turn to speak.

Your impulsiveness will backfire,” Qi Xianzhao persuaded.

“These two guys are ingrates.

We were doing charity out of the kindness of our hearts, and they came back to bite us.

How disgusting!”

Dong dong dong!

Fu Yuqiang pounded the gavel.


He Yuanyuan sat down angrily on the chair, on the verge of exploding.

The court quieted down as Fu Yuqiang looked at Lin Yi.

“Defendant, what say you”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Theres nothing much to say, actually.”

“Since youve confessed to your actions, the court will issue a verdict.” Fu Yuqiang said.

“Wait, dont rush.

I still have to struggle a little.” Lin Yi said.

Zhao Zhengyangs lips curled into a disdainful smile.

‘Whats the point of struggling in front of me, Zhao Zhengyang

‘Hes really ignorant!

“If you have anything else to say, then make your statement now.” Fu Yuqiang said.

“In reality, the main reason the Tianhong Foundation took me to court was because the Lingyun Foundation didnt make a clear announcement about the source and flow of the aid, right”

“Thats right!” Zhao Zhengyangs lawyer said.

“According to the fund management regulations, every bit of money from the foundation has to have clear announcements made about the source and flow of the aid, but you took the aid and pocketed it for yourself.

Do you think no one would find out about this The justice system is very thorough, and there will naturally be people who would suspect you!”

At that moment, everyone in the court was looking at Lin Yi, wanting to see how he would explain this.

“The heavenly justice system is very thorough, what a f*cking pretentious act,” Lin Yi said.


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