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The male reporter was stunned.

What the hell was that Why wasnt he giving an official response


Lin, do you admit to the Tianhong Foundations accusations” The male reporter asked again.

“Of course I do,” Lin Yi said.

“We really didnt announce the details of our assistance.

This much is true.”

“It seems that Mr.

Lin doesnt plan to resist.” A female reporter said.

“You cant say that.

I have to make a symbolic struggle.

Otherwise, Ill lose face.”


Lin, I saw earlier that the sports car youre driving is a limited edition Lykan 7.

It sells for 66 million dollars in China.

Did you buy it with the charitys money” An androgynous-looking reporter asked.

“Of course.

Otherwise, how could I have so much money”

The reporters looked at each other.

They didnt know what else to ask.

Your answer is what we were looking for, and it has no flaws, so we have no problem with it.

Do you know that this makes us look very unprofessional!

At this moment, He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao wanted to die.

“What nonsense are you spewing! Im so angry!”

“Yuanyuan, do you think our company will go bankrupt”

Qi Xianzhao must have been very worried for someone like him to ask such a question.

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“Heh, bankruptcy might be a light punishment.”

Lin Yi walked into the courtroom under the watchful eyes of the reporters.

It was his first time coming to a place like this, so it was a little strange.

However, he wasnt affected by it at all.

He even took a picture of it as a memento.

He captioned it: “The defendant is going to court today, Happy.”.

“Boss, are you nervous” He Yuanyuan asked in a low voice.

“Im not nervous,” Lin Yi said.

“Look at that clerk.

Her face is round and pretty, and shes wearing a uniform.

I want to poach her to be my secretary.

Go investigate this for me.”

“Investigate my *ss! Can you be more serious!” He Yuanyuan complained.

“Do you believe that I will tell senior sister that you are flirting around outside!”

“Er… Its just a joke.”

At this moment, Zhao Zhengyang and Qu nan were resting in the waiting room in the backstage area of the court.

According to the relevant rules, both the plaintiff and the defendant were not allowed to come here.

However, because this was the backyard of the Zhao family, they had never lost a case before.

Therefore, Zhao Zhengyang went about this place as if he was at home.

Other than Zhao Zhengyang and Qu Nan, there were other people here.

The most eye-catching one was a blonde foreigner.

He was very tall and looked very strong.

He was Zhao Zhengyangs bodyguard.

Sitting opposite Zhao Zhengyang was a man and a woman.

Both of them were old and in their forties.

Their clothes and attire were worlds apart from Zhao Zhengyangs.

Their attire was very ordinary, and they did not fit in with the serious environment of their surroundings.

The man was called Guo Yuntao, the director of Zhonghai Hope Orphanage.

The other woman was called Li Sulan, the director of Yangcheng Honghua Orphanage.

The two orphanages had been supported by the Lingyun Foundation.

Now, Zhao Zhengyang had found them.

“Dont be nervous.

Just do exactly as we told you.”


Zhao, you wont go back on your word, right” Guo Yuntao asked nervously.

“Dont worry.

I will do what I promised you,” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“As long as you listen to us and follow our instructions, I will give you 500,000 dollars in cash.”

As he spoke, Zhao Zhengyang waved his hand, and Qu nan took out two boxes from the back of the room.

Inside the boxes were stacks of cash.

Guo Yuntao and Li Sulans eyes widened.

Although they had run the orphanage for so many years and had received a lot of aid, most of it was in materials and they did not receive many donations.

This was the first time they had seen so much cash.

Seeing their expressions, Zhao Zhengyang was very satisfied.

He crossed his legs and said.

“Im guessing the two of you have never seen so much money before.

As long as you perform well, the money will soon be yours.

And it will go directly to you, not the orphanage.”

“Alright, alright, well cooperate.”

Zhao Zhengyang nodded in satisfaction.

He had already started imagining the moment when Lin Yi would lose the lawsuit.

Damn it, how dare you lie to me Ill make sure you never recover from this!

At this moment, Zhao Zhengyangs secretary walked in from outside.

“Director Zhao, weve already investigated the situation outside.

That Lin Yi seems to have given up on resisting.”

“Hes actually so cooperative”

“Yes, he answered all the questions the reporters asked him and admitted that they didnt make any public announcements.”

“And he came here today in a Lykan which sells for 66 million dollars in China.

He also admitted that he bought it with public money.

Now, there are witnesses and evidence to this.

With his actions, he might not only lose money, but also face a prison sentence.”


Zhao Zhengyang laughed.

“Thats the effect I wanted.

Not only will I make him lose money, but I will also make him go to jail.

I will make him watch as I take Ji Qingyan away!”

“I dont think its a big problem.

Everyone here is in our pocket.

The verdict is completely up to us.

Let him rot in jail for a long time,” Qu nan said.

“Ive never seen such a bold person use the resources donated by society to fill his own pockets.”

Zhao Zhengyang lit a cigarette with a smile on his face.

He had thought that todays lawsuit would take some effort, but he did not expect it to go so smoothly.

“Didnt we get what we wanted This is what I wanted.”

“I dont think this Lin Yi would ever think that he would end up like this.” Qu Nan laughed as he added insult to injury.

“Look at yourself.

Not only did you snatch our Boss Zhaos woman, you even dared to cheat him of his money.

Hes the first in all of Zhonghai to do such a thing,” the female secretary said.

At this moment, a staff member in uniform walked in and smiled at Zhao Zhengyang:

“Boss Zhao, its time for the court session.

We can go out now.”


After responding, Zhao Zhengyang led his people and walked into the courtroom.

Seeing Zhao Zhengyang walk over, the reporters sitting below began to take photos, preparing to gather more information to bring back to their offices.

However, the outcome of this lawsuit was already obvious to them, and they did not have any further expectations.

First, the defendant himself admitted that there was indeed no public announcement of the aid.

Second, he also admitted that he had used the charitys money to buy a sports car worth more than 60 million dollars.

Such behavior would definitely result in the court giving him a death sentence, as they would not give him any leeway on this.

Furthermore, this was the Zhao familys home turf.

The final verdict would depend on Zhao Zhengyangs words.

Therefore, all the reporters had to do was wait for the case finish then write some small articles to shame the Lingyun Foundation.

This was easy money.


Lin, I really didnt expect that we would meet again in such a place.

Its really sad,” Zhao Zhengyang said with a smile.


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