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“What do you mean your family wants it”

Wang Dahai was not willing to listen anymore.

“Your family is in trouble, but ours is too.

We have to be reasonable.”

“Its just a lousy job.

Even if you pass the exam, youll still only get a salary of a little over 3,000 dollars in the future.

How many years of starving will you need to endure to be able to earn back the money you took Its a waste of money.

You might as well give it to me for my wedding!”


Wang Tong pointed at Chen Yongxins nose and said, “Dont think that Im afraid of you just because you mingle about in society.

Dont think that you can keep this money all to yourself!”

“Show some respect.

Who are you pointing at!”

“Im pointing at you.

What about it!”


Chen Yongxin slapped Wang Tongs face.

“Let me tell you.

When Im in a good mood, Ill call you my cousin.

If Im in a bad mood f*cking mood, youre nothing but bullsh*t.

Why are you still f*cking arguing with me Get lost!”

“How dare you f*cking hit my daughter!”

Wang Dahai gritted his teeth and rushed forward to fight with Chen Yongxin.

However, Chen Yongxin did not move.

Instead, he said coldly,

“Uncle, on account of the fact that youre an elder, Im not willing to argue with you.

Youd better have some self-awareness!”

“You b*Stard, you hit my daughter, and you even told me to have self-awareness.

Arent you being shameless!”

“Second Brother, what are you talking about Look to your conscience and tell me how I usually treat you.

Now, Im finally fighting with you over this.

If you dont give up, youre really too greedy for money and have no conscience at all!”


Seeing that her son was being bullied, Wang Fang also rushed up and tried to pull Wang Dahai away.

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“Get away from me, dont touch my father!”

Wang Tong, who had been beaten to the ground, also stood up.

The two families were fighting in the corridor!

“Uncle, youd better show some respect.

I just dont want to fight with you.

Dont mistake it as me being afraid of you!”

“You b*stard, how dare you say such things to me Try touching me!”

“F*ck! Do you really think Im a good-tempered person”

Chen Yongxin didnt stand on ceremony anymore and kicked Wang Dahais body.

The latter was old, so how could he be a match for Chen Yongxin He was kicked hard and flew several meters away.


Wang Tong rushed over and helped Wang Dahai up.

“Dont help me, Im fine!”

Wang Dahai rolled up his arms and sleeves.

Although he was kicked by Chen Yongxin, he did not back down.

He rushed up again and pounced on Chen Yongxin!

This time, Chen Yongxin did not show any mercy.

He greeted him with punches and kicks like an enemy!

“Little b*stard, dont hit me in the face!”

“Dont f*cking pull my wig!”

“I want to lie down…”

Wang Dahai bared his fangs and brandished his claws as he cursed.

“Hit me Ill hit your mother!”

Wang Tong cursed and rushed towards Wang Fang.

“Youre f*cking courting death, how dare you hit my mother!”

Chen Yongxin cursed angrily and broke free from Wang Dahais grip, heading straight for Wang Tong!

The latter did not have time to react and was kicked by Chen Yongxin in the body.


Wang Tong screamed in pain.

She was kicked so badly that she was not conscious anymore.

She lay on the ground and could not get up no matter how hard she tried.

“Ill f*cking beat you to death!”

Wang Dahai rushed at Chen Yongxin like he had gone mad, but at this moment, he was stopped by a shout!

“What are you doing”

Two nurses rushed over.

This was the first time they had seen a fight at the entrance of the intensive care unit.

Under the nurses command, the two families were finally separated.

However, the expression on Chen Yongxins face was still angry.

He pointed at Wang Dahais nose and scolded.

“Get the f*ck out of here.

How dare you ruin my business Ill get someone to f*cking kill you!”

Wang Dahais face was bruised and swollen.

He was so angry that his body was trembling.

He knew that he could still hold on for a while if the two were to fight each other one-on-one.

However, if Chen Yongxin, this hooligan, called someone over, he would be the one at a disadvantage.

“Get the f*ck out of Here!”

“Let me tell you, from now on, our two families will be cut off from each other!”

“Dont you know whats going on in your own family Do you really think we care about having a poor relative like you From now on, I only have eyes for Little Ran.

You guys are nothing!”

“Youre just a bunch of ingrates.

Youre greedy for money!”

After cursing, Wang Dahai supported his daughter and left the hospital.

“What are you still doing here Do you want to get involved too” Chen Yongxin looked at Wang Dashan and said.

“No, no, no.

Our family doesnt have any big issues, and we dont need money.

I wont get involved.” Wang Dashan smiled and said, “You guys go ahead.

Second Uncle has something to do and will leave first.”

Chen Yongxin didnt say anything.

He tidied up his clothes and said to Wang Fang, “Mom, lets go in.

Lets talk about the money.

Its all ours now.”

Wang Fang nodded while trembling.

“Im telling you, when we go in, you have to be polite not only to Mr.

Lin, but to Wang Ran as well.”

“Whats the point of being polite to her The moneys all with Lin Yi.”

“Kid, you are not experienced enough to recognize this.” Wang Fang said.

“Although they are teacher and student, Wang Ran is beautiful.

I think Lin Yi wants to keep her as his mistress.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have offered so much money to help her.”

Wang Fang looked around and purposely lowered her voice.

“Once Wang Ran becomes a mistress, she will definitely be able to get a lot of money from Lin Yi in the future.

Wont she become our cash cow then”

Chen Yongxins eyes lit up.

“Thats true.

Ill have to be more polite to her then.”

“Yeah, you have to be more polite.”

After a brief discussion, the two tidied up their clothes to make themselves look more presentable before walking toward the ward.

Inside the ward, Wang Ran was feeding her mother soup with a small bowl.

“Teacher Lin, they seem to be fighting outside.”

“Dont tell me you want me to mediate the fight I dont even have the strength to truss a chicken.

I wont be able to persuade them at all.”

Wang Ran snickered.

The six foreign students were easily defeated without breaking a sweat.

However, he actually said that they didnt have the strength to truss a chicken.

Teacher Lin was too good at deceiving people.

At this moment, Wang Fang and Chen Yongxin walked in.

Although they had smiles on their faces, their clothes and faces were stained.

“Wang Ran, you should go rest.

Aunty will feed your mother,” Wang Fang said with a smile.

“Im almost done.

Ill do it.”

“Thats fine too.”

Wang Ran continued feeding her mother soup.

Lin Yi didnt say anything, and the atmosphere in the ward was a little awkward.

Wang Fang looked at Lin Yi from time to time, looking a little anxious.

Ive already chased my second bro away.

Why arent you talking about the money!

“Auntys in pretty good shape, I wont be staying here any longer,” Lin Yi said.

“Teacher Lin, Ill send you.”

Wang Ran put down the soup and prepared to send Lin Yi off.

“No need, Ill go by myself.”

“Teacher Lin…”

Wang Fang called out to Lin Yi from behind.

“Whats up”

“About that…”

Wang Fang wanted to say something, but stopped herself.

“Didnt you just say that you wanted to lend us 200,000 dollars…”


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