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“Thats true.”

Sun Fuyu finally understood.

“I may have lived for a lot longer than President Lin, but I still dont know as much about life as you do.”

Lu Ying, “”

What were they talking about

Why did it sound so weird

“Dont be like that.

Im actually a pretty simple person.

I just wanted to bring you guys here to relax after seeing you guys work so hard.

Ive never been to a place like this before, so please dont misunderstand.”

“Hey, Boss Lin, youre here.”

Lin Yi had just parked his car when he saw the lobby manager walking over enthusiastically.

“Hows number 18s technique Shall I invite her over again today”


You ruined my innocent appearance.

As the old saying goes, a mans mouth is a liars ghost.

Lu Ying didnt know what this meant in the past.

Now she understood.

Youre too good at lying!

“Theres no need for number 18 today,” Lin Yi said with a straight face.

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The lobby manager glanced at the beautiful Lu Ying.

“Boss Lin, I knew it.

People with your status are all psychopaths and dont like our girls.

I didnt expect you to bring one with you.”

Lu Ying, “”

Im just showing off my legs, and its just my calves.

How could this be misunderstood

Could it be because Im wearing black silk

“Alright, cut the crap.

Get someone to prepare a private room.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.”

Lin Yi and the others were welcomed into the space.

They soaked for a while before entering the room in their bathrobes.

“President Lin, do you come here often” Sun Fuyu asked curiously.

“I really dont come here often, but I have a friend named Qin Han who insisted on bringing me here.

I didnt know how to refuse, so I had no choice but to force myself to come.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Hehehe, I understand everything.” Sun Fuyu laughed.

“I finally understand why the institute is so tight on funding,” Lu Ying said.

“You dont understand.

This is called inspiration.

If I didnt come here day and night to relax, I wouldnt have been able to write the chip 2.0 source code in one night.” Lin Yi said.

Lin Yi and Sun Fuyu were familiar with the place.

They lay down comfortably and enjoyed the services offered.

Lu Ying didnt have the habit of being touched by strangers, so she rejected Lin Yis offer.

It was relaxing to lie on the bed alone.

“Come on, lets talk about how the recent plans have gone,” Lin Yi said.

“Come on, Little Ying, you just so happen to be free.”

Lin Yi rolled his eyes at Sun Fuyu.

“What do you mean shes free Shes trying to relax too.”

“Its mainly because I dont want to move.”

“Old Hooligan,” Lin Yi retorted.

Lu Ying pursed her lips and cursed in her heart.

“You really become like this when you get old.”

“Im going out for a while to get some information.”

Lu Ying put on her slippers and carried the folder she brought over to Lin Yi.

“We went out for ten days this time and dug up a total of 32 experts in the chip and photolithography field.

Their personal information is contained in the file.

Ill send you a copy of the details later.”

Lin Yi took the documents and read them carefully without saying anything.

Half an hour later, Lin Yi pulled out five documents.

“Whats going on with these five people Although they used to work for tech giants, they started their own businesses years ago.

Im guessing they dont have much on their minds these days.

“And the consulting fees you gave us are on average 963,200 USD a year.

Isnt that a bit too much”

“Its like this.

Although they have been in the business for many years, the company they run and the connections they have accumulated over the years can all be used to make the lithography machine, which will be very convenient for us,” Lu Ying said.

“If you want to develop the lithography machine, you cant do it alone.

Its no exaggeration to say that the lithography machine is the most advanced technology in the world.

In terms of technological complexity, even nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers can not be compared to it.”

“A complete lithography machine has a total of more than 5,000 parts, and the manufacturers of these parts are all the best in their respective fields.

What we want to use is not their technology, but their connections.”

“I understand what you mean.” Lin Yi said.

Many big factories in the country would often hire retired leaders from relevant departments and give them important positions.

However, could these leaders, who were good at drinking tea and fishing, manage a company well

The answer was naturally no, and the boss knew it.

However, what they wanted was the connections of these people.

If they could help get a green light at an important juncture, the cost saved or the benefits created would probably be unimaginable to ordinary people.

Hence, what Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu did was completely reasonable.

“Go on,” Lin Yi said.

“According to my and Sun Bros calculations, with these 32 skilled people, we should be able to support the lithography project temporarily.

As for the rest of the staff, we can look for them slowly.”

Lin Yi nodded as he listened.

Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu were both thoughtful people.

Since she said it was possible, it shouldnt be a problem.

“Since weve already found the people, when can we start work on the photolithography machine”

“Although we can start work on the photolithography machine now, we suggest that we wait a little longer.

Now is not the time.” Lu Ying combed her hair and continued,

“Theres a key person.

Brother Sun and I have been trying to find him for two days, but he didnt even give us a chance to meet him.”

“Did you try everything”

“Yes, we did.” Lu Ying nodded, a little depressed.

“Sun Bro and I tried everything we could think of, but he just didnt give us the chance.

We couldnt do anything.”

“Hes just a dirty middle-aged man.

Its fine if we dont talk about him.” Lin Yi looked at Lu Ying.

“But I feel like youre slacking off.”

“Im not!”

Lu Ying said seriously, “Brother Sun always says that its easy to get things when its done between men and women, and Im always the first one to handle these task.

Im definitely not slacking off.”

“Is your seduction not working”

Lu Ying, “…”

Where are my high heels!

“Calm down, the atmosphere here is too depressing.

Im just joking.” Lin Yi said with a laugh as he cut the mango with his fork.

“Who is this guy Is he that awesome Hes quite arrogant.”

“Hes the vice president of Microsoft, a world-class computer vision, graphics, and human-computer interaction expert, Shen Tianzhuo.”

Lu Ying paused.

“Although youre also very good, I dont think hes inferior to you.”

“If you compare him like that, Ill understand how awesome he is.

Hes actually on par with me.

Hes a freaking genius.”

Lu Ying, “…”

Can we keep a low profile…

She knew her own situation.

In other areas, she was considered a master, and she was undoubtedly capable in the eyes of ordinary people.

However, she was definitely not qualified in front of the big shots in the industry.

Even so, when it came to the computer chip field, Lin Yi had never really been impressed by anyone.

Because in this area, he had the support of the masters wisdom, and his mind was filled with all the memories of the founder of chip technology.

Despite this, Lu Ying still said that this person wasnt as bad as he was.

Thus, one could only imagine how awesome this person was.

Moreover, right now there wasnt much that Lin Yi could help with.

He knew the chip technology, but the making of a photolithography machine was a whole other field.

There wasnt much overlap, and even if he tried to do it himself, he wouldnt be of much use.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin as he cursed in his heart.

“Looks like I have to think of a way to take down this Tianzhuo guy.”

“This is the first time Ive gone after a man.

This feeling really makes me uncomfortable!”


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