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The person carrying the fruit plate was none other than Wang Ran.

Lin Yi noticed her the moment she walked in, but he didnt say it out loud.

Qin Han and the others were stunned.

Did he meet someone familiar

Why did she call him Teacher Lin

Lina, who was standing at the side, tactfully turned off the sound system in the room because she felt that the atmosphere in the room didnt seem right, and she needed to calm down.

“Old Lin, is this your student” Qin Han asked curiously.

“Shes really pretty.”

“Shes a student from the university.

I taught her class,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Lin, Teacher Lin, I, I…”

Wang Ran clutched her skirt and was about to cry.

Her words were stuck in her mouth, but she didnt know what to say.

“This isnt a school.

You dont have to call me teacher,” Lin Yi said.

“What a coincidence,” Qin Han said.

“Since were on the same side, sit down and have a drink with us.”


Qin Han took the red wine and filled up the two rows of glasses.

“Since youre Old Lins student, Ill be more generous today.

Ten thousand per glass, Ill give you as much as you want.”

“Ten thousand per glass!” Lin Yi said

Hearing this number, all the women except Lina were in high spirits.

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Young Master Qin was different.

He was too generous!

“Lin, Teacher Lin…”

Wang Ran was scared by Qin Han and didnt dare to say anything.

She looked at Lin Yi for help.

“You wont even drink for ten thousand per cup Are you crazy” Lin Yi said.

“Qin Han asked you to drink it because hes giving you face.

He has a bad temper.

Dont make him unhappy.”

“I, I…”

Wang Ran was scared to tears.

She never thought that Lin Yi would say something like that.

“Im sorry, I dont know how to drink…”

“You dont know how to drink” Lin Yi said lightly.

“If you dont even know how to drink then what are you doing here If you dont drink, then dont come here.”

Qin Han didnt say anything from the beginning to the end.

Others might not know, but he could tell that Lin Yi wasnt in a good mood.

“Lin… Teacher Lin, please dont file a complaint against me… …”

Wang Ran wiped her tears and looked at Qin Han.

“Qin… Young Master Qin, will you really give me 10,000 dollars for a drink”

Qin Han took out a checkbook, tore off a page, and pushed it in front of Wang Ran.

“You can count how much you want to drink, and then write down a number yourself.”

Wang Rans body trembled, and she shook as she squatted on the ground.

She picked up the wine cup on the table, closed her eyes, and drank it in one gulp!

Cough, cough, cough…

The pungent smell of wine was poured out the moment it entered her mouth.

Wang Rans face was red from holding it in.

She clutched her chest and coughed non-stop.

“Youre vomitting after drinking Whats going on” Qin Han said.

“Young Master Qin, dont be angry.

This cup doesnt count.

I can still drink.”

Wang Ran wiped the wine stains from the corner of her mouth.

She picked up another cup and drank it in one gulp.

This time, she covered her mouth tightly and drank every last drop.

Cough, cough, cough…

After drinking a cup of wine, Wang ran felt that her windpipe and stomach were on fire.

It was a fate worse than death.

After about half a minute, Wang Ran climbed back to the drinks table, picked up another cup, and drank it in one gulp!

It seemed to be better this time, and there was no longer any fear of the wine on Wang Rans face.

She stared at it like it was her enemy.

After drinking another cup, Wang Ran covered her mouth again, afraid that a drop would spill out.

Qin Han frowned slightly and glanced at Lin Yi next to him.

He noticed that Lin Yi was expressionless, so he didnt say anything else.


Wang Ran couldnt hold it in any longer when she reached the fourth cup.

She pushed her hands on the ground and threw up all the wine and food she had eaten.


Wang Ran broke down at that moment.

She covered her face and wept as she wailed.

Qin Han gave Lina a look, and Lina understood.

She wrote in 40,000 dollars on the check and handed it to Wang Ran.

“Thats enough for now.

Lets go.”

“I… I can still drink.

Young Master Qin, dont go…” Wang Ran said.

Qin Han waved his hand.

“You didnt drink much but already threw up.

How are we supposed to play Lets go.”

“I, I know…”

Wang Ran walked out of the room with the check in her hand, but she glanced at Lin Yi before she left.

Lin Yi wasnt looking at her, so she left quietly.

“Old Liu, follow her.

Dont let anything happen to her,” Qin Han said.

“Got it, Young Master Qin.”

Liu Yinxi left, and Qin Han looked at Lin Yi.

“Old Lin, whats going on” Qin Han asked.

“Whats this girls relationship with you”

“Im not going to say anymore.

Shes a student at the university.” Lin Yi said

“She isnt somebody normal, or you wouldnt be so angry.”

“At the end of the day, shes one of his students.

The nightclub isnt a good place for her to be hanging around.

I guess Brother Lins anger comes from this,” Lina said.

“Youre so sentimental.

Why do you care so much” Qin Han said.

“Shes already an adult.

She can do whatever she wants.

Dont tell me you will still care about her for the rest of her life.”

“Thats why I didnt care.

Otherwise, I wouldnt let her drink.”

Qin Han laughed.

“Old Lin, thats what I like about you.

You know whats good for you.

Im not as good as you.

Come on, keep drinking.

Old Liu is keeping watch outside, nothing bad will happen to her.”

“Yeah, keep drinking.”

Lin Yi took a sip, and his expression returned to normal.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At that moment, Qin Hans phone rang.

It was Liu Yinxi.

“Young Master Qin, can you come out for a moment I met a few troublemakers outside.”

“F*ck, wait here.

Ill come over now.”

Qin Han stood up abruptly after cursing.

“Brothers, follow me out to take a look.”

“Whats wrong” Lin Yi asked.

“Old Liu met a few hooligans.

Ill go out and see whats going on.”

“Dont act so surprised.

You guys continue drinking in the room.

Ill go out and take a look.”

“Can you handle it What if you get hurt”

“Whos going to hurt me”

“Then I wont worry about you.

Lets continue drinking.”


Lin Yi got up and walked towards the door.

Outside the door, about twenty meters away, Lin Yi saw a large group of people gathered at the bathroom door.

Most of them were shirtless and covered in tattoos.

Liu Yinxi supported Wang Ran as they were surrounded in the middle.


Lin, youre here.” Liu Yinxi said when he saw Lin Yi walking over.

Wang Ran looked at Lin Yi guiltily and lowered her head, not daring to say a word.

“Whats going on” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

“After we came out of the room, I took her to the bathroom.

However, I met these people when I came out.” Liu Yinxi said.

Lin Yi glanced at the people around him.

“What, you guys want to be gangsters”

“Bro, look at you, do you still want to stand up for this woman” The bald man in front said.

“You got a problem with that”

“Of course I do,” the bald man said.

“Shes the number one girl in Metropolis.

Ive already told Old Liu that shell be drinking with us in our room later.

Whats the deal with you guys keeping her here now”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Tell Liu Qiang to come over and speak to me personally.

If he agrees, Ill let you take her away.”


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