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The men and women stared at each other, feeling as if they were hallucinating.

Werent these people here to cause trouble for Teacher Lin

How did they end up like this

Why was Teacher Lin still laughing and talking

“Teacher Lin, did they make things difficult for you” Wang Ran asked.

“Im fine, Im fine,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Then, then what happened to them Teacher Lin, did you get into another fight”

“No, I just kicked them a few times… F*ck, my AJ6 is broken, Ill make them pay for it!”

George and the others arrived at the schools playground under the watchful eyes of the crowd, who were loudly criticizing their actions.

The incident had caused a sensation throughout the school, and all the teachers and students who were passing by had come to watch the show.

Although they didnt know the whole story, they had already guessed that this incident had something to do with Lin Yi.


The students on the campus were all celebrating since they were finally taking care of these damn foreign students.

However, the teachers at the school werent so simple-minded.

Lin Yi had only been at the school for a few days, and hed already gotten rid of two vice-principals and a professor.

And now, even these international students had been subdued by Lin Yi.

No one would be his match in the future!

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In order to avoid unnecessary onlookers, Lin Yi and the people from the school committee office went to a barbecue shop outside the school to finish their lunch.

“When we go back in the afternoon, draw up some guarantees and get them to sign it.

We dont need any more trouble.”

Lin Yi said as they ate.

“Okay, got it.”

“Lin Bro, youre too good.

If I get bullied in the future, Ill come to you for help,” Song Jia said.

“Sure, if I can help, itll be no problem,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Oh right, Lin Bro, when I came out of the office just now, I saw that female student named Wang Ran.

She seemed to be very concerned about you.

Its only been one class, and shes already got her heart set on you, right” Song Jia said with a smile.

“Why did you change the subject” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You make it sound like I came here to pick up girls.”

“I just wanted to ask about your relationship,” Song Jia said with a smile.

“If its a good relationship, then Ill handle it as I see fit.”

“Huh What do you mean by handle it as you see fit”

“Yesterday afternoon, the director of the school sent a report to the school committee, canceling Wang Rans national scholarship.” Song Jia said.

“The scholarship was canceled Did you hear the reason” Lin Yi said.

“Usually, theres no way to cancel a scholarship, right”

“I really dont know the details.

You have to ask Sis Su.”

Lin Yi looked at Sugar when he heard this.

“I talked to the dean of the School of Economics.

Dean Mao said that ran Wang missed 12 classes this month, and she only had leave slips for six of them.

She didnt have an excuse for the rest.” Sugar combed her hair and said.

“The teacher talked to her, but she didnt listen.

In a fit of anger, he canceled her scholarship, but the documents are still with me.

I want to wait for a while.”

“Wait The teacher from the economics department isnt wrong, right People who miss classes consecutively dont have the right to keep scholarships,” Lin Yi said.

“Thats true.” Sugar said.

“But I know that Wang Rans family isnt that rich.

Although the national scholarship isnt much in our eyes, it should be quite a big source of income to her.

I still want to give her a chance.”

“Give her a chance We have to be fair.

If she makes a mistake, she has to admit it.

If she gets beaten up, she has to stand up straight.

She wont change, yet you still want to give her a chance.

Is that fair to the other students”

“Calm down,” Sugar said.

“Ill talk to her when I get back.

If she remains stubborn, Ill make a decision.”

Lin Yi picked up a piece of roasted kidney and put it into his mouth, making his lips drip with oil.

“By the way, can you contact the dean now Help me see which classes she skipped.”

“Not now.

Its noon break.

Ill call the dean in the afternoon and ask.

We cant annoy them.”


Lin Yi picked up another big kidney.

“Li Bro, theres two more, one for each of us.”

“No thanks, Im already so old.

Its useless to eat this.

Youre still young, so you should have it.” Li Xingbang declined.

Li Xingbang had the shyness of a scholar.

He was too embarrassed to eat this in front of his colleagues.

“Lin Bro is single now.

Its useless to eat this stuff,” Song Jia said.

“Why is it useless” Lin Yi said.

“Its okay to prepare for rainy days,” Shi Li said.

“But eating too much of this stuff will end up tiring you out.”

Lin Yi, “…”

A young woman was more daring than a young girl!

“Dont worry, its inappropriate to use my hands.

You guys even prepared the office for me.

Do you think thats just for decoration”


Everyone at the table looked at Sugar as if they all understood.

Sugar opened her eyes wide, took off her high heels, and kicked Lin Yi under the table.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

“Sister Su, dont try to hide it.

We already know,” Shi Li said meaningfully.

“Huh What do you know”

Shi Li put down her chopsticks and described the situation vividly.

“Every time youre in the office, the room is very quiet.

Once Lin is in the office, strange sounds will often be heard.”

“Strange sounds”

Sugar was confused, and so was Lin Yi.

What kind of strange sounds could there be

“Thats right, hurry up, hurry up.”

“Are you dying Ill give you some milk to help you recover.”

“Youre amazing, youre amazing…”

Lin Yis face flushed red.

They were playing a game!

“Well, I heard it one morning when I was at work, and it was quite loud.

I went out and didnt dare to reenter the office,” Li Xingbang said.

Under the table, Sugar kicked Lin Yi again.

“Hurry up and explain.”

“Well be quieter in the future.”

Sugar, “…”

Please shut up!

“No, no, no, no.” Song Jia said.

“Dont hold it in.

You have to have fun.”

“Then we wont keep it in the future.

Playing games is meaningless if we dont shout while having fun.”

Sugar heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

This sounded like a reasonable sentence.

“Thats right.

Its no problem for you and Sister Su to let go of yourselves during the game,” Song Jia said.

“Moreover, its exciting to do so in an office.”

“Thats right,” Shi Li continued, “I was wondering why Director Su has been looking for me to go shopping recently.

Moreover, she always buys a lot of stockings.

It turns out that she needs them when she goes to work.”

Sugar, “…”

She wouldnt be able to clear her name even if she jumped into the Yellow River.


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