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“If you say so, I understand,” Qin Han said.

“Just say the word.

Ill definitely help you take care of him.

After Im done, I guarantee that even his own mother wont be able to recognize him.”

“Thats the effect I wanted.”

“Alright, send me the other partys information first.

Ill go prepare a car now.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi took out his phone and turned on the camera.

“Come, come, come.

Everyone, fix your hair.

Dont make it too weird.

If the driver cant recognize you and bumps into the wrong person, itll be awkward.”

Zhao Qis face turned pale.

Teacher Lin looked harmless, but he was too ruthless in the dark.

The first thing he did was to seriously injure and then target the person with a car accident.

He was scared to death!

“What, what are you doing!”

Han Yue and the others retreated into a corner, their faces pale.


“Didnt my friend say that he was going to get someone to kill you all” Lin Yi said.

“If we kill all of you, well only pay around 10 million, while if youre left with serious injuries, well be forced to pay even more.

Its not worth it.”


Han Yue and the others almost vomited blood.

‘Youre taking human lives for granted!

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“I, Im telling you, calm down.

You know the people from Sino-Han Capital, but I have to remind you that Sino-Han Capital is the property of the famous Emperor of Zhong Hai, Qin Han.

If you cause trouble and bring shame to the Qin family, you wont be able to get away with it!”

“Uh… youre right.” Lin Yi pretended to be troubled.

“But the person I called just now was Qin Han.

There shouldnt be too much of a problem now, right”

“W-what did you say! The person you called was Qin Han! You two know each other!”

“Of course we know each other.

Were old friends.” Lin Yi smiled.

“His methods are much better than mine.”

“Dont, dont do that.

Lets slowly discuss this.

There must be a misunderstanding.”

Han Yue almost peed his pants.

Qin Hans influence in Zhong Hai wasnt something he could afford to provoke!


Han, is that Qin Han really that powerful” Mark asked.

“Hes not just powerful, hes f*cking powerful!”

If he had known earlier that this man was so close to Qin Han, he wouldnt have taken the case even if he had killed himself!

“What other misunderstanding is there Havent we already clarified everything” Lin Yi asked.

“The first issue regarding the compensation has been settled.

Now, its time for the apology.”

“Its okay to apologize.

Ill go to the broadcasting room later and regrettably apologize to you in front of the whole school.”

“As for the academic dismissal, that is even easier.

Ill tell Principal Zhao and itll be done in a matter of minutes.”

“No, no, no.

We wont ask for compensation,” Mark said.

“Lets forget about this matter.

Its my Sons fault.

Its all our fault.”

“Thats not very good.

I was obviously the one who beat you up, but youre saying that its your fault.

Its as if Im bullying you.

Arent you slandering my reputation”

“No, no, we didnt mean that,” Mark said quickly.

“You didnt beat us up at all.

We hit ourselves.”

Sugar and Zhao Qi were speechless.

Even this kind of coercion could work.

Wasnt Teacher Lin a little too black-bellied

“If thats the case, I will just barely be able to believe it.” Lin Yi said.

“Still, there are other debts we have to talk about.”

“Okay, okay, okay, go ahead.”

Lin Yi looked at George and the others.

“What should we do about you guys peeing in the schools swimming pool”

“Well pay, well pay.”

“Youre quite sincere.” Lin Yi nodded.

“But you scared Director Su when you nearly knocked into her just now.

What should we do about that”

“Did I scare her” Mark asked, confused by Lin Yis trick.

“Yeah, look at her pale face and blank eyes.

Its obvious that shes scared.

Are you trying to deny it”

Sugar rolled his eyes at Lin Yi, thinking to herself, “Theyre the ones in shock.

Their whole familys in shock.”

“This, this cant be my fault.

You were the one who sent me flying.”

“I sent you flying” Lin Yi assked meaningfully.

“Didnt you just admit that you hit yourself How could I send you flying”

Marks heart skipped a beat.

“Right, right, right.

You didnt hit me.

I jumped there myself.

Ill pay for it.”

“Thats more like it.”

Lin Yi turned to look at Han Yue.

“When you crashed over just now, you bumped into Principal Zhaos mahogany desk.

What should we do about this”

“I, Ill pay for it too…”

Han Yue wanted to die.

He just wanted to earn some extra money.

He didnt expect to be scammed like this!

“Looks like you all have come to the realization that youve made a mistake.

I wont say anything more,” Lin Yi said.

“I wont demand too much either, just pay 3.29 million.

The price is fair and honest, and I can even give you an invoice.

Isnt that nice”

Nice my ass!

You were the one who was supposed to pay us that money, so why are you asking for it yourself!

The Chinese people were too much!

“No problem, no problem.

We will definitely pay it,” Mark said.

“Now, can we leave”

“Of course you can go, but theres something I have to remind you of.” Lin Yi said.

“Dont you foreign devils all like to pray to God after doing something wrong Do you want to pray for God to forgive your sins now”

“Of course, you can do it if you want, but I dont know if God will forgive you.

He might just send a truck over to pick you up as soon as you leave the school and have tea with him in the sky.”


Sugar could not help but laugh, such that even her two mountains shook.

It was the first time she had heard of God drinking tea.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Well repent.

Well definitely repent,” Mark said hurriedly.

“Well go to the church now and repent for our actions.”

“Thats right.

Seeing that youre so sincere, I think God will forgive you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, well go now.”

“Lin, Mr.

Lin, I believe in Buddhism.

Is there no need to repent” Han Yue asked tentatively.

“Of course theres no need if you believe in Buddhism,” Lin Yi said.

“But youd better be careful when crossing the road, because you dont know which comes first, tomorrow or the truck.”

Han Yue shivered.

“I dont believe in Buddhism, but I believe in God now.

Ill go with them to repent in the church later.”

Lin Yi looked at his watch.

“I think its about time.

The students have finished their classes.

You guys can go now.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Well go now.”

At that moment, there were many men and women standing outside the principals office.

In the morning, they saw George and his group on campus.

They heard that there was a lawyer amongst them, so the students guessed that they were here to cause trouble.

Therefore, after class, they all ran over.

“Little Ran, do you think Teacher Lin will be okay” A short-haired girl asked.

“I, I dont know,” Wang Ran said nervously.

“I hope Teacher Lin will be okay.”

“D*mn those foreign devils.

If they dare to bully Teacher Lin, Ill scratch them!”

“Lets not talk about this now,” Zheng Jiarui of the basketball team said.

“They even found a lawyer.

Things are not going to be easy.”

Everyone was aware that a lawyer was here.

This was definitely no longer a trivial matter.

Moreover, the other party was a foreigner.

If such a sensitive matter was not handled properly, it could easily lead to big problems.


The office door was pushed open.

All the students raised their heads and looked over.

“What, Whats going on Why are they coming out covered with bumps and bruises”


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