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Lin Yi couldnt help but burst out laughing.

Qin Han, youre the one whos awesome!

The others werent as brave as Lin Yi, but they forced themselves to smile.

This news was too explosive!

If someone dared to report it, it would definitely be trending on Weibo.

“Although your mother is in my room, dont misunderstand,” Qin Han said.

“Your mother and I are discussing a project worth 200 million dollars, and its about to be finalized.

Once the project is completed, your Zhou familys stock will definitely rise.”

“I, I see.” Zhou Zihao said awkwardly, “Since you are discussing business, I wont disturb you.”

Zhou Zihao was so embarrassed that he felt ashamed.


He had no time to worry about Liu Fangfeis matter.

It was better to leave as soon as possible.

“Wait.” Qin Han said with a cold face, “You want to leave before this matter is settled”

“Young Master Qin, I have already explained everything to you,” Zhou Zihao said in confusion.

“You two are involved in this matter, right”

“Young Master Qin, please calm down.

Although he secretly tried to trip me, nothing happened to me.

You dont have to be angry over such a small matter.

Its bad for your health,” Liu Fangfei said gently.

Seeing Liu Fangfeis flirtatious look, everyone broke out in a cold sweat for the man in the suit.

People like Qin Han were truly unrestrained.

Judging from Liu Fangfeis expression, it was likely that there was something ambiguous going on between the two of them.

Now, with so many people present, Young Master Qin probably wouldnt let him off easily for the sake of his own reputation.

“What the hell is wrong with you!”

Qin Han looked at Liu Fangfei and scolded, “Did you try to sabotage him in secret Are you even worthy of being tripped by him”

Liu Fangfei froze, her head buzzing from the scolding.

She didnt know him very well, but with her fame and looks, the situation shouldnt be like this.

Qin Hans gaze swept over Liu Fangfei and Zhou Zihao slowly, and he said coldly,

“Let me tell you, Lin Yi is my brother.

You two better behave yourselves.

If I lose my temper, neither of you will be able to stay in Zhong Hai anymore!”

“Got it, got it.”

Liu Fangfei and Zhou Zihao said with trepidation.

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“Old Lin, lets go.

Ill take you upstairs and well come down after the banquet starts.”

“Alright, I guess itll be quieter up there.”

Under everyones watchful eyes, Lin Yi went to the second floor of the hotel.

It was only when he reached the second floor that Lin Yi realized that there was a different world here.

On the second floor, there was an open garden that looked up toward the sky.

Lin Yi glanced at it lightly.

There were about thirty people gathered together in groups of twos and threes.

Ji Qingyan was also there, chatting and laughing with the two middle-aged women.

“Alright, I dont have anything else to do.

You can go ahead and continue,”

“Youll be bored if I leave.

Do you want me to arrange a few girls for You” Qin Han said.


You should go and visit Zhou Zihaos mother.”

“Were the same.

Lets not talk about each other anymore.” Qin Han stood up and said, “Since you dont need me to accompany you, Ill go up and have some fun.

Call me if you need me.”


Qin Han left, and Lin Yi sat down in the coffee shop on the second floor.

He ordered a cup of coffee and waited for Ji Qingyan to come over.

It was just a huge coffee shop, and he looked a little lonely by himself.

“Have you prepared the gift for President Ji”

Just as Lin Yi was sipping the coffee, he saw a young man walking over alongside his men not far away .

The man who spoke was wearing a white shirt and black slacks.

His hair was combed and he wore a gold wristwatch on his wrist.

He walked with a breezy aura.

The mans name was Zhao Zhengyang.

His father, Zhao Tianhong, was the founder of the Tianhong Foundation and the organizer of this charity banquet.

The reason why the Zhao familys charity banquet could attract so many celebrities from the business world was because the Zhao family had power and status that was not inferior to the Qin family.

This was also the reason why the Tianhong Foundation had been running for more than ten years and was becoming increasingly popular.

“The 99 Blue Enchantresses that were flown back from the Netherlands have been prepared.

Secretary Wang is in the elevator right now, and they will be delivered soon.”

The person who spoke was Zhao Tianyangs senior assistant, Qu Nan.

The trivial matters were all handled by Qu Nan.

“Alright, lets wait here for a while.

When the flowers are delivered, we will start our act!”

“Director Zhao, Ji Qingyan is famous in the circle for being hard to woo.

What if she doesnt give you any face”

“In this world, there are no women who are hard to woo.

Those who say that women are hard to woo are those who are not well-equipped.” Zhao Zhengyang sneered, “The reason why shes hard to get is because others have lacked the sufficient hardware.

This doesnt apply to me.”

“Youre right, Director Zhao.” Qu Nan smiled.

“Youre one of the best in Zhong Hai.

I can count the number of people who can be compared to you on one hand.”

“Thats why Ive put on such a big show.

It wont be a problem for me to take down Ji Qingyan.”

Lin Yi took a sip of his coffee and couldnt help but smile.

There was going to be a good show to watch later.

Not long after, a woman in a black dress came out of the elevator and handed the rose and diamond ring to Zhao Zhengyang.

Looking at the beautiful Blue Enchantresses and the dazzling diamond ring, Zhao Zhengyang was full of confidence.

It wouldnt be a problem for him to take down Ji Qingyan.

He took a deep breath and looked around.

He found Lin Yi not far away and bent down.

“Go and clean them up.

I dont want anyone to disturb me, but remember, dont use extreme methods and send them away with money.

I dont want Ji Qingyan to know that Im prone to violence.”

“Got it, Boss Zhao.

Ill go now.”

With a nod, Qu Nan walked up to Lin Yi and said politely,

“Sir, can I discuss something with you”

“What is it”

“Our Director Zhao wants to use this place to gift flowers to a lady later.

Can you give way But dont worry, we will pay you.”

“Pay” Lin Yi said faintly.

“How much”

Seeing that Lin Yi was a money-minded person, Qu Nan relaxed a lot.

For rich people, things that could be solved with money were no big deal.

Qu Nan took out 500 dolalrs from his pocket.

“This is your reward.

I hope you can accept it.”

“Are you kidding me” Lin Yi said expressionlessly.

“Ive already booked a room at the Yun Lan Hotel, but you think I still need your 500 dollars Are you trying to get rid of a beggar”

Qu Nan looked at Lin Yi and sized him up.

He realized that this person wasnt ordinary.

Just like he said, no one could afford to stay here with the standard of Yun Lan Hotel.

“Im sorry, I was being rude.”

Qu Nans expression didnt change as he took out another stack of money from his bag.

“I dont know how much this is, but its at least 2,000 dollars.

It should be enough to pay for you to leave this area for ten minutes.”


Lin Yi shook his head and smiled.

“I can leave if you want me to, but Ill only leave the cafe for 50,000 dollars.

If you do that, ten days wont be a problem, let alone ten minutes.”


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