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“What… what did you say Shes the president of Chaoyang Group!”

Liu Fangfei and her assistant were stunned.

They did not expect Ji Qingyan to have such a high status.

“Thats right.

The market value of Chaoyang Group has already reached 3 billion.

Youve heard of it before, havent you”

Liu Fangfei had never heard of the name Chaoyang Group.

Even so, the figure of 3 billion made Liu Fangfeis head buzz!

Such a person was not someone she could compare to!


The mocking laughter came again, and the surrounding reporters and onlookers almost burst into tears.

“Does this Liu Fangfei really think so highly of herself”

“Shes a female president with a net worth of 3 billion, and this girl actually referred to her as an internet celebrity Which internet celebrity has such a good temperament On the other hand, shes relying on her fame to act arrogant like a country bumpkin!”

“Hurry up and leave.

Ive already pointed out the path for you.

Dont just stand there.”

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Liu Fangfei was extremely embarrassed and wished she could find a hole to hide in.

She had been slapped in the face too hard.

“Fei… Sister Fei, what should we do now Should we leave or not” The female assistant said awkwardly.

“Why should we leave Im still waiting to see Young Master Qin.” Liu Fangfei said, “CEO Yang finally gave me the chance to fight for this, so I give it up so easily.”

Under everyones watchful eyes, the two lowered their heads and walked in dejectedly.

In the face of benefits, pride wasnt important.

At the same time, Lin Yi drove the car into the parking lot at the side.

Just as he parked the car, Qin Han called.

“Are you at Yun Lan Hotel”

“How do you know”

“I saw your Shari.” Qin Han said.

“Im at Door C.

You can see me as soon as you come in.”

“Okay, wait for me there.”

Lin Yi wasnt surprised that Qin Han would show up here.

Even someone of Ji Qingyans status had accepted the invitation, let alone a family like the Qin family.

Lin Yi parked the car and walked to Door C where he saw Qin Han in a black suit.

“Old Lin, dont tell me.

After you put on the suit, you look even more like a scumbag,” Qin Han said with a laugh.

“F*ck off, Im a decent person.”

“What kind of f*cking decent person will visit those happy ending parlors every day”

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“Arent you the same Didnt you recommend Huaqing Lake to me a few days ago You even asked me to get the emperor set while I was there.

Thats what you said, right”

“Yeah, Im not a decent person.

I admit it.”

“F*ck! Youre really a businessman.”

“Alright, lets not argue anymore,” Qin Han said.

“You have so many good cars that you dont drive.

Why did you drive Shari here There are so many pretty girls here today.

You cant show off by driving a Shari.”

“With my current level, Ive long surpassed the level where I need to show off with my cars.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Youre flexing in front of me again.” Qin Han put his arm around Lin Yis shoulder and winked.

“I noticed.

Youre really good at this.

Youre really really good at this.”

“Whats wrong with you Are you sleeptalking now” Lin Yi asked.

“F*ck, its just the two of us.

Whats with point of acting like a gentleman” Qin Han said.

“Do you still remember A few days ago, a young lady friend of yours was blackmailed by an old hooligan who drove a BMW.”

“I remember.

What about it”

“After that, I changed my tastes and got to know a few young ladies.

It really opened up a whole new world for me.” Qin Han sighed.

“I f*cking patted her butt and she immediately knew what pose to take next.

If it were those young ladies, they would f*cking turn around and ask me why I patted their butt.

You really know how to enjoy yourself.”

“Im one of the richest kids in China, and Im only learning this now.

Ive wasted all these years.” Qin Han said.

“Thats why Im just an elementary school student in front of you,” Qin Han said.

“I have a young woman in my room.

She doesnt have the body or looks that suit my tastes.

Do you want her You can have her.”

“Im not interested.

You can keep her.”

“Stop pretending.

Put on your suit jacket.

Youre still a scumbag.”

“Fuck off.” Lin Yi tidied up his suit.

“Ill go in first.

You can keep yourself company.”

“Okay, dont leave later tonight.

Ill find a place for us to have a drink.”

“Not interested.”

“Visitng the parlor again”

“Thats something to consider,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill get the imperial set when Im free.”


Qin Han had helped him out a few times before, and it was just a membership card, so he was returning the favor now.



Hed just sent Qin Han off when he heard someone greet him.

He turned around and saw that it was Guo Rui.

Lin Yi was a little surprised by Guo Ruis appearance.

She was a professor at the drama school, so it was unexpected for her to be here.

Guo Ruis outfit was gentle and elegant, with black high heels and a light-colored strapless dress.

The colors matched well, and she had her own unique take on how to wear it.

“What a coincidence, running into you here.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Are you surprised”

“A little, indeed.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Apart from being a professor at the Drama Academy, Im also the vice president of the Chinese Literature and Sports Association.

I was invited here today.”

Guo Rui looked Lin Yi up and down and said with a smile, “But Mr.

Lin, are you dressed like this to run errands”


Lin Yi smiled, “I followed a friend here.”

“Since Mr.

Lin doesnt want to talk about it, I wont ask anymore.” Guo Rui pointed to the second floor.

“My husband is here today, so I wont talk to you anymore.

Call me if you need anything.

Ill leave first.”


Lin Yi watched as Guo Rui walked up to the second floor.

He was going to meet up with Ji Qingyan on the first floor.

However, Qin Han, who had just reached the second floor, overheard Lin Yi and Guo Ruis conversation.

It was also at this time that Qin Han saw Guo Rui walking past him.

This bird was only semi-old and still had her charm.

Even though she was old, her figure was still very well maintained.

She stuck out where she should stick out and curved where she should curve.

He was so f*cking awesome!

“What the f*ck, he actually hooked up with the vice president of the Chinese Literature and Sports Association.

He even played her a song after he was done.

Hes so f*cking awesome.”


The venue of the charity banquet was bigger than Lin Yi had imagined, and there were a lot of people there.

However, after searching for a long time, he still couldnt find Ji Qingyan.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a WeChat message from Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan, “I met a few friends at the venue.

Were discussing something on the second floor.

Well look for you later.

There are a lot of pretty girls at the venue, so Ill give you a break to check them out.”

Lin Yi smiled and put his phone back into his pocket.

This Ji Qingyan was getting more and more naughty.

Lin Yi didnt plan on strolling around since Ji Qingyan wasnt around.

He found a corner and sat down.

He wanted to fill his stomach first.

A few second-generation rich kids surrounded Liu Fangfei in the middle of the crowd, trying to curry favor with her.

“Miss Liu, Ive seen your previous period dramas.

Your acting is too good.

In the next few years, the domestic film industry will be yours.”

“Young Master Zhou, youre too kind.

Im just a newbie.

I cant compare to those seniors,” Liu Fangfei replied casually.

The person she called Young Master Zhou was called Zhou Zihao.

He was the general manager of Zhonghai Jiade Industrial, and the chairman was his father.

Liu Fangfei had some understanding of Zhou Zihaos situation.

He was worth more than one billion dollars, but in a city like Zhonghai, one billion dollars was really not a lot.

The amount of money under his control was even more limited.

It would be almost impossible for him to promote her to a higher position.

Apart from Qin Han, no one else was qualified to be her target!

“Why did the driver come in” Liu Fangfeis assistant asked.


The assistant pointed at Lin Yi in the corner.

“He was the one who scolded me at the clothing store yesterday!”

“So its her driver!”

Seeing Lin Yi, Liu Fangfei immediately thought of Ji Qingyan!

If it wasnt for that woman, she wouldnt have been so embarassed!

“Ill go take a look.” She said as she walked over to Lin Yi with a glass of red wine in her hand

I cant handle her, but I can take it out on you!


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