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Ji Qingyan walked in from the car while lifting her skirt.

All the mens eyes were fixed on her.

Even the women were attracted by her beauty.

“Who is this person Is she a newcomer to the entertainment industry”

“It doesnt seem like it.

If she is from the entertainment industry, the agency will definitely have prepared a car for her.

Why would they let her ride in a Shari”

“Thats right.

Such a beautiful person will definitely be the top star in the entertainment industry in the future.

The agency would treat her like a treasure.

They wouldnt let her come so casually.”

“What are you still standing there for Hurry up and take a photo.” A reporter took out a camera and pointed it at Ji Qingyan, snapping wildly.

“I was just saying that Liu Fangfei is the most beautiful woman in this charity banquet.

I didnt expect her to be slapped in the face like this.”

Seeing that all the cameras were aimed at Ji Qingyan, Liu Fangfei was so angry that she ground her teeth!

“Im a big star that everyone should be looking at.

What right does she have to compete with me”

“Its actually her”

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Just when Liu Fangfei was at the peak of her anger, her assistants words surprised her.

“Do you know each other”

“Sister Fei, shes the Internet celebrity from yesterday.

The gown that I was eyeing is the one shes wearing.”

“I was wondering why she was riding in a Shari.

It turns out shes an internet celebrity here to take advantage of the red carpet,” Liu Fangfei said disdainfully with her head held high.

Ji Qingyan was not used to the sight of reporters and onlookers pointing their cameras at her.

She lifted the hem of her dress and walked to the small path outside, wanting to enter from the side.

“As expected, an internet celebrity is an internet celebrity.

In front of Sister Fei, she has no aura at all,” the assistant said.

“After seeing you, they all walked around you.”

“This is called self-awareness.

Knowing that she cant be compared to me, she automatically stepped aside.

She didnt want to embarrass herself.”

“However, I still cant swallow this anger.

If I could have gotten you her gown, todays charity banquet would have been even more perfect.”

“It doesnt matter.

Ill help you vent your anger.” Liu Fangfei said with narrowed eyes.

“Sister Fei, there are people here.

You cant be impulsive.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing,” said Liu Fangfei.

“When she comes over later, shell definitely come and take a photo with me.

Ill humiliate her then!”

“Thats a good idea!” Replied the female assistant.

“We must make her regret her actions yesterday!”

While the two of them were talking, Ji Qingyan walked to the hotel entrance and found two people standing at the door, blocking her way.

One of them looked very familiar.

It seemed to be the person she had met at the clothing store the day before.

“Do you want to take a photo with me Sorry, you are not qualified to do so” Liu Fangfei said.

Seeing Liu Fangfeis cold attitude, the reporters shook their heads.

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“As expected, in the entertainment industry, good-looking people are enemies.

The moment they meet, they start arguing.”

“But with Liu Fangfeis status in the entertainment industry, she certainly has the right to say such things to her.”

“Thats right.

Not just everyone can take a photo with her.”

“Unfortunately, that beautiful woman is going to be embarrassed here.”

Ji Qingyan raised her head slightly, her expression a little cold.

“I dont mean to take a photo with her.

You guys are blocking my way.”


The awkward atmosphere spread throughout the venue.

Only then did Liu Fangfei and her assistant realize that they were indeed blocking her way.


“Isnt this Liu Fangfei a little too self-righteous She thinks that just because she has some fame, others will naturally want to take a photo with her”

“Either shes overconfident, or shes too thick-skinned.

If it were me, I would have long found a hole to hide myself in.”

The two of them stepped aside and Ji Qingyan quietly walked past them.

Liu Fangfeis face was deathly pale and her chest was heaving up and down.

She could not swallow her anger!

“Lady, dont you know who I am”

Ji Qingyan turned back.

“Youre talking to me”

“Thats right.”

“Im sorry, I really dont know who you are.

I dont think weve met before.”

Liu Fangfei was flustered, but she held back her anger and said, “Im Liu Fangfei, the best newcomer who just won the Golden Rooster Award.

You should know who I am now, right”

“I dont watch TV, nor do I fawn over celebrities.

I really dont know who you are.”

After saying this, Ji Qingyan walked into the hotel leisurely, not caring about Liu Fangfei at all.

“Haha… Whats wrong with Liu Fangfei She thinks too highly of herself.”

“She wants to flex her sense of superiority in front of others, but they dont even know who she is.”

“This slap to the face was too brutal!”

If Liu Fangfei was angry just now, she would be furious now!

Despite her status and fame, she was actually outdone by an unknown internet celebrity!


“Security, whats wrong with you!” Liu Yanxi said, “Todays charity banquet will be attended by people from both the business and political sectors.

How could you allow an internet celebrity on the red carpet What are you thinking!”

“An internet celebrity”

Hearing Liu Fangfeis words, the reporters present finally realized Ji Qingyans identity.

They had originally thought that she would be a newcomer from a certain agency, but it turned out that she was actually just an internet celebrity.

Even so, this internet celebrity was really too attractive!

Despite this, in front of such a grand charity banquet, an Internet celebrity was indeed not qualified to participate.

The hotels security standard was really too poor.

At the same time, a few security guards jogged over.

“Madam, what did you say just now”

“Didnt you see That woman in the black evening dress just walked in with a swagger.” Liu Fangfei lectured them.

“How do you run things Quickly drag that person out so as not to affect the atmosphere of the party!”

“Right, quickly chase her away, or else we wont go in!” Liu Fangfeis assistant said, “Between Sister Fei and that woman, only one of them can stay!”

The two security guards looked at each other and looked embarrassed.


Liu, do you have to be like this This can all be discussed.”

“Theres no need to discuss this.

I dont want to appear at the same party with an internet celebrity and lower the level of the party.”

“Alright then, Ms.

Liu, this way please,” said the security guard.

“Huh What do you mean”

Seeing the security guard asking them to walk on the side path, Liu Sisi and her assistant looked puzzled.

“What do you mean!”

“Didnt you say that you dont want to appear at the same party as the lady just now In that case, you have to leave.”

Liu Fangfei was furious.

“What do you mean Do you know who I am How dare you chase me away! I am Liu Fangfei, am I not even as good as an internet celebrity”

“Ms Liu, you may have misunderstood.

That lady just now was not an internet celebrity.

She is the president of Chaoyang Group of China.

She is todays honored guest.

After weighing the pros and cons, we have no choice but to ask you to leave.”


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