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“How can that be”

Sugar picked up his phone again and looked at Lin Yi with anticipation.

“Lets play a few rounds.”

“I dont have time.

I have a basketball class later, I cant finish a round.”

“Oh right, speaking of basketball class, I remembered something.” Sugar said.

“Director Wang from the Physical Education Research Group just called me.

He said that the aerobics teacher, Zhang, is sick and wants you to substitute for her.”

“Huh” Lin Yi paused.

“The aerobics teacher is sick and he wants me to substitute for her Are you sure”

“Thats what Director Wang said on the phone.

I couldnt refuse him, so I agreed on your behalf.”

“There are a few female teachers in the Physical Education Research Group.

Even if Zhang is sick, he shouldnt rely on me, right” Lin Yi said.

“And I saw Zhang yesterday after my taekwondo class.

She was full of energy and didnt look sick at all.”

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“Well, I dont know, but you have to go to this class.

He asked for you by name.”

Lin Yi finally understood what was going on.

The physical education teachers mysterious illness had probably reappeared in the university.

“Alright then, when is the aerobics class”

To Lin Yi, it didnt matter what class he had, as long as there was a class.

Apart from the aerobics class, there was also basketball class today.

After all the classes were complete, the mission progress would be (5/20) , and he would be one step closer to completing the ultimate mission.

“The aerobics class is the first class in the afternoon, and its held in the gym.

You can find it there.”


Lin Yi went to the gym after tidying up a bit and getting ready for class.

The class today was different from yesterday.

There was another group of new students here.

There werent any members of the school team in this class.

They were all normal students, and they didnt have much of a problem with Lin Yis appearance.

The news of Lin Yi defeating Fu Qingshan the day before had already spread through the school forum.

The students were filled with anticipation for todays class, hoping that Lin Yi could perform a miracle act.

However, to their disappointment, three-quarters of the time was spent on physical training.

The rest of the time they spent practicing a few shooting drills, which was completely different from what they had imagined.

After class, Sugar bought Lin Yi Lunch.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.

After the meal, he played two games with Sugar, then packed his things and prepared for class.

When Lin Yi came out, he found several girls standing at the door to the office.

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“Whats the matter”

“Teacher Lin, were waiting for you to go to aerobics class.”

“Just go to the gym and wait for me.

What are you waiting here for”

“We have to cherish this opportunity.

It wasnt easy for Zhang to fall sick.

I dont know when shell get sick again,” a tall girl said.

“I think you guys want Zhang to get a terminal illness.”

“Thats not necessary.

Its fine as long as he gets sick at a specific time.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

There was really nothing he could do with these students.

He felt that the next aerobics class would be the biggest challenge of his life.

The reason why Lin Yi had such a thought was because he was still too young.

In the near future, there would be a bigger challenge than aerobics class waiting for him.

He was surrounded by a few girls.

Lin Yi soon arrived at the aerobics class.

As soon as he entered the door, the smell of mixed perfume assaulted his nostrils.

It was a very exciting smell.

When Lin Yi walked in, he realized that there were more exciting things waiting for him.

There were more than 60 girls in the aerobics class.

Most of them were wearing shorts, while the rest were wearing tight-fitting pants, just like the girls in the Douyin videos who showed off their figures every day.

Most of the girls were also wearing tank tops that exposed their navels.

The scene couldnt be described with words.

Lin Yi felt like he was getting older as he looked at these young and beautiful female college students.

Their world was colorful, but the adult world was very simple.

There was only gray.

“Hello, Teacher Lin.”

The 60-plus girls greeted Lin Yi as he walked in.

Their excitement was beyond words.

The scene in front of him gave Lin Yi a vision.

He felt like he had rushed into a female wolfs den.

Sometimes, being too handsome wasnt a good thing.

“Stand properly, class is about to start.”

Lin Yi looked towards the door when he heard the voice.

It was Zhang, the aerobics teacher.

Zhangs name was Zhang Xue.

She wasnt tall, and her figure was a little round.

Although she wasnt very pretty, she was very pleasing to the eye.

“Teacher Zhang, arent you sick” Lin Yi asked.

“Its not up to us physical education teachers when we are allowed to get sick,” Zhang Xue smiled helplessly,

“They said I was sick, so I guess I got sick.”

“Really, Teacher Zhang You just gave in like that” Lin Yi asked.

“I had no choice.

I wanted to see Teacher Lin, so I cooperated with them.” Zhang Xue said.

‘Im finished now, Lin Yi thought.

‘Whether or not I can make it out today will depend on God.

“Teacher Zhang, how about this Ill go along with you for todays class, but youll be the main instructor.

Im not good at aerobics, and I really dont know what to teach them.”

With the help of the Sages wisdom, Lin Yi was very knowledgeable in aerobics.

At the very least, he was no worse than Zhang Xue.

However, in his opinion, boys were too effeminate if they were to do aerobics, so he came up with this idea to avoid practicing it.

“No problem.

They dont really want you to teach them anyway.”

“Right, right, right.

As long as Teacher Lin watches us jump, we wont be tired even after jumping for a whole day.”

“Teacher Lin, you have to judge us and see who jumps better.”

“Teacher Lin, dont stand so far away from us.

Stay close to us.” Zhang Xue said.

‘What the hell Im a guy, after all.

Cant you guys be a little more reserved

Lin Yi sat down cross-legged.

He had nothing to do with this class, and he just had to sit there.

Soon, the aerobics class officially began.

Music played as Zhang Xue led the sixty-odd female students to review the movements they had learned the day before.

Lin Yi couldnt help but sigh when he saw these young and beautiful female students in front of him.

Each wave was stronger than the last.

After watching for a while, Lin Yi began to feel a little tired.

These people could only be considered small waves.

If it was Ji Qingyan and Suge…

The scene would be comparable to a tsunami.


Just as Lin Yi was thinking about when he would invite Ji Qingyan to go swimming again, he suddenly saw a girl faint.

The sudden change made the other girls and Zhang Xue stop what they were doing and rush towards the fainted girl.

“Tianxin, whats wrong with you Wake up, dont scare your teacher.”

The girls face turned pale when she saw the fainted girl.

Lin Yi pushed the crowd away and walked over, pinching the girl with his fingers.

Within a few seconds, the fainted girl regained her consciousness and said weakly,

“Ma… teacher, whats wrong with me”

“Nothing, go back and eat something good, dont make yourself suffer.”

“Eat something good”

The girl panicked and her face turned even paler.

“Teacher, dont scare me, do I have a terminal illness”

“What does this have to do with a terminal illness I just want you to eat something good.”

“Teacher, dont lie to me, just say what you want to say.

Usually, you will only say such things to people with terminal illnesses.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

How did someone with this kind of IQ get into university

“Youre malnourished, your blood sugar is too low, and you fainted because of strenuous exercise.

If I dont give you something good to eat, are you going to eat sh*t”


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