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“What ! Youve never done taekwondo before!”

Everyone was not longer calm anymore.

They thought that he was just low-leve pracitioner, but they didnt think that he had never even done taekwondo before!

What the hell was going on with the school !

“I know you guys have doubts about my level,” Lin Yi said with a smile:

“But before the class, I learned a little about taekwondo.

Its not a big problem for me to teach you.”

“Teacher Lin, are you joking” Wang haoyu said,

“You only learned a little about taekwondo before the class, and you dare to teach us”

“Why not” Lin Yi said.

“This isnt a professional taekwondo class, its just an elective physical education class.

I can teach you this much, right”

Lin Yis words caused an uproar.

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Normal students were fine with it.

They didnt care about anything in physical education classes.

However, people like Wang Haoyu and Chen Tianbo were different.

They were all hardcore members of the taekwondo club and had a lot of passion for taekwondo.

When they heard Lin Yis words, they were filled with anger.

“Teacher Lin, are you looking down on taekwondo”

“Thats not it,” Lin Yi said.

“But I already said that if it was a higher level class, I might not be able to do it.

An undergraduate taekwondo class shouldnt be a problem.”

“Teacher Lin is really domineering,” Zheng Yawen said with eyes full of stars.

“You love-struck fool, wake up quickly.

Your boyfriend is still in front.”

Seeing his girlfriends attention on Lin Yi, Chen Tianbos face turned even uglier.

“Teacher Lin, you said you think you are okay to teach us, but now I want to spar with you and have the other students watch.

Do you have the guts to accept”

“No way! Chen Tianbo wants to challenge Teacher Lin Isnt the outcome obvious”

“Hes already a red belt, while Teacher Lin hasnt received any taekwondo training at all.

He only knows a little about the rules.

Isnt this equivalent to an adult bullying a three-year-old child”

“Isnt that right Hes already bullying someone.”

“Dont worry.

Teacher Lin isnt stupid.

He knows his own level.

If he were to fight with Chen Tianbo, he would definitely lose.

I bet he will find an excuse to refuse.”

“I think so too.

He knows hes no match for him, but if he still insists on charging forward, hed be either stupid or mentally handicapped.”

The smell of gunpowder on both sides intensified, and a smile appeared on Jianyes face.

This Lin Yi was really brave but not smart.

He only used a few simple tricks to get him to take the bait.

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Sigh, he was really too stupid.

“Teacher Lin, youve seen Chen Tianbos level, and he has a bad temper.

Dont lower yourself to his level.”

Although the plot had developed according to his expectations, he still had to stand up and say something.

This was befitting of his status as a teacher.

After persuading Lin Yi, Jianye pretended to look at Chen Tianbo sternly.

“Chen Tianbo, whats wrong with you Dont you have any respect for seniority Dont you know about Teacher Lins situation Why are you still trying to spar with him What are you thinking Do you have a lot of money Can you afford to pay for the medical expenses !”

“I know Im wrong.

I forgot that Teacher Lin is a relative of the principal.” Chen Tianbo sneered.

“If anything breaks, I really cant afford to pay for it.”

Hearing Chen Tianbos words, everyone remembered.

Teacher Lin got this job because of a personal relationship.

If that was the case, if Chen Tianbo hurt Teacher Lin, the resolution wouldnt be as simple as just paying for the treatment.

He might even be expelled.

“Are you sure you want to spar with me” Lin Yi asked lightly.

“Im not sure.”Chen Tianbo shrugged.

“Im just a poor student.

I dont have that many connections, so I really cant afford to compensate you.”

At that moment, Chen Jianye came forward and said hypocritically,

“Teacher Lin, Chen Tianbo is already a red belt, and youre not even a beginner.

According to the rules of taekwondo, you have the right to refuse.

Moreover, youre his teacher.

Even if you refuse, its only natural.

Theres nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Who said Im going to reject him” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Although I havent studied it in detail, its enough to deal with him.”

Lin Yis words made all the girls present frown, thinking that he didnt know the immensity between heaven and earth.

“Teacher Lin, whats going on Why do you have to suffer so much for the sake of your pride”

“Youre an adult, you shouldnt be so impulsive.

Moreover, Chen Tianbo is your student.

If you lose, wont it be even more embarrassing You might as well find an excuse to reject him.”

“Dont hit his face, or else Teacher Lins perfect image will be destroyed.”

“Teacher Lin, why are you doing this” Chen Jianye said, “Its not good for you.”

“You can stand aside.” Lin Yi looked up at Chen Tianbo, “If youre ready, just do it.

Ill take it.”

“Teacher Lin, youre the one who told me to do it.” Tianbo said, squinting.

“Yeah, Ill give you full marks for this class if you knock me down.” Lin Yi said.

“Thatd be great, of course.

Full marks for free.

Its my lucky day.” Tianbo said.

“Tianbo, youd better restrain yourself.

Your fists and feet are blind.

Dont hit Lins face,” Haoyu said, taking pleasure in Lin Yis misfortune.

“Teacher Lin is the idol of all the girls in the school.

If you hurt his face, you might not be able to walk out of the school alive.”

“Sigh, what a headache,” Chen Tianbo said,

“I wanted to use a more manly method to compete with Teacher Lin.

I didnt expect that he would have so many girls supporting him.

His good looks means that he has an advantage.

The market no longer has any need for masculine boys like us.”

“Thats what I meant, so you have to be gentle.”

“Okay, I got it!”

As he said that, Chen Tianbo looked at Lin Yi, “Teacher Lin, Im going to make my move.”

“Okay, come on.”

In that instant, Chen Tianbos expression suddenly became serious.

He exerted force in his feet and charged at Lin Yi.

No matter what, Chen Tianbo was a red belt.

His series of movements were already very impressive to the eyes of ordinary people!

Jianye nodded in satisfaction, cursing in his heart,

‘Both his strength and speed have improved a lot, and the angle of his attack is pretty good too.

It looks like hes been practicing a lot these days.

Lin Yi must be scared silly seeing this move.

The girls in the club clenched their fists tightly, their palms sweating from nervousness!

Chen Tianbo was the second most powerful fighter in the taekwondo club of the university!

Moreover, from the looks of it, he seemed to have used his full strength.

How was Lin Yi going to defend himself

Unlike the others, in Lin Yis eyes, Chen Tianbos moves were indeed lacking in polish.

With the power bestowed by the sages wisdom, it was too easy to deal with him.

At that time, Tianbo was already three meters in front of Lin Yi.

He jumped up into the air and smashed down with a vicious chop!

Lin Yi shook his head when he saw Tianbos fierce moves.

Hed better teach him a lesson since his opponent was getting serious.

Lin Yi took a step back and turned his body slightly.

A beautiful roundhouse kick landed on Tianbos ribs!


Chen Tianbo fell to the ground with a loud scream, unable to get up!


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